Italy is one of the best places to explore beautiful landscapes, cozy restaurants, cliffs of the Mont Blanc, and sun-drenched beaches. Italy is the place to embrace a unique culture.

But the real treasure of Italy is their astonishing women. Here, we are going to describe the best sides of these beauties. Find out what you should do to become a life-time partner of the Italian woman.

 Why Italian Women Are so Popular?

They are Passionate

If you asked any person what they think of Italian women, the first word you would hear is passion. In bed, Italian girls can do mind-blowing things. But a passionate nature does not touch intimacy only.

Italian women are enthusiastic about any endeavor. When the girl starts dating you, she will burst with emotions, love, and lust.

She will be striving to spend days and nights with you. She will strongly believe you are a perfect match. This will make her loyal and devoted. She will wish to know all about you as fast as possible, meet your family, and watch your baby photos with your mother after dinner. Men love a storm of feelings that only Italian women can produce. 

They are Loving

A woman from Italy will express her love by presenting gifts, making you surprises, and preparing delicious meals. Unlike other European girls, Italian ones give their partners as much love as they receive. Thus, if you treat your girl the right way, she will adore you and never make you feel that you get not enough attention and care.  You will become the center of her attention.

They have Stunning Appearance

A lot of women look like models from fashion magazines in this European country. And it is not only due to their gorgeous faces and bodies. Italy is the world’s capital of fashion: Italian women are stylish and always keep up with the latest trends. They will never leave their look without attention and always put on the makeup, which emphasizes their beautiful eyes and marvelous smiles.

The bathroom of an Italian woman is the sanctuary of her beauty. She uses all kinds of moisturizers, cleansers, body butter, and other skin protection products as part of her beauty treatment routine. Also, these women pay a lot of attention to sunbathing. Italian women prefer natural sun and avoid sunbeds (which are harmful due to the high level of ultraviolet emission).

All these treatments allow Italian ladies to remain charming and naturally beautiful in their 40 and 50s. Walking along the streets of Italian cities, you will not distinguish 30-year-old ladies from 20-year-old girls, since they show no signs of aging.

Marriage in Italy

Italian women are not eager to create a family in their 20s. Italy has the lowest birthrate in comparison to other European countries. The fertility rate per woman is 1.3, which is smaller in contrast to France (1.9), Germany (1.6), or the United States (1.7). It is okay for women to marry in their 30s. They believe a wedding ceremony and a ring are not the only signs of true love.

These women can date for five, six, or eight years without creating a family officially.

There is no hustle related to children as well. Italian women treat their bodies exceptionally. They believe bearing children is not their primary role. Instead, they center around education, career, and self-development. Dating a woman from Italy is the unique opportunity to leave domestic pains behind and focus on traveling, career, and pleasure.

What are Hot Italian Brides Like?

Their Family is Everything

Italian families are united. Italians appreciate family dinner with the tables groaning with mouth-watering foods. They love spending time together. Italians gather on weekends, and Sunday is always a family day. You should be ready to accept the fact that your woman will be celebrating national holidays and her birthday with her parents, grandparents, brothers, and sisters along with you. 

Italian families are protective. The girls tend to consider what their parents and siblings say about their dates. They can influence your relationship significantly, and you should also accept this if you wish to date an Italian woman.

They Aim at Equal Relationship

When starting a relationship, they choose partners who are ready to show respect and a caring attitude in the first place. Italian women prefer men who:

  • Respect and understand them
  • Listen to them
  • Do housework equally
  • Support and cheer them up when they are stressed out
  • Give them personal space

They will not be dating or marrying a person who does not appreciate their feelings, ideas, and efforts.

They Love Chivalry

There is a stereotype that European women no longer need gallantry and handsome gestures. But it differs from reality significantly in the case of Italy. Yes, Italian women are emancipated and strive for more independence than ever. But while dating, they turn into lovely sweet girls waiting for a knight to rescue them from a dragon. They are obsessed with gallant men who pay for the first dinner, open the car doors for their women, buy flowers, sweets, etc. They are ready to compromise their time and business to become closer to their partners and expect the same in return.

They Love Delicious Meals

Food is everything to Italians. You will not meet many people adhering to a strict diet. Almost every time Italians go out, a restaurant or café is an inescapable destination. It is typical for them to go shopping and visit a restaurant afterward or eat somewhere before (and after) doing their business.

Food is part of their culture, and women are obsessed with tasty meals. It results in the exceptional cooking skills of Italian women. As many girls say, they try cooking at a very early age. Mothers kindly explain all the secrets of the national cuisine to their young daughters.

If you conquer the heart of an Italian woman, she will be preparing the most delicious Italian dishes for you.

How to Seduce Italian Women?

Be Attractive

Italian women have a good taste not only in food but also in men. If you show up in shorts, flip-flops, and a sport shirt, no woman will even take a rapid glance at you. Also, do not try to look as Italian as possible. Just be yourself. But be stylish and handsome. Take a fancy outfit, pinch out hair from your nostrils and ears, shave and use a light perfume. 

Be Funny and Natural

Joke and be relaxed. Girls prefer guys who communicate easily and have positive energy. Use personal experience while joking. It is called observational humor and makes people laugh the most. The crucial thing is to be natural and use humor appropriately. Otherwise, you will sound silly.

Do not Try to Show off Your Financial Status

Never try to show how heavy your purse is. An Italian woman will think you want to buy her. It will spoil the impression. It is appreciated when you have money. However, you should not emphasize it. Also, do not try to pretend to be wealthier than you are. It is the worst thing you can do while communicating with any woman, not only Italian.

How to Date Italian Girls?

Italians differ from Americans significantly when it comes to dating. They follow completely different patterns and rules. Here are the seven things you should do while dating a girl from Italy:

You Should Ask your Girl Out 

In Italy, the guy is the one to ask the girl out. Unlike American girls, these women will never make the first step. She will be waiting for your initiative. It does not mean a girl is not interested in you. She might be yearning for you and even get angry if you backpedal the appointment. That is why you should not expect her to be initiative.

Since you ask her out, you should choose the place for your date. Choose the spot according to your interests and preferences. It will ensure you both will get maximum delight from the time spent together.

If you meet her in person for the first time, a restaurant should become the best choice since it is an ideal opportunity to have a friendly chat.

You Pay for the Date

If you split the bills, you will not see an Italian girl ever again. When you ask her out, you are the one to cover the expenses. This rule applies to every date. That is why dating in Italy requires lots of cash, and you will have to impress your lady. No, she will not expect you to casually park your Ferrari near her house. But she should not doubt your financial capability.

You Should Pick your Girl Up

When it is a second or the third date, you have to pick the girl up. Generally, she will be waiting for you at her house. It does not matter whether you have a car or not. Your gallantry is the crucial thing here. Italians love such old-fashioned manners. When it is your first date, you can wait for her in an arranged place.

It is Okay when your Woman is Late

Italians, especially women, are late 90% of the time. You have to accept it and wait for your lady patiently. If you arrange a meeting at 5:00 PM, your lady will come at 5:15-5:25 PM most of the time. Again, it does not mean that she ignores you or is not interested in your attention. Punctuality is just not her strength.

Learn about Dating Superstitions

Italians have some superstitions. For instance, men never give women yellow flowers since yellow color symbolizes break up. They also pay attention to numbers. Italians prefer odd over even numbers when it comes to gifts. That is why make sure you present a bunch of something that is odd-numbered.

Be a fine Person

You need to be attentive and supportive. Here is the checklist of dos and don’ts for you to follow:


  • Be respectful
  • Spend lots of time with your sweetheart
  • Make surprises
  • Listen to her opinion
  • Trust and help her
  • Please her in bed


  • Do not control her
  • Do not leave her alone for a long time
  • Do not demand the things she is not willing to do
  • Do not blame her for your fails
  • Do not become mad when you debate

Online Dating is a Reasonable Option

Lots of Italians consider online dating much more accessible and convenient. You can use this opportunity to pick up Italian brides effortlessly.  Register a dating profile, upload high-definition photos, and start browsing Italian singles.

Generally, registration and profile adjustments do not take more than 10-20 minutes. With online dating sites, you can save lots of time and money since you will arrive in Italy to see a woman you already know. Or, you can meet a girl of Italian origin living in the US.


How to Find a Reliable Italian Dating Website?

Since there are lots of unreliable, scammy, or just poor-quality dating sites, you should consider these recommendations to find a reliable website:

  • Browse Italian mail order brides before registration if the site allows this. If you see lots of profiles with a few similarly-looking photos, they are fake. It is better to find another platform.
  • Check the safety measures. A website should monitor user activity, enable verification, and delete suspicious accounts.
  • Address testimonials. Usually, you will understand whether you should use a platform or not while browsing the reviews.