Being a homeland of Genghis Khan, Mongolia is well-known for an original culture and a secluded paradise on top of the mountains. It has always attracted tourists from all over the globe to come and visit this magnificent place and meet local beauties. Meanwhile, Mongolian women are still a riddle for most men, so we are about to tell you about their appearance, character, way of life, and values. 

Why Are Mongolian Women so Popular?

Mongolian girls are unique. They are probably the most beautiful Asians ever. But what makes them exceptional and beloved by men all over the world? 

Exotic appearance

The most striking feature is their wide cheekbones, which are perfectly matched with their deeply set eyes. Passing by a girl with such distinct features, you’ll feel like you’re on another planet, and you won’t mind staying there.

Their lips are full and look great on the white skin, even with no makeup. Their noses are well-formed and spaced. They have white porcelain skin, which turns red when it gets frosty outside. If you are fond of brunettes, there is good news for you – you will hardly ever meet a blonde Mongolian lady, except when she has dyed hair. Mongolian women are well-known for their dark thick long hair. 

Thanks to their excellent genetics and high calcium levels in their bodies, Mongolia girls have the brightest of smiles. Yet, it may take a while to catch such a smile. Mongolian women tend to be modest and shy when they are in public. 

Hot body shape

You would hardly ever meet skinny girls in Mongolia. Most of them have magnificent hot forms. And although there are also slim and elegant females, the majority of them can boat attractive hourglass shapes. 

If you are lucky to pull out a beautiful Mongolian girl from under all layers of her warm clothes, you will reveal the softest and snowiest skin you have ever seen before. But the most exciting thing is the heat coming from their smooth skin! Their average body temperature is higher than most people have. Thus, literally hot Mongolian women could keep you warm on chilly nights. 

Strong character

Although most of the Mongolian females are conservative and modest, they are always well-dressed and good-looking. Yet, they tend to avoid eye contact in public. On your first time seeing beautiful Mongolian women, she will more than likely be polite and a little shy. It is also worth noting their kindness and care. The way a Mongolian woman treats her child is heart-warming. 

You may be under the impression that Mongolian girls are shy, cute, and timid. Well, let’s not jump to conclusions. You will disclose their somewhat wild character and get to know them more thoroughly.

As everywhere else, the most significant difference in temperament is between the city and country girls. This contrast is quite striking in Mongolia. Girls from the countryside are good at handling horses. Every Mongolian child learns horseback riding from their childhood.


What are Hot Mongolian Brides Like

You must be quite intrigued by now to try to find one of these hot beauties. Yet, whenever you decide to get in touch with Mongolian women, you would have to be aware of their attitude to serious relationships and family, as well as their way of life. 

Relationships and marriage

The majority of Mongolians love their culture and country, and lack interest in being outside of it. Do they ever dream of tropical beaches? Well, they don’t really care, because they like to stay in the cold. It’s not an easy job to care for a girl like that. Even if she likes you, she’ll be constantly worried about how her family and society will perceive her relationships. Likewise, it is not likely that the ladies of this group speak a different language than their native one.

On the other hand, there is also a category of hot Mongolian girls who are interested in seeing foreigners. The reason for that is usually traveling to other countries and discovering a different culture. Or maybe they are just more curious than others. Anyway, you will find such girls friendly and candid. Besides, they never let you get bored thanks to their excellent sense of humor.

If you plan to start a family with a Mongolian, you may have a few cultural issues. On the other hand, she will likely be happy to be a wife and mother, as their culture encourages marriage a lot. Mongolia is located in the middle of an icy desert. Although you may find this place marvelous while spending your vacation there, this place is challenging to live in. 

So the best option is to find a reliable Mongolian woman who doesn’t mind spending much of her life in your country. You will surely have an epic family vacation in the Mongolian steppe.

Local way of life

Although the nomadic way of life in Mongolia was neglected many years ago, the perception of existence there is still formed under the influence of different cultures. Girls could dream only of country life not so long ago. But both the Internet and affordable education have broken down borders and opened up new opportunities for young Mongolians.

So nowadays, a lot of Mongolia girls speak several languages, including Chinese and English, which help them to build successful businesses and communicate with international partners. According to World Bank statistics, about 40% of Mongolian companies are founded by women.

Yet, most of the Mongolian girls still follow ancient traditions. The first thing that grabs your attention is the slowness of their lives. Someone would say that Mongolian women are careless. But the truth is, they have a peaceful mind as well as a way of life. Whatever day it is, they find time for a traditional tea party, relaxed conversation, and contemplation of the world surrounding them. Mongolian women always warmly meet their guests by offering them to join the dinner and taste the traditional Mongolian drink – koumiss, which is made from mare’s milk. 

Mongolian brides are typically superstitious. Besides Buddhism, there is also a well-developed shamanism culture. Children are considered to be the most fragile in the family, and therefore mothers protect them from evil spirits in every possible way.

Women in Mongolia also treat animals with the greatest care. The main symbol of this land is a horse. Nomads used to spend all their lives with horses, so they have an exceptional attitude towards these animals. Children are still trained in horseback riding from an early age.

How to date Mongolian Girls?

Anytime you meet Mongolian girls, our tips on how to date these beauties will come in handy: 

  1. Explore her culture and traditions

If you are a newbie to the Mongolian lifestyle, it could be challenging to get in touch with girls from Mongolia. A good idea will be to learn some local customs to show your lady that you are interested in her roots and way of life. 

  1. Learn how to say basic words and phrases in Mongolian

Although the education level in Mongolia is quite high and most local girls speak English, they will definitely appreciate it if you get closer to their culture. Besides, that way, you will show her your serious intentions. 

  1. Do not try to impress her with your financial power

Mongolians are not the kind of women who are going to fall for big money. Their main life goal remains unchanged – a happy relationship and marriage. 

  1. Be honest with your lady

Like most girls, Mongolians will never forgive you for cheating. They expect you to be honest in every aspect of your relationship, so do not try to make anything hidden from them. 

How to Seduce Mongolian Girls?

The unique beauty of Mongolian girls has always attracted men from all over the world. And this is not a big surprise. They have not only impressive exotic appearance but also easy-going nature, which makes them reliable wives and caring mothers. What else is left to dream of?

Yet, it could be challenging to get in touch with the Mongolian ladies as long as you do not know how to seduce them. So if you have never met Mongolian girls, here is the list of tips to follow:

  1. Find common themes to talk about. At the beginning of a relationship, the idea of how to seduce a girl should be placed in the background. First, she should think of you as a friend. And friendship, as you know, starts when people have something in common that binds them. 
  2. Stay tide. Take care of your clean nails, fresh clothes, and washed hair before meeting Mongolian girls. No doubt, your manners, and behavior are much more critical, but the first thing a girl will pay attention to is your appearance, which has to be flawless.
  3. Don’t be pushy. Like most other girls, Mongolian women seem shy when you first meet them. Yet, they are incredibly sociable and friendly. So give them more space and time to relax. 
  4. Take full responsibility for your relationship. Mongolian women may have conflicting thoughts about your relationship, which can interfere with both of you. Therefore, you have to make all decisions yourself. Stay flexible, but persistent, so that she can feel your manpower. 

By following these basic rules, you can easily charm Mongolian girls wherever you are. And the most important thing is to be yourself. Don’t try to be someone you’re not – Mongolian women like to see true and real emotions, rather than fake and false ones.


How to find a Reliable Mongolian Dating Website?

Along with the rapid development of a digital world, you have a great chance to get in touch with Mongolian ladies without leaving your home. If you are not a big fan of traveling, online dating sites are the perfect solution for you to communicate with Asian beauties. 

However, the wide variety of dating websites could lead you to a dead-end instead of a new exciting experience. Fraudulent and scam activities are widely spread online, so you have to know how to find a reliable dating site. The following tips are must-haves if you are looking for secure and trustworthy Mongolia women dating: 

  1. Check professional reviews and customers’ feedback. Overall rating and others’ experience will help you a lot to say away from scams or unsecured websites. 
  2. Choose a website with free registration. Although most of the Mongolian dating platforms are fee-based, you would have to get an advanced membership to unlock all the functionality. But before that, you’ll need to register on a site for free. This way, you can test the websites’ interface and make sure the service is user-friendly.
  3. Carefully review the Privacy policy, Terms, and conditions of the service you choose. Although such documents require a long-time read, they contain a lot of useful information for users, including the level of security, refund policy statements, etc. 
  4. Identify your goal. Whether you are looking for a serious relationship or pen-friend, ensure your partner has the same purpose. Otherwise, your communication will lead you to the dead end. 
  5. Check a list of top-rated dating platforms in Mongolia. Most of the Mongolian ladies would do that before registering on a local dating service. 

Whenever you decide to contact with Mongolian ladies online, you will do that easily with our tips. And remember – no matter how severe your relationship is, do not share your personal information, such as credit card number or location with anyone. And good luck with your online dating!