Despite many years of war, Korea has emerged as one of the most technologically advanced countries. There are also many reasons to visit the country. It has sandy beaches and springs that offer spiritual healing, but those are not the only reasons for going to Korea. You also get a chance to meet Korean women if you are single and searching.

Korean women differ from women from other South Asian countries such as China, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. They may bear some resemblance, but characters and personalities will set them apart. In this article, we will tell you about everything you need to know about Korean girls. Before you plan to meet Korean brides, you should stay ahead by having all the details beforehand. Keep reading to find out more!

The Typical Stereotype of Korean Women

KOREAN women

Before telling you the facts about Korean women, there are some stereotypes we have to mention. People say some things that may not be true about these hot Asian ladies. You might be surprised that everything you know about them is false when you actually meet Korean girls. But before then, let us clear the air.

Korean Girls Do Not Engage in Sexual Relationships Before Marriage

To some extent, this statement is true. Most Korean communities are still conservatives. The idea of girls engaging in a sexual relationship before marriage is frowned upon. Children born outside wedlock are unacceptable. However, there has been a change due to influence from the west. Some hot Korean women make love with their partners. So, do not think any Korean woman you will meet for marriage is a virgin.

Korean Women Are Not Attracted to Men from the West

That is not true. Korean women are adventurers and would like to explore what the western world has for them. As a foreign man, you have a higher chance of winning the heart of a Korean lady. So, don’t be afraid to meet Korean girls online or physically by visiting the country.

Korean Women and Plastic Surgery are One

We cannot deny the fact that plastic surgery is popular among Korean women. However, not all of them engage in this act. They are naturally beautiful, and some adore that natural beauty. Some Korean girls are even supported by their parents to do plastic surgery when they become women, but that does not apply to all.

Tips For Dating a Korean Girl

The way you approach a Korean woman or introduce yourself can determine whether she falls for you or not. Most of these ladies will take their time to know you better and understand how you take them. They fear the feeling of being seen as foreign men hunters. So, you have to assure her that you are different. Other tips you can also consider are the following:

You are Tagged as a Womanizer or Playboy If You are a Foreigner 

That is the reason why dating in Korea can take a lot of time. Once you land in the country, all the women see you as a playboy. However, that should not scare you because foreigners still have higher chances of meeting Korean brides and going out with them. Just proceed with your intentions and ask for a date. She will accept the invitation, but you will have a hard time proving yourself as a gentleman.

It takes Korean brides time to know that your intentions are genuine because of their initial perception of foreign men. You need to gain the trust of that Korean woman you will meet, even if it means giving her your phone. And if you love her, it should not be a problem to win her.

Your Perception and Criticism about Them Matter

It is the worst feeling a woman can think about her suitor, but you have to work hard to make her trust you. Korean women like foreign men and have made them feel that men from the west think they are available. It can make them avoid you and thwart your advances. Don’t blame Korean girls you meet if they behave that way.

You should make a Korean bride feel happy and comfortable in your company. That is only possible if you prove that you are genuinely in love with her and not taking her for a ride because they are cheap. She will automatically know your intentions from your conversations and the way you treat her. So, watch what you say and always be sincere.

Prepare to Pay the Bills

There is not much difference between Korean women and American women regarding who pays the bill when on a date. The popular belief is that men take out the wallet and shoulder the expenses all alone. It is still the norm in many parts of the world, and Korea is not an exception.

When on a date, do not expect the lady to pay for anything. But if she volunteers to do so, let her go ahead. Don’t stop her. It seems that everything is now changing as more Korean brides are becoming more modest and adopting western culture. 

Korean Women Are Good at Dating 

KOREAN brides

Dating is an art, not just a preparation for the life ahead of the two lovebirds. Some people know how to go about it better than others, and Korean ladies are on the extremely positive side of the spectrum. They know how to play hard to get and hold on to men of interest all at once. You may think that when a woman doesn’t like you, you simply move on to another one. That is not true when you choose a Korean bride.

They may seem stubborn, but it is not easy to let go of a Korean woman if she is interested in you. She may just be taking her time to know you better. Once she becomes yours, she will commit and be loyal to you.

You’re Competing Through Social Platforms

Most Korean girls are pro-social media. They not only use it to connect with friends but also as the center of their lives. Everything they do, any achievements or anything worth sharing, ends up on their social media walls. To a man, it is a competition you need to win.

How do you ensure your Korean girlfriend is happy with you or your relationship? Give her a reason to post something on her social network pages. That means taking her out on lunch dates, beach tours, or even buying gifts. She will take the photos and share them with her friends who follow her online. Some of them will show you what their friends have posted on their timelines as a way of politely telling you to also act.

You are Expected to Match the Education Level of Korean Girls

In Korea, women are expected to get married to men of the same social class. That also means that your education level has to be at par. They believe such unions are better and more likely to succeed.

Apart from having the same education level, you may also need to learn the Korean language. The ways, you can converse more constructively and interestingly.

Women’s Role in Traditional Korean Society 

Korean women today engage in many activities and enter different professions. Thanks to the implementation of the Equal Employment Act in 1987. You can now find them in medicine, arts, law, literature, sports, and many other sectors. But what happened before that? What were the roles of women?

Korea remained a conservative country for quite some time. Gender-specific roles were well defined by society. In traditional Korean society, women were mainly home keepers. They were taught subordination and endurance to prepare them to be submissive wives and excellent mothers.

Korean women mainly engaged in household matters involving bearing and raising children. That continued until the establishment of the Korean Republic in 1948. Women started going to school and taking other roles, but many families remained conservatives.

Why Should You Consider Dating a Korean Woman?

Korean girls are attractive to men from the west. If you had not thought of dating them, then this is why you should do it:

  • Charming: Korean women always look great. They are gorgeous ladies who can attract just any man.
  • Attentive and compassionate: It may not be easy to win over a hot Korean lady. But once she becomes your girlfriend, there is no turning back.
  • Knowledgeable: Korean women are not only beautiful but also intelligent. Most of them attain the highest education level in the country and pursue their careers.

Why Marry a Korean Woman?

Korean women are good wives. Despite the modernization currently going on in the country, they have mainly remained conservatives. They are loyal and submissive women who do everything to please their husbands. Additionally, they are good mothers who love raising their kids. Marrying a Korean woman means you can build a lasting empire together.

Why Are Korean Brides So Popular?

Most Korean women find their soulmates among local men. The reason for that is how foreign men are stereotyped in the country. However, foreign men are still yearning for the beauty, respect, loyalty, and submission of these women. Their characters and personalities set them apart, and that is what makes them popular among western men.

Where Can You Meet Korean Brides?

You can meet Korean brides online or by visiting the country. Whichever approach you take, you should have an equal chance of finding your partner. So, let us briefly describe what each option offers:

Visit the Country

You can easily find a tourist visa to Korea and use that opportunity to meet Korean girls. You have two options when you jet into the country: day game or nightlife. Once again, your success is not dependent on the path you have chosen.

Where Can You Meet Korean Brides During the Day?

As part of the day game, know the right spots where hot Korean women spend their day. Shopping malls are the most ideal places to meet Korean girls. They like going there when they need to shop for fashion products. If you are in Seoul, then you can consider the following spots:

  • Times Square Mall
  • Lotte
  • Central City

Where to Meet Korean Women at Night

For late-night hunters, this may be your best opportunity to find your ideal woman in Korea. There are many spots in major cities of this country with booming nightlife. Both foreigners and locals go to such places to relax and spend their time. Bars and restaurants are the ideal places where to win the heart of your Korean bride.

In Seoul, consider the following spots:

  • Baraboom
  • Le Chamber
  • Speakeasy Mortar

There are other great spots in other cities that you can also explore. Do not limit yourself to only one location if you are not getting the expected results.

Meeting Korean Brides Online 

Online dating sites and apps are popular globally. Korea is not left behind in this. There are many dating sites to choose from and offer a catalog of hot Korean women. Many advantages come with this method. You perform the search without spending any penny, maybe the registration fee. It is also time-saving.

Check out the following best dating sites in Korea:

How To Find Reliable Korean Mail Order Brides?

You only meet reliable Korean girls when you use an appropriate dating site or search in the right places. The best way to find Korean mail order brides is to take your search online. There are many sites where hot Korean brides register with the hope of finding their love abroad. Such women have more preference for foreign men than local men. They don’t perceive them as womanizers or playboys, as mentioned earlier.

The first step is to identify a reputable dating site. Secondly, register your profile and start searching for your soulmate. Once you have found one, you begin to chat and take your relationship a step further if there is chemistry between the two of you. Lastly, you plan to meet with your Korean bride. That may involve you flying to Korea, which is what we recommend. 

Summing Up: Korean Women Vs. American Women

Korean women are not feminists. They value their husbands and respect them as the head of the family and decision-makers. Unlike American women, Korean women know when to settle down and start a family or raise children. They balance their family lives and career perfectly well. You might consider making a Korean bride for their personalities and characters. They are loyal, submissive, loving, and caring wives and mothers.