Vietnam is an Asian country that borders China and Cambodia. The country has a large population of around 100 million citizens. Vietnam’s climate is suitable for tourism. 

However, foreigners travel to Vietnam not only to see the amazing landscapes and enjoy the cuisine but also to meet the gorgeous women. These women are also willing to marry men from the West. But most foreign men know little or nothing about these Vietnamese beauties. So, this write-up will inform you of the features of Vietnamese women so that you can make an informed decision.

Why Are Vietnamese Women So Popular?

The short answer is linked to a rhetorical question: have you seen Lana Condor? We could go on about how amazing she looks, but that’s not the focus of this article. 

Women from Vietnam are gorgeous. They also have great personalities, which you can only find out when you get close to them. Let us go through the qualities that make men from the West go gaga over them.

They are humble

Women from Vietnam are not noisy or confrontational. They live in a society that promotes humility when dealing with others. A Vietnamese bride will always look down at her feet when talking to a stranger or someone with authority. You don’t have to worry about your Vietnam bride getting up in your face in public.

They are independent

In Vietnam, women learn to fend for themselves very early in life. They focus on securing a  future by acquiring a degree or mastering a craft. Moreover, they mostly come from low-income households where the man’s income barely caters for the family’s needs.

They are beautiful

The exotic look of Vietnamese girls sets them aside from other Asian women, which is why Western men are shifting their focus to Vietnam women. These ladies have slender shapes and stunning skin tones.

Vietnamese women are amazing cooks

Vietnamese cuisine is well-known for the five fundamental elements of taste: spicy, sour, bitter, salty, and sweet. Women from Vietnam incorporate these elements in their yummy salad rolls and noodles. Also, they cook with a lot of fresh vegetables, fish, and pepper — lots of pepper. 


Vietnamese women have strong family values

Vietnamese culture promotes harmony between members of communities. Local women are superstitious about the impacts of abandoning your responsibilities to your family. So, they will take care of their parents and siblings, even when they have to further their careers. They will also reach out to their in-laws from time to time.

They are well-dressed

Any dress Vietnamese women put on adorns their athletic figures. The traditional ao dai dress looks gorgeous on Vietnamese women. They wear this dress on special occasions as part of the traditional attire. 

Vietnamese girls also dress up in popular European brands. Since recently, you can find some of their traditional attires that are a hybrid of modern European styles and local Vietnamese garments.

They love wholeheartedly

Vietnamese brides take their time before professing their love to you. But when a Vietnamese girl falls for you, she will go all the way. They might not display their affection in public, but they will shower you with compliments often.

What are Vietnamese Brides Like? 

A typical Vietnamese woman differs from other women from the rest of the world. Since most of the population resides in coastal rural areas, they often hold conservative views. Moreover, the country has over 50 closely-related ethnic groups. So, these factors play a massive role in shaping the behavior and worldview of Vietnamese women.

Vietnamese brides are gorgeous

Vietnamese people come from very diverse backgrounds. They are influenced heavily by settlers from Russia, France, China, and the USA. As a result, you can find women that look like Europeans and those that look like Asians. But what all the women in Vietnam have in common is an exotic look. 

Vietnamese women also have great hair and great bodies due to proper nutrition. They also have marvelous genetics, which makes them look like teenagers deep into adulthood.

They are always positive

A Vietnam woman’s girlish smile can melt any man’s heart. The way their dark eyes glisten with joy when they talk to you is something to behold. Vietnamese girls will brighten your day even when things are not going well. These positive vibes and infectious smiles are priceless.

Vietnamese brides value tradition

The country of Vietnam depends massively on agriculture. The overarching philosophy follows the principles of healthy and communal living. Consequently, Vietnamese brides lead healthy lives and take care of their neighbors. Moreover, the country has not allowed the effects of urbanization to overshadow its rich cultural heritage.

Vietnamese brides are open-minded

Girls from Vietnam are religious, but they are open to exploring other cultures. They do not allow the restrictions of society to keep them from experiencing the rest of the world. Once you approach her tactfully, your Vietnamese mail order bride is open to any adventure.

Vietnamese brides are introverts

Vietnamese women are humble. They know what they want but will not try to force their way to get it. These women are often shy, which makes them even more adorable.

They are good with children

Women from Vietnam know how to take care of children due to their communal lifestyle. They also know how to take care of the home and cook healthy food. So, you don’t have to worry about your wife abandoning your kids for other frivolities because a Vietnamese wife can never abdicate her responsibilities.

Vietnamese women are ambitious

Vietnamese people are not scared of challenges. They migrate to other countries for greener pasture. Their women are prepared to live in the West with men they love, which is why they willingly become mail order brides. Moreover, most Vietnamese women are bilingual: they speak Vietnamese and French (or English).


Your best place to find Vietnamese mail order brides 

Yeah, Vietnam has a beautiful cultural heritage, a great soccer team, and beautiful landscapes, but nothing compares to hot Vietnamese brides. If you are wondering what the craze about visiting Vietnam is all about, the answer is Vietnamese mail order brides. 


But if catching available flight and booking accommodations is not for you, there are other options you can explore. We understand your hesitation: queues at customs and jetlag can take the fun out of traveling. And that is if you are successful in your search for a bride.


However, If you are not in Vietnam, there is a low probability of finding a Vietnamese bride unless you use a dating site. But most dating sites cater to people looking for one night stands and casual flings making it hard to find a legit Vietnamese dating site for brides.


Therefore, you have to place your bets on Vietnamese mail order bride sites. These platforms are curated in such a way that the users can find their matches without much stress. 

Moreover, these online platforms are suitable for people with social anxiety and busy schedules to travel. You can communicate with your potential bride from the comfort of your home. Most importantly, you will save more than those traveling halfway across the world to search for Vietnamese brides.

How to Seduce Vietnamese Brides?

Irrespective of the platform, you have to abide by the same principles when you are trying to seduce a Vietnamese woman. Don’t make the mistake of using the same approach to dating western women because you will fail woefully. You have to adjust your dating game to make sure that your Vietnamese crush falls for you. 


Here are some tips to spice up your dating game:


  1. Don’t talk about the war. Who even talks about wars on a date? The truth is that you might be tempted to bring up the topic of the US – Vietnam War. Many Vietnamese families are still recovering from the conflict. 
  2. Don’t discuss politics. Find something more fun to talk about. Try to keep your views on socialism and capitalism to yourself unless you want her to stop talking to you. Vietnamese women are patriotic and have strong opinions about their government.
  3. Respect her traditions. If you are interested in any of their cultural practices, ask questions. Don’t make fun of their dressing and lifestyle. Vietnamese brides might look timid, but not when it comes to their traditions.
  4. Eat her food. If you are living with a Vietnamese lady, you have to eat her food. Unfortunately, you will have to get used to spicy food. But on the bright side, you will get to enjoy proper food and take a break from junk food.
  5. Give her time to think. Vietnamese brides are religious and conservative. When they enter a relationship, they expect it to lead to marriage. So, your potential wife will take her time to evaluate her prospects and make sure you are the right person for her. Most of the time, they will have to wait for their parents to come on board before accepting your proposal.


In general, you have to respect Vietnamese culture and cuisine if you want to land a Vietnamese mail order bride. Pay attention to her cues and exercise some patience. 

How to find a Reliable Vietnamese Brides Dating Website? 

Once you make up your mind that dating Vietnamese brides is the way forward, then you have to take the first step by registering on a Vietnamese Brides Dating Website. But how can you differentiate the real from the fake ones? What are the indicators of a legit dating service? We always recommend using a premium site with multiple customer reviews. These testimonials will help you understand what the company offers. 


Here are some of the characteristics and options of reliable Vietnamese mail order bride sites:

Find sites with SSL-encryption

Only sites with secure encryption protocols can protect your privacy. Other sites are usually hotbeds for scams and privacy violations. Moreover, secure sites guarantee end-to-end encryption, which means that only people with a ‘unique password’ can access your data. Not even the site admin has access to this special encryption key.

Use safe payment methods

Reputable dating sites provide multiple payment options to clients who want to buy their services. They take extra precautions to protect the privacy of your operations. You should have the option to pay with regular credit cards, PayPal, and other methods. More advanced Vietnamese dating sites even accept bitcoin payments.

Pay for extra features

You can only enjoy a Vietnamese dating website’s full range of services if you are a paying subscriber. Use only sites that offer reasonable prices for their services. Also, try to avoid cheap websites because they might not be legit. Use features like translation services and video calls to get closer to your Vietnamese bride.

Stay consistent

Don’t expect to meet your soulmate if you are ‘on and off’ on the dating website. Online dating requires the same amount of discipline as offline dating. You have to show the bride that you are ready to invest your time to get her attention. If not, she will shift her attention to other suitors.

Buy gifts for your crush

Surprise your crush with virtual gifts. Some dating websites can help you buy real gifts to impress a bride. But don’t fall for the pressure to send money to women you don’t even know.