Most men feel curious about dating a woman from abroad. It is a common knowledge that non-American girls are way different, and this distinctive difference is something that always attracts men. Yet, women from Japan are becoming increasingly popular among Western men. And this is not a coincidence. In fact, women with Japanese origine are incredibly loving and adorable, and this contributes to their positive image worldwide. Check what makes women from Japan special and how to make one of them fall in love with you. 

Why Japanese Women Are so Popular?

Japanese women are always young-looking 

As a matter of fact, beautiful women from this country have already won the hearts of millions of both Asian and European/American males. The reason for this is their outstanding beauty that is resistant to aging. It is so far a mystery why these women manage to look super young even after the age of forty. It seems like they are the ones who know the beauty secret that prevents them from aging. Japanese women’s skin remains light and smooth really long, and this is what the rest of Asian women cannot boast of. 

As for the appearance, Japanese ladies often have dark eyes and straight, extremely smooth dark-brown hair. Women from Japan are, in most cases, very thin and slender, and they don’t tend to gain weight with the span of time. 

They are incredibly polite 

If you are a man who spends most of the time talking to European or American women, communicating with a Japanese girl will turn out to be surprising for you. First of all, it is worth mentioning that Japanese women are de facto extremely polite. And this is so not because of their background and inheritance; this is so due to the language. In particular, the Japanese language is way more polite and respectful than English. So, once you hear her speaking English, you will probably be amused by how tactful and unspoiled she is.  

Japanese women try to look irresistible 

Historically, these women have always been making every effort to ensure they look outstanding. The way they choose their clothes, apply their makeup and a regular hairdo is always flawless. Japan women have a peculiar sense of taste and try to use their aesthetic skills as often as possible. She will strive to make others see her irresistibility, no matter whether she goes to the store or attends a ceremony. 


What are Hot Japanese Brides Like

Even if you are yet not familiar with Japanese culture and women, you are probably still able to say that women from Japan differ from Western ones. Even provided that you know about Japan only from the movies and social media, you already see the difference. Here is what distinguishes Japanese brides from others:

Japanese women don’t tend to show many emotions

The way a Japanese girl demonstrates her feelings is hugely different from the manner European or American women have. In particular, these women don’t have a tendency to show the full spectrum of their emotions. They will smile at a stranger without letting him know what they really feel. Additionally, when women from this country laugh, they often cover their mouth and do in the most modest way. One can even get an impression of these women feeling awkward about laughing and opening up. And, of course, these Oriental women don’t cry when somebody watches, they are for some reason accustomed and letting their emotions out only when they are completely alone. 

They are always well-educated 

This is a fact — women in Japan always seek self-improvement and strive to obtain new knowledge. Even though they look somewhat childish, they are extremely wise. These women are always a hundred percent confident in what they do and always have their own opinion. So, one needs to keep in mind that these women are not submissive at all, and they have a very opinionated nature. 

They are perfectly shy

A typical Japanese woman has a modest, calm temper, and she doesn’t like to argue much. Her top priority is to keep her face and not look awkward. So, basically, ladies from Japan have no inclination to getting in a verbal fight or constantly defending their point of view. Even though the Japanese are confident in their beliefs, it is much more critical for them to demonstrate respect and not spoil a relationship with a partner.

It is super complicated for her to reveal her feelings

A Japanese girl can be into you and willing to establish a stable relationship, but she will hardly let you know this. Unlike Western ladies, women from Japan are not too open about confessing their feelings, and they don’t flirt as the former do. Neither will a Japanese lady demonstrate her affection by touching you or showing other signs. So, as a man, you need to know how to notice and read signs. As a woman, the Japanese mail order bride will most likely send you hints. And if you are not indifferent to your relationship, you will immediately recognize them. 

They are extremely hard-working

Another trait that every Japanese woman inherits is a particular attitude to work. What is surprising though is that she is not really dedicated to building a career and getting high positions with the span of time. In essence, these kind of women are keen on their work as it is. They are ready to spend 15 hours working, knowing that the contribution they make is priceless. In Japan, women work for the company’s good instead of getting paid. No, they are not crazy; they know they belong to their job, and they feel moral pressure when they don’t commit fully. 

How to Date Japanese Women?

Dating women from this country requires knowing the peculiarities of their characteristic features and understanding of the general outlook they have. In particular, to make your date unforgettable and fruitful, you may simply consider the following: 

Try to be creative while choosing the date venue

Of course, you may invite her to a restaurant and let your date flow peacefully and predictably. However, this might not always be a top option if you want to amaze her and make her remember this evening. Instead, you may think about some more exciting places to spend your date in. Think about tea rooms, gardens, and other stunning sites you can find only in Japan. Or, if you are living in a different country, you may also come up with a place that will be relevant to her culture. If you are short of ideas, you may simply bring her to the theatre. Your Japanese crush will enjoy this move.

Be friendly and polite 

During the date, it is imperative for you to stay open and friendly. It will be rather an unsuccessful decision to begin flirting with her or demonstrating your affection to her. Instead, manage to make sure you talk to her in a friendly manner. Additionally, you may feel free to make good jokes and smile at her. Do not even think about looking hilariously; a Japanese lady is the most non-judgemental one. She will, for sure, accept you the way you are. And that is one of the reasons why western men get on exceptionally well with Japanese women.

 You may let her know that you are ready for the family

Japanese people are way too conservative about the relationship between two grown-ups. The community motivates young people to marry since they assume that marriage is the mandatory thing for two loving hearts. People that date for a long time and don’t marry are looked at a bit judgmentally. Therefore, let her know that you want to create a family. A Japanese lady is unlikely to spend her precious time with the one who is not genuinely serious about their relationship. 


How to Seduce Japanese Women? 

Try to learn some Japanese. She will appreciate it if you learn some basic Japanese phrases before eventually meeting her. And this does not really mean that Japanese girls will ask you to speak Japanese since all of them probably have sufficient English-speaking skills. However, demonstrating some knowledge of the Japanese language will melt the ice between the two of you. You may simply learn how to tell her that she attracts you and some other innocuous compliments, like saying that she is beautiful. Hearing you speaking some Japanese will undeniably bring a smile to her face. 

Show her that you appreciate her intelligence. Most Japanese guys treat their girls like cute smiley girls who have nothing but a naivety to show. In fact, these men don’t seek educated women from Japan because they rarely notice anything beyond this cuteness. 

To win her heart, you may let her know that you respect her and value her intelligence. Demonstrate that you are the one who loves her literacy and her world view. these women are not only incredibly cute, they are well-educated too, so let her know that you value her intelligence over anything else. 

Show her that you are a mature, dedicated man. As long as Japan women are super dedicated to what they do, they will probably expect the same from you. While talking to her, you may indicate your lifestyle, your interests, the kind of job you have, and your career goals. Of course, you do not need to feel like you are at an interview. Instead, try to mention this organically. 

Make her feel like a woman. It is not a surprise that Japanese women simply want men to treat them like a lady who deserves a caring man. Open a door for her, bring her favorite flowers, and bring a smile to her attractive face. Even though women from Japan are incredibly hard-working, they still want plain happiness that gives them a sense of fulfillment. So, to make her fall in love with you, just think of what you can do to boost her mood and make her feel this desired woman’s happiness. 

How to Find a Reliable Japanese Dating Website?

Most Western men use specific dating websites to meet women from this country. Such dating apps are the best place to find your one and only, especially if you have an interest in getting acquainted with Japanese women. In essence, there are plenty of dating websites to choose from. However, before you start, you need to make sure that you don’t bump into an unreliable website. Even though a particular webpage may appear trustworthy and reliable at first glance, it may impose risks at your security. 

If you are not indifferent to your safety, you need to keep several points in mind. Such points are:

  • Check whether the company has proper privacy policies. First things first, you always need to double-check how exactly the company protects users’ personal data. If you manage to come across the company’s respective policies, you may trust it. Otherwise, you will need to continue your dating website research. 
  • Do not provide payment information while setting up an account. Unreliable websites are most likely to ask you to provide payment information while creating an account. However, trustworthy websites always offer you a chance to use a free trial version. If this is not the case with the website you have chosen, better forget about it. It is always a somewhat irrelevant idea to provide an unknown website with your payment information prior to using its services. 
  • Look at what people say. Referring to real reviews undeniably turns out to be a good decision. So, prior to choosing your dating website, take a glance at other users’ experiences. 
  • Take a look at the spectrum of services the site offers. Reliable websites often open access to multiple communication features. Untrustworthy ones will probably offer you a limited number of messages per month.