In today’s world, mail-order brides are all the rage. Most Western bachelors who decide to sign up for matchmaking services do so in the hopes that they would find a special someone that makes their hearts flutter. While this dream is attainable, several questions and complexities may pop up during the search for a mail-order bride.

What kind of women should you go for? How do you find the right woman? Well, we can lump up the answers to these questions in two words: Vietnamese brides.

If you’re looking to venture into the mail-order industry, single Vietnamese women are your best bet. They have several outstanding qualities guaranteed to make a man’s heart flutter and his knees weak.

But what’s it like to get married to a Vietnamese mail order bride? Do they even make good wives? Let’s find out.

Vietnamese Brides: Who Are They?


Every year, throngs of men leave the comfort of their homes just to find a Vietnamese wife. But who are Vietnamese brides, and what’s so special about them? Well, it’s pretty simple. 

Vietnamese brides are typically hot, attractive women that embody a feminine appeal. 

However, there’s more to them than their physical appearance. These women are typically conservative and know how to act like real ladies. Their soft-spoken, gentle nature is guaranteed to win any man over.

But don’t mistake their gentility for timidity. Many western bachelors often believe that they can walk over Vietnamese women because of their soft-spoken nature. If you decide to make this mistake, you’d be in for an unpleasant surprise.

Another popular misconception most westerners have about Vietnamese mail order brides is that they are primarily poor farm girls looking for a rich Western bachelor that can help them escape the shackles of poverty. This is grossly untrue. Most Vietnamese women who sign up for matchmaking services do so in search of true love, not for an escape from their harsh realities.

Vietnamese Wedding Traditions

If you’re looking to find a beautiful Vietnamese woman for marriage, it’s essential to get acquainted with certain Vietnamese wedding traditions. Remember: you have to respect and get attuned to her culture if you genuinely want to win her heart.

Let’s take a look at some of the most famous Vietnamese wedding traditions, shall we? 

The proposal ceremony (Cham Ngo)

The proposal ceremony is a long-standing Vietnamese wedding tradition that doesn’t seem to be going out of existence any time soon. This ceremony consists of a meeting between the two families where the groom’s family visits the bride’s family to formally ask for an official relationship. The primary purpose of this ceremony is to help both families reach a mutual understanding regarding the upcoming marriage.

Usually, the groom’s family comes bearing gifts like betel, areca nuts, fruits, and other sweet treats for the bride and her family. The gifts have to be in even numbers because odd numbers are considered bad luck to the new couple. 

In the past, the proposal ceremony was a way of bringing the couple together for the first time because they had arranged marriages. However, in today’s world, where arranged marriages are less common, it’s a simple formality that Vietnamese couples have to go through.

The Engagement Party (Dam Hoi)

The engagement party is an official announcement of the main wedding and takes place a few months or weeks before the wedding. Relatives and close friends of the bride and groom come to the ceremony to wish the couple luck. At the Dam Hoi ceremony, the two families come together to carefully choose a date for the wedding based on the couple’s birth dates. The bride’s parents also get to decide the number of feasts the wedding will have.

 Usually, the engagement party is considered a huge milestone for the bride because it signifies her official stance as the groom’s fiancee. However, in recent times, some couples may decide to forgo this ceremony to reduce unnecessary customs and traditions.

The Tea and Candle Ceremony

The Tea ceremony is one of the most emotional and evoking parts of any Vietnamese wedding. As such, if you’re looking to find a Vietnamese girl for marriage, you’ll have to participate in this long standing tradition. The Tea Ceremony serves two significant purposes. For starters, it serves as a celebration of the marriage between the bride and groom. It also honors the family’s ancestors and relatives.

Usually, the bride and groom pray before the altar, asking their ancestors to grant them permission and bless their marriage. They then take their vows and exchange rings, confirming their union. 

Once this exchange has fully taken place, the couple will serve Chrysanthemum tea or Green tea to the family members. Then, the family members will, in turn, present them with gifts such as money or jewelry. Usually, the bride’s family divides the gifts into two parts and sends one part back to the groom’s family.

The wedding reception

So, we’ve gotten to the main event: the wedding reception. Vietnamese wedding receptions are just as fun and lively as American weddings. The only difference is that some Vietnamese traditions and customs are still upheld in these ceremonies.

In Vietnam, the wedding reception is held right after the main wedding ceremony. The bride bids her parents and family goodbye and follows the groom to his house in a procession. The mother of the bride is required to stay back at home to hide her tears.

Once they get to the groom’s house, the bride and groom burn incense in front of their ancestors. The bride is then brought to the couple’s room and shown her marital bed.

After these activities have taken place, the wedding reception can now begin properly.

This ceremony consists of a lively feast with up to 7 or 10-course meals. After guests have eaten to their satisfaction, the wedding cake is cut, and the couple serves it as a final delicacy.

Vietnamese Table Visits

Table visits are yet another tradition that you’re likely to find in a typical Vietnamese wedding reception. It serves as a sign of respect and gratitude to family members and guests who took out time to attend the wedding ceremony. Usually, the bride and groom will make their way to each table and greet the guests seated at the table. 

The most significant guests or family members will be acknowledged first with a toast before the couple begins to visit the other tables. During these table visits, it is customary for guests to present the couple with money wrapped in envelopes to bless and show their support for the union.

Appropriate Gifts

What is an appropriate gift to present to the couple at a Vietnamese wedding? Well, it’s simple: money. Money is always an appreciated gift because it helps offset some of the couple’s expenses during wedding preparations. Usually, you’re supposed to place the money in an envelope which contains the wedding invitation.

You’ll find a small box at the wedding reception where you can place the enveloped cash gift. However, if you prefer to present other gifts rather than money, you’ll need to tell the couple in advance.

Vietnamese Women Characteristics

So you’re trying to land Vietnamese women for marriage? Fortunately, we’ve outlined some of the typical character traits of Vietnamese ladies for you. This way, you won’t rush blindly into the union. Here they are:

They are conservative

Most Vietnamese brides are typically conservative. Since they were raised mainly on traditional ideals, they tend to behave quite differently from Western women. For starters, they tend to shy away from provocative dresses and outfits.

Their conservative nature also means that it takes more than just flowers and chocolates to woo them. You’ll need to put in maximum effort to show your sincerity before you win the heart of a Vietnamese woman. Also, if you have any plans of scoring on the first date, you might want to drop that thought like a hot potato.

Family-oriented and devoted

Most Vietnamese women are highly family-oriented and devoted to their spouses. They understand the value of a solid family structure and, as such, will do anything to make sure their family stays together. If you do decide to get hitched to a Vietnamese girl, you’ll have a wife who’s devoted to you and committed to making the marriage work despite any issues that may come up.

However, this only applies to regular marital disputes and quarrels. If you ever abuse or cheat on your Vietnamese wife, don’t expect her to stay committed to you.

They have realistic expectations when it comes to men

Let’s face it: many people in today’s world have unrealistic expectations when searching for a partner. Everyone wants someone who has it all; cars, money, education, an attractive personality, and good looks to crown it all. However, not Vietnamese women.

Although these ladies have high standards, their expectations are pretty realistic. In Vietnam, no one expects you to look like a Greek god and wield wealth like King Midas. All they want is a great guy who understands how to treat and care for a woman. However, this doesn’t mean that you should dress or act like a slob when wooing Vietnamese brides.

Put in your best efforts, and if you’re lucky, you will win her heart.

What Makes a Vietnamese Women the Best Wife?

vietnamese women

When it comes to the mail-order industry, Vietnamese brides are the best options for any bachelor in his prime. These women are often considered great wives and excellent partners too. But what exactly makes a Vietnamese woman the best wife? Let’s find out. 


Everyone wants a loyal partner that won’t cheat on them or ditch them in their lowest moments. Well, thankfully, Vietnamese women exist. 

Most Vietnamese brides believe in keeping long-term relationships. As such, they do everything within their power to keep their relationships or marriage. A Vietnamese woman isn’t likely to cheat on you, especially if you’re treating her right. 

They also tend to support their partners even when the chips are down. As such, if you’re looking for the literal definition of a “ride or die” partner, find Vietnamese girls for marriage. 


Like many other westerners, you probably think that the average Vietnamese girl is out to get your money and suck you dry. Well, this is a myth that needs to be shaken off.

The average Vietnamese woman is independent and likes to make her own money. She’s definitely not interested in being dependent on a man for anything. 

Great cooking 

Everyone loves a great cook that can whip up culinary delights without breaking into a sweat. Vietnamese women are known for their culinary expertise and desirable skills. Whether you want a simple omelet or a five-course meal, your Vietnamese bride will be able to give your tastebuds a delight. 

However, don’t expect to relegate her to the kitchen all the time. You’ll also need to cook on some days and let her put her feet up. 

Where to Meet Vietnamese Mail-order Brides? 

If you’re looking to find beautiful Vietnamese mail-order brides, you can check out reputable dating sites or matchmaking services. 

However, if you aren’t sure how reliable a dating site is, be careful not to give out your personal information. Many men have been scammed in the search for mail-order brides. 

Why Do Foreign Men Want to Date or Marry Brides from Vietnam? 

Why do foreigners troop to Vietnam every year in the bid to find a Vietnamese bride? It’s simple. Vietnamese women have it all; looks, personality, culinary skills, loyalty, you name it. These top-tier women can make your heart skip a beat with their beauty. On the inside, they’re well-mannered and will treat you like a king. 

But you know what the best part is? Once you have their heart, they’ll never look at another man. 


If you’ve been toying with the idea of getting a Vietnamese mail-order bride, you should go out in search of one. Hopefully, this article has provided all the knowledge you need about Vietnamese women. 

Good luck!