Russia is a country in the Asian and European continent, bordering North Korea, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and others. What is even more fascinating about the country is the women. Russian women have been looking for their love lives in the western nations since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The chaos that erupted made them look for a more stable way of getting away, and marrying foreign men became the best choice. Today, Russian women still have a preference for Western men. If you are a foreigner and landed in the country, you should be fortunate because it is easier to meet Russian brides.

Russian mail order brides are not popular on dating sites as women looking for a better stable and civilized life in western countries. They also possess natural beauty and desirable characters. It is just impossible for a man not to turn his neck in the direction of a passing Russian bride.

Most men from the west desire to meet Russian brides. Why is that the case? What is unique about Russian mail order brides? Find out more from this guide. We will be detailing everything about these gorgeous women from Asia, including how to meet Russian women for marriage.

Why Do Russian Brides Want to Date Foreign Men?


As frequently reported, most Russian brides are looking for foreign men to date and/or marry. There are many reasons attributed to that, and the following are some of them:

Fewer Local Men

The Russian population mainly consists of females. There are more women of marriage age than men. That leaves the hot Russian brides with no choice but to look for their spouses elsewhere, and the west is the best option. When Russian girls become women, they register to be mail order brides to meet a foreign husband.

Life Improvement 

Russia is still a developing country compared to the US. The living standard is below that in the US, especially for Russians living in rural areas. Russian brides look at marrying foreign men as a prime opportunity to live a better life abroad. It is a life-changing opportunity for them.

Family Pressure 

Marriage is valued in Russia. Women who are in stable marriages are very much respected. That piles pressure on the Russian brides when they get to the marriage age. They will do everything to find their soulmates, even if it involves becoming mail order brides. Parents expect their daughters to get married, but there are not enough gentlemen in the country.

Desire to Explore the World 

Some Russian brides are comfortable in their country and have stable jobs. They can also find local men to marry them. However, they prefer western men for marriage to explore the western nations. It is a lifetime dream of some of them, and they live to pursue it when they become women. 

Russian Women Characteristics 


Before you meet Russian women to find your bride, you need to know more about them. Their beauty cannot be disputed, but that is not enough when you want a lifetime partner. Fortunately, Russian brides have more positive traits that you will find comforting. However, we cannot deny that these women are not angels. They also have their shortcomings, but that is the nature of human beings. No one is perfect.

If you want to meet Russian brides, be prepared for the following character traits:

  •  Caring: Russian brides are compassionate. They just can’t help but care for everyone in their cycle. Meet Russian wife if you want their tender care. Your woman will ensure your comfort and always give you a shoulder to lean on.
  •  Hardworking: Russian girls are raised to be hardworking women. Even if they are not career women, they will single-handedly handle all the house chores. You do not need a nanny or a house help of any kind when you meet and marry a Russian wife. Those are her duties that she takes with a lot of positivity.
  •  Loving: Russian brides are loving and faithful. Once they give their hearts, they commit themselves to their partners. However, you should also know the jealousy side of Russian women. Most were born and raised in monogamous families. They don’t allow other women near their husbands. Meet Russian brides if you want to love and will remain true to your words.
  •  Beautiful: Russian women are naturally gorgeous, but it doesn’t end there. They do everything to look attractive and maintain their bodies. In fact, the dressing style of Russian brides is to impress their male partners. These women have the beauty and shape that will amaze you. Meet Russian mail order wives if you want a woman to be proud of introducing to your friends.
  •  Value reputation: Slavic women value their reputations and also that of their partners. They understand how important it is to have positive characters in society. A Russian bride will protect your reputation at all costs, even if it means covering your wrongdoings.
  •  Social: You will be surprised at how your Russian bride gets along with your family members and friends. By nature, a Russian woman is open-minded. Meeting new people and starting conversations is not a challenge to them at all.

So far, we have only pictured Russian brides as perfect women. That might have left you wondering if they are only well-behaved, good-mannered women. Let us look at some of their traits that you might find undesirable.

  •  Overemotional: Meet Russian women for marriage only if you are prepared to talk things out. They can be overly reactive and show their emotions whenever they are dissatisfied by issues. These women are ready to let things out and rarely stay calm when irritated.
  •  Attention-demanding: If you are the type who spends most of the time with friends and leaves your woman lonely, then do not meet Russian bride. She will feel insulted if you give attention to your friends when she is around. She needs your attention when you are together, even if you two have mutual friends with you.

Russian women are not emotionally stable. You should accept them for who they are and their point of view. As a man, try to tolerate some cultural behaviors and handle routine issues amicably.

Russian Dating Culture and Tips 

Dating in Russia is much different from dating in the US. Before setting a date to meet Russian women for marriage, you should understand these dating cultures and tips to better impress your woman. They are more inclined to fall for foreign men who know something about their background and prove to be a gentleman.

When planning to date Russian brides, you can expect the following: 

Language Barrier 

Many Russian women can speak English. There are not many language barrier problems, but there is still an issue to be addressed. Some English words can be confusing or can be understood differently, depending on the context. You can expect that to happen more often when dating a Russian woman who probably learned English as a secondary language.

Family Units are Much Valued in Russia 

Family is everything to Russians. Before they can fall for you, they will see how you move along with her family members. So, visiting the family comes much earlier compared to how it happens in the US. Even if they agree to fly away with you, she cannot cut bonds with her family.

Moreover, Russian ladies adore their own families and give all their attention to their children. Don’t be surprised if your Russian wife spends more time with the kids than you. It is just the culture or environment where they were raised.

Early Marriages 

You might find this strange, but everything boils down to culture and societal pressure. Russian women are expected to get married and have at least one kid when they celebrate their 25th birthday. That is also understandable since Russia is currently fighting a demographic crisis. There is a gender imbalance the government is currently fighting. However, you still meet Russian women who value their careers and do not rush to early marriages.

Gender Roles 

Women and men have specific roles they play in the family, and they strictly adhere to that. You can never find a man in the kitchen or involved in raising kids. There is even discrimination at workplaces. Some professions and positions at workplaces are reserved only for men.

Men Pay the Bills 

Do not even think of asking a Russian woman to pay bills on a date or even sharing it. You should shoulder everything like a gentleman. Women will take care of the house duties and care for kids and men to pay the bills.


How To Meet Russian Women in the US? 

It is possible to find your ideal Russian bride in the US. Visit California, New York, Florida, Massachusetts, Los Angeles, and Chicago. These states have a large Russian population. You can meet Russian brides on the streets, in public places, or in colleges, but you may not find variety.

Why is the Russian Bride so Beautiful? 

Russian brides are not the most beautiful women on the planet, but they still attract foreign men more than other women. They look gorgeous because they maintain their looks, dressing choice, and smartness even at difficult times.

Most men have found Russian women beautiful because of their easy-going nature and rarity. The more difficult it is to find something, the more you yearn for it and find it attractive. When you finally meet Russian mail brides, you will appreciate their beauty in how they interact with new people and maintain meaningful conversations.

Why Do Russian Brides Make the Best Wives? 

Russian brides are considered the best wives because they are loving, forgiving, hardworking, and beautiful. They are also caring and get along very well with the family and friends of their spouses. There are many other positive traits in Russian brides that make them the go-to women for lasting relationships.

How Much Is a Russian Bride? 

If you want to meet a Russian bride, prepare to spend about $3,000 to $20,000. That cost depends on many factors, such as the mail-order services used, dates organized, communication channels used, and gifts bought. The air tickets also contribute to the overall cost. But if you are determined to find a Russian wife, all the expenses should be worth it.

Are Russian Mail Order Brides Legal? 

Yes. First thing first, Russian mail order brides should not be confused with human trafficking. It is a mutual agreement between two consenting adults, considered legal in Russia and many other countries. You can even wed your Russian bride in Russia, provided you comply with all marriage laws in the country.

How To Meet Russian Bride Online? 

Meet Russian brides online through reputable dating sites. The top ones include  SweetyDate Mamba, and  Badoo. There are many other sites you can use. But before settling on a particular dating site, check and confirm if it has the following features:

  • Verified users
  • High-quality moderation support
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Reliable data protection
  • Matchmaking and other professional services

How To Date a Russian Bride? 

Dating a Russian bride involves impressing her or making her happy with you. That begins by understanding who they are and maintaining the dating etiquette in Russia. For instance, you need to maintain eye contact and only shake hands when you meet for the first time. As a man, you need to dress smartly. And remember, all bills are on you.

Another thing to do when dating a Russian bride is to get along with her family members and support her whenever possible. The support can be financial, emotional, social, or any other way.

Do Russian BridesSpeak English? 

Yes. Many Russian brides can converse in English, reducing the language barrier problem. You will not find it challenging to meet Russian women and start and sustain a conversation. However, the language barrier still exists in rural parts of the country.

What Is the Best Site to Meet Russian Brides? 

There are many sites where you can meet Russian mail order wives, but not all will give you the same quality of services. Some of the best include the following:

Do Russian Women Like American Men? 

Yes. Russian brides are attracted to men from the US. They believe that these men are romantic, modest, and more gentlemen than the local men. Other reasons why Russian women like American men include their financial stability and a better life they hope to find in the west. But these reasons might not apply to all.

The Verdict 

Russian brides are attractive and have outstanding characteristics that men desire. They are well-behaved, hardworking, loving, passionate, and become excellent mothers. Meet Russian wife to build a happy family and an empire that everyone will call home.

Visit Russia or meet Russian women online. You will find them easy to approach because they are open-minded. Your chances of winning the heart of a Russian bride are high because Russian women are attracted to foreign men. Just make the best moves using the tips presented here to find your Russian wife.