What comes to your mind first when you hear the word ‘Ireland’? We are sure that it’s Saint Patrick’s Day, tons of beer, and high rocks washed by the waters of the Irish Sea. All of your associations are right as they represent Ireland with its distinctive features, but there is one more thing about Ireland that never goes unnoticed – its women. What is hidden under their bright looks? How to conquer these magnificent ladies? We’ll answer these and other questions in our new guide to dating Irish women. Enjoy your reading and don’t hesitate to follow our tips. 

Why Irish Women Are so Popular?

Attitude towards family

The first reason why men from all over the planet are interested in Irish girls is their attitude to family relations. They take it simple and don’t like to complicate the lives of theirs and their partners’. Hence, in Ireland, you are more likely to meet the family consisting of a wife, husband, and one child instead of two or three kids. Also, they do not rush to marry and have a baby even if they are in love a lot. They prefer to spend a few years with their partners to enjoy life, travel, and live through all the situations that can happen. If they like how it goes, they will definitely say ‘Yes’ once their man gets down on one knee and puts the ring on your finger. 


So if you would like to have a family but don’t think that it should be a burden to you, choose an Irish mail order wife. 


As Irish people were some of the first to defend the rights of women and advocate for gender equality, it made a significant impact on the way people live in Ireland right now. Here, women make money on the same level that men do, they drink as much beer as men, and can come up to the man they like just to have a chat. Also, they support themselves, so you should not be afraid that any Irish woman would be after your money. 

Unusual appearance

The last but not the least issue to note is that Irish women possess a unique appearance that makes them stand out from other European ladies. They have a snow-white skin, light lashes, green or grey eyes, and subtle facial features. Their natural hair color is often red like fire and curvy, and they try to emphasize its beauty throughout their lives. Also, women in Ireland are the ones who adore shocking others with their appearance, so you are likely to meet an Irish woman with a tattoo or a ring in her brow. Still, such attributes of changing the appearance are only popular among the youth. If you’d like to meet a woman in her 30s, she will rarely wear piercing on her face. 

What are Hot Irish Brides Like?

They are funny

Irish girls know how to have fun, tell jokes, and enjoy communication in a big company of friends or relatives. They are talkative, open to others, and friendly to strangers. They do not  act detached if you approach them on the street or at the bar. However, if they talk to you with a smile on their face, it does not mean that they are ready to leave the cafe or a pub with you. So please don’t take her friendliness and funny personality as an invitation for a hook-up.

They are humorous and ironic

As English women, Irish mail order brides have a great sense of humor and will not like stupid jokes. If you doubt your ability to make girls laugh, that might cause trouble because they are likely to make fun of you. Still, this is not to insult you, that is just a natural feature of the Irish population. They love black humor and irony so beware and don’t rush to believe all compliments she might tell you. 

They are stylish

But we have to warn you: Irish girls are not much into fashion trends. Instead, they develop their unique styles that stand aside from the latest fashion. They do not spend much on clothes and accessories as they prefer vintage and retro accents in their looks. Also, they know how to dress to impress others with their sense of style. You should not be afraid that she will wear something inappropriate for a dinner with your parents or friends. At the same time, you cannot expect her to wear minimalistic clothing. The only thing we can tell for sure is that your family or friends will notice that she is different from others in the crowd. 

They are unlike the British women

Irish women are not similar to British ones although it may seem to you that they have a lot in common. Trust us, your relationship will go far if you never compare her to English women out loud. Just accept the fact that she is of a different nationality and respect her ethnic background. Stereotyping will not take you anywhere. 

They can be good wives and mothers

Although Irish mail order brides will rarely devote all their time to family, they still can be the best wives and mothers. Since they respect their men and would not get married to those who are not reliable and loving partners, you will be very happy having an Irish mail order wife. As a mother, she will spend a lot of time with the baby and will manage to find a balance between family life and her career.

How to date an Irish?

To have a stable relationship with an Irish girl, remember about the following points:

  • Master your sense of humor. Or at least learn to accept all the irony you will be exposed to when communicating with your Irish girlfriend. To do that, you can watch Irish stand-up shows and comedies, visit Irish theater, etc. All of it will contribute to your humor and help you become a more interesting person for Irish ladies. 
  • Be polite. No woman likes a rude man and so does an Irish mail order wife. Therefore, make sure you always speak politely and humbly, especially if you have some misunderstanding. To not let the fight arise, always speak calmly to your Irish woman and she will learn to do the same over time. 
  • Stay responsible and reliable. Women in Ireland love men who can be their shoulder to cry on in every tough situation. They look for men who will care about them and offer their support when she feels confused or insecure. If it sounds like you, feel free to start dating an Irish woman. 
  • Know what you stand for. In a relationship with Irish brides, it is important to set rules and boundaries. Some topics may be uncomfortable for you, so you will have to point out the issues that are taboo for jokes. 

How to Seduce an Irish Woman?

If you’d like her to admire you right after the first date, keep in mind a few things that you need to do:

  • Be witty. Being ironic as Irish people are takes time, but the basic sense of humor is a must for a few first dates. Tell her a few sophisticated anecdotes to show that, at least, you are not a fool or boring. 
  • Be smart. No, we don’t expect you to be a walking encyclopedia. Still, you have to be an expert in your field to be a unique person. It is also great if you like reading books and widen your outlook day by day. If not, there is no better time to start than now.
  • Learn slang. The Irish language is not the easiest nut to crackle, nor is the slang of the Irish youth when they speak English. So learning all these words and phrases will impress her.
  • Love her parents. Family means a lot to Irish ladies and they love their parents very much. So it will be very wise of you to get to know them and keep in touch. If they like you, your Irish girl will love you more.
  • Let her outdrink you. Basically, you are not likely to win in this battle, so just let it go and accept the fact she drinks more than you. However, Irish women can maintain their attention and consciousness even if they are drunk, so don’t expect to hook up right after visiting a pub or two.

How to find a Reliable Irish Dating Website?

Searching for the place where you can start dating Irish mail order brides online can be a daunting task, especially if you are new to the world of dating over the Internet. Still, you have to be able to distinguish among good and poor features of dating platforms to avoid scam. Let’s see in detail how a fake dating website looks like the most often:

  • Numerous pop-up notifications. It’s not only annoying but also should make you doubt whether the website is authentic. This is due to the sticky content that appears all the time when you browse the pages of the dating platform. Instead, decent websites have their information presented in a clear manner without any ads, promotional pop-ups, etc. as they appreciate their clients and don’t want to distract them from dating mail order brides in Ireland. 
  • No phone numbers to connect with the Support Team agents. The second bad sign is when you cannot find any way to contact the Support agents besides email. In an ideal situation, you should be able to call them over the phone, text in a live chat, and write an email. Also, they should be working 24/7/365. If it’s not the case, keep searching for another dating website.
  • Slow work of the dating platform. If you feel that the website does not work as fast as others in your browser, it is likely that developers do not care much about updating it. Such an approach is a scammer manner of doing business. Remember that if you want to save your money, and don’t sign up there. 
  • 2000’s-like design. The website is not only slow but also looks like we are back in the 2000s? That’s the sign of a fake dating company. Decent websites are updated frequently to meet the needs of their customers.
  • Prices and services are only visible to registered customers. If you cannot find any information stated openly about how it works, as well as prices, and services, better run from this website. They are only after your personal information and card number, not your satisfaction and convenience as of a user. 
  • The lack of free tools. You might also notice that you cannot do anything if you are a guest on the website. You cannot browse profiles, receive messages, etc. In such a situation, you can trust a certain website at your own risk.
  • Fake pictures of Irish brides. Are they looking too polished or too vague? There can be unreal people behind these profiles. All you can do is refrain from using this website to not become a victim of scammers. 
  • No proper outlining of Terms of Use and privacy guidelines. If you do not notice any privacy policy on the website, the Terms of Use are too short to cover all the situations of using the website, or if there are no clear refund rules, you can say such a dating platform is fake for sure.