Singapore is a South-Eastern country washed by South China Sea waters. A few decades ago, it became one of the Four Asian Tigers due to high marks of its economic development. Now it is one of the richest countries in the world, where democracy and law are the main drivers of society. The success of the state was so rapid and bright that thousands of economists keep discovering it even now to implement the Singapore approach to the economy in their countries. What is more intriguing about this country is its people. Who are these hardworking and responsible people that made their state so developed? In our review, we reveal some secrets of Singapore women and tell you how to win their hearts easily. 

Why Are Singapore Women So Popular?

They are eager to marry foreigners

The first and foremost reason why men from all over the world travel to Singapore to get married to local women or date them on the Internet is their openness to foreigners. Singapore girls are free from any stereotypes or primitive thinking so they see no problem in starting a relationship with a man of other nationality. Also, Singapore is a very diverse and highly developed city-state where many people of different origins live. So meeting, dating, and creating a family with an international man is not surprising or rare for Singapore women. 

They are self-sufficient 

The second reason for the popularity of Singaporean women among men all over the world is their ability to support themselves. Work is one of the essential parts of the life of every Singapore woman, and that is why they can buy an apartment and a car without any men’s help. When local girls start dating, they do not see their boyfriends as walking wallets. Hence, if you ever met a girl who wanted your money instead of your love, you should date a Singaporean woman. She will not need you to spend your income on her. 

They are smart

International men cannot pass by Singapore brides because of the intelligence they possess. These ladies devote a lot of time to studying, reading, and exploring the world around them from a young age. The family traditions of the country also contribute to it. In Singapore, girls and boys get one of the best education in the world. Also, due to the economic development of the country and its wealth, many families can afford a top-notch university education for their children. Job opportunities are also brilliant in Singapore, but to get them, a girl needs to be very smart, curious, and hardworking. So understanding the role of intellect makes Singapore women strive to develop themselves. As a result, they are not only smart in terms of their field of expertise but also in terms of life situations and relations with others.

What are Singapore Brides Like?

Exotic appearance

Singaporean girls are some of the most beautiful ones in all Asia. They have oval faces, straight and thin noses, and almond-like eyes. Their bodies are miniature and they are usually not tall at all, but if you are aiming at finding a girl who has an average height, you can get lucky. Their skin is lighter than that of Chinese ladies and is similar to Japanese women’s. Their hair is dark brown or black and straight. 

Girls from Singapore are well-shaped and fit. They love sports, and that is why they look fit and healthy. Also, they pay close attention to their nutrition and it does help them to stay young and beautiful for a long time. If the described type of appearance is the one you would like your dream woman to have, go ahead and start dating Singapore women as soon as possible. 

Persistence and professionalism

As we have mentioned earlier, Singaporean women are smart, but we cannot overlook their persistence. They study a lot even if they are grown-ups already, they learn new languages, visit courses to improve their professionalism, and stay at the top of the competition. We can claim confidently that Singapore women know what they want to get better than any other girls from the Asian region. They not only set their goals high, they were also taught to work hard towards realizing them. Such a responsible approach to life may scare off some men, but not you, right?


By now you might have thought that girls from Singapore are sort of arrogant nerds, but that’s not true. They know how to communicate with other people and they don’t use them for achieving their purposes. Moreover, they easily make friends and network at job-related events. They are not afraid of strangers and are welcoming to foreigners and people who need their help. Your parents are likely to adore your Singapore woman because she is easy-going, polite, and nice to talk to. 


Family ties and marital mutual understanding are very important to Singapore single women. They rarely change partners in their life and are oriented on long-term relationships. They are not interested in one-night stands with strangers or dating a few men at a time. So if a woman of your dreams is necessarily loyal, a Singaporean woman will be a perfect match. 


Singaporean girls are sincere to others, be it their friends, lovers, or family. They don’t see a point in lying to their close people since it will affect their relationships that they value a lot. They also never spread rumors about their exes or ex-friends. That is why they usually have good relationships with the people they dated once. Are you honest with others and want the same from your potential partner? Singapore brides are waiting to get to know you. 

Love for kids

Kids are an essential part of family life in Asia, and Singapore is no exception. Here, kids are very loved, respected, and appreciated by their parents, grandparents, and school communities. Parents spend a lot of time communicating and developing the talents of their kids. Mothers teach them not only to be diligent students but also fair friends and dignified society members. 

How to date a Singapore Girl?

To develop a relationship full of trust and mutual support, you have to take a few steps towards your Singapore bride. Apply them gradually to get the best results.

  • Invite her on thematic dates. One of the most reliable ways to keep the curious mind of a Singapore girl fed is to organize unusual dates. To do that, get to know what movies, books, series, etc. she likes and prepare a thematic date for her. If you are sure that she likes role games, try them out too. Why not impress her like that? She will appreciate your creativity a lot. 
  • Get to know her parents. After you have dated for a certain time and became close, it’s time to introduce yourself to her parents. Prepare for that day thoroughly: pick up the right outfit, bring flowers to her mother if she likes any, imagine how you will present yourself and what you would like to talk about. Don’t overlook the importance of this event as Asian parents take such a step seriously and consider your relationship to be a long-term commitment if you come to their house as a boyfriend of their daughter. 
  • Travel together. This is a good way of getting to know how your partner will act in different situations and unknown surroundings. To see the best and worst sides of your Singapore woman, don’t choose an all-inclusive trip. Instead, try traveling to some wild nature or another country and choose the lower level of conditions than she expects. It will reveal her personality better than if you were just staying in the same city for years. 
  • Try living with her. Moving in together takes a relationship to the next level, and if you want to proceed to date Singaporean girls, you need to do that one day. You cannot just go to movies and restaurants for ages. Still, remember to propose this idea when your relationship is developing well and you enjoy each other’s company. If you started fighting at some point and think that moving in would help, it wouldn’t. It would rather fasten your break-up. 
  • Share customs and implement them into your daily life. As both of you come from different cultures and backgrounds, applying the traditions you are used to would be a great idea. Thus, you will be able to understand each other even better, get to know the countries you are coming from, and then pass these customs to your future kids. 
  • Don’t forget about romance. Always remember about the time when it all started: your first offline dates, the efforts you put into making her love you, gifts, and flowers you’ve been bringing her. When you live together for a long time, a relationship can easily become a routine, that is why it’s important to keep the fire burning. 
  • Renovate your house together. Once you have decided to create a family and have kids together, even if you have not proposed to her yet, consider renovating your home together. If you manage to avoid fights and misunderstandings during this time, you can definitely say that now you are ready to become a married couple. 
  • Propose to her. You may even do that before a few previous steps since it’s up to you to decide when the right moment comes. Still, this stage is very important to an Asian girl, so don’t omit it. If you are already living together, it does not mean you should not put a ring on it.

How to Seduce a Singapore Woman?

To make a Singapore woman want to be with you, implement the next steps organically to your conduct during communication with her. 

  • Be polite. The first and foremost thing you need to keep in mind before you meet any Asian lady is that you should be extremely polite to her. Learn the gestures that are considered offensive in Singapore and never use them. Act with respect and dignity and that will conquer the heart of Singapore brides. 
  • Be a gentleman. Bringing flowers, helping her to get out of the car and sit down at the restaurant are not outdated ways to seduce Singapore women. In fact, they work better than the pick-up lines you might have thought of using. The latter doesn’t work, so do not even try. 
  • Learn her language. No woman can resist if a foreigner tries to speak her language, and Singapore girls are no exception. The only thing to keep in mind is that you are on a date but not on a private lesson, so don’t push her to be your tutor and correct you all the time. 
  • Don’t be pushy. If you notice that a woman is not that interested in chatting with you, let it go. There are far more women waiting out there for you. Still, you should not act arrogant and rude if she is not interested. This tip does not eliminate the first one in this section.
  • Don’t show off. As we noticed earlier, local women earn good money and support themselves, so you should not brag about your  income. It would rather push her away than make her want you. 
  • Don’t date a few Singapore single women at a time. Loyalty and honesty are some of the most valuable traits for Singaporean girls. They are committed to their partners and never lie to them, so they would expect you to be the same. If you like playing games and hanging out with a few dates at a time, better find other women for that. 
  • Don’t be in a hurry to start having sex. If you have serious intentions and are likely to date her for a long time, go ahead with that. However, if you are looking for a hook-up, point it out immediately after you meet and make sure she agrees.

How to find a Reliable Singapore Dating Website?

The first thing you need to do is to find out the names of the most popular websites for dating Singapore women online. Next, go to trusted review platforms like SiteJabber to check testimonials of recent users. By doing so, you will get to know the pros and cons of each website without registration. Also, reviews of dating site members help to evaluate the quality to price ratio. When you are done reading them, proceed to test a few websites that you have chosen. Pay attention to the ease of use, their design, and the simplicity of a user interface. You should not need to ask Support agents everything, it should be intuitively understandable. Still, the Support team does matter in your experience of dating over the Internet. Make sure that Support agents are reachable anytime and can help you with your problems promptly. 

Don’t forget to check the services and extra features provided to you. Remember that if a dating platform offers a limited number of services, it will affect all your communication with your potential Singapore brides. There should be not only live chat available but also mailing, voice, and video call features on the site. If there is only one means of communication available, you cannot be sure that you are texting to a real person or a scammer who just wants to earn money. 

Checking the above-mentioned characteristics will help you avoid becoming a victim of the frauds, so don’t overlook this part of your perfect dating website search.