Greek Women: Dating Beyond Borders

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Thanks to its magnificent mountains, lovely valleys, and coastline of over 16,000 kilometers, Greece offers residents and visitors countless opportunities for leisure and entertainment like no other place in the Mediterranean. But the top-rated feature of Greece is local girls, who attract men from all over the world with their passion and easy-going attitude.

Ancient Greek women have been the standard of beauty for a long time. World’s famous sculptors and artists were inspired by their timeless beauty and captured Aphrodite, Athena, or Demeter in their arts. 

They were peaceful, graceful, and elegant, with a swan neck, and dressed in a flowing chiton. These women used to wear golden curls in high hairstyle, decorated with ribbons and a tiara. They were real goddesses who came down from Olympus. 

Today, Greek beauty is still considered to be the number one among Western European countries. What are the top peculiarities of girls from Greece, and how to seduce one of them? We are about to figure it out in this article. 

Why Are Greek Women so Popular?

Eye-catching appearance of Greek women

Unlike other European girls, these young women have a bright and eye-catching appearance. The first thing to notice when meeting a beauty from Greece is her eyes. A typical Greek girl has small and deep brown eyes and sticking out cheekbones. Hence, the Greece woman’s view may initially seem a little harsh and severe.

Most Greece girls have a matte, silky, and olive-colored skin, which is a genetic trait and the result of the Mediterranean climate and food rich in olive oil and fish. They say Greek females were blond for many years, but due to the long Turkish yoke, their hair became distinctly black and curly. 

But the main feature of Greek girls’ appearance is still a straight and relatively long nose. Although antique statues tend to represent young women from Greece with the right and almost perfect facial features, many girls of this land have their noses with a bump. 

Nonetheless, the Greek profile has been part of the Ancient culture of this country for many years. Therefore, local women do not consider their noses as a drawback, but a distinctive feature of these women’s appearance.

Greek women are food passionistas

Women in Greece always pay great attention to their appearance. Nonetheless, it is a well-known fact that Greek girls have a unique passion for food. So to make their shapes tempting and look like the hourglass, Such  ladies try to keep an eye on their diet.

That’s why girls from Greece look so harmonious and well-shaped. Among national dishes, one can notice many meals made of meat, fish, and vegetables. Nutritionists all over the world have noticed more than once that Greek cuisine is an excellent example of a balanced diet.

Greek women are prominent personalities

Women from Greece are prominent personalities who have a strong perspective on their lives and are not afraid to oppose society. Greek girls always defend their interests and, in most cases, are neutral towards cultural, economic, and political events that do not affect their lives.

Another typical trait of Greek women is their intense emotionality. To express their feelings, Greece ladies do not resort to half measures. Greek females are incredibly passionate and fully express their feelings, no matter whether they laugh or cry. These ladies can quickly get excited or worried. You may often see Greek girls discussing the latest news very loudly.

It is also worth mentioning the hospitality of this nation. Whenever you come to visit Greece, you will face it almost every step of the way. girls from Greece will surround you with great care and pure home comfort.

What are Hot Greek Brides Like

The active lifestyle of Greek Women

Greece women are amicable and friendly. Going out for a meal is the favorite entertainment for Greek girls, especially if there is live music playing in a restaurant. Thanks to their open minds and proactive way of living, Ladies from this country have many friends and can easily get in touch with strangers. 

If a Greece girl is looking for fun, nothing can stop her. Spending all her money, having a crowded party with music and dancing is a rule of thumb. Someone would say Greek ladies are careless. But the truth is, women from Greece live in a moment and enjoy their lives whatever happens.

At the same time, the Greek way of life is calm and reserved. Girls in Greece tend to take their time. These beauties may be a few hours late even for a very important meeting. That doesn’t mean females from Greece are disrespectful to people though. It’s just that these girls are never in a hurry — it’s a tradition that needs to be taken with understanding and calmness. The number one entertainment among women from Greece is sitting in a restaurant with a cup of coffee and having long conversations.

Greek women’s attitude to religion

These women take religion very seriously: they regularly pray and attend church at least once a week. In almost every local house, you will find a beautiful carved or forged crucifixion and a statue of the Virgin Mary, which the women from Greece consider their intercessor and patroness. 

When communicating with ladies from Greece, it is better not to joke or speak on religious issues, as they either will not understand you or be offended.

Social status of Greek ladies

The social status of these women has become much stronger nowadays. About 10-15 years ago, Females in Greece spent most of their time at home, raising their children. Today, women in politics or business are no longer considered to be outside the box. 

Everyday style of Greek women

Women from Greece are dressed casually in everyday life. Nevertheless, Greece girls have an innate sense of style that helps them look great all the time. 

In summer, when the temperature is above 30°C, Such women prefer light sundresses, cotton pants, and shorts. Whatever a typical Greek girl wears, she always tries to highlight her hot shape and look stylish.

How to date Greek Women?

As soon as you decide to get in touch with women from Greece, it is a good idea to learn a few tips on how to date them. Due to their nature and lifestyle, getting acquainted with these brides won’t be challenging. Girls from Greece are relatively friendly and easy-going. 

Yet, if you have serious intentions to date the girl from Greece, here are useful recommendations for you to follow:

Respect Greek girl’s parents

One of the most significant values of these girls is their families. Greek women heed their parents’ opinions in every aspect of their lives, from education to marriage. So never try to criticize your Greek partner’s parents. 

The best way to impress a bride from Greece is to keep her parents and relatives on your side. This way, a Greek woman will respect you no less than her family and will entirely rely on you.

Be generous

Like other girls, these ladies enjoy getting presents. But it’s not the point of the cost of the gift, but your attention. Anytime this woman receives a small present from you, she construes it like your great care and affection. 

Explore Greek women’s culture and traditions 

If you are about to get into a long-term relationship with a Greek girl, we recommend exploring the cultural peculiarities of her native land and local customs. A typical local woman enjoys sharing her family traditions with foreigners, and she will more than likely follow them once she creates her family. 

Compliment the Greek girl’s appearance 

Most women in Greece pay a lot of attention to their bodies and appearance. Women in Greece typically follow a diet and attend beauty salons regularly. Thus, your potential partner will appreciate compliments like no other girl. 

And don’t be afraid to go far away with the incentive speech. Greek ladies are never tired of listening to such.

 How to Seduce Greek Girls?

If it is your first time meeting a girl from Greece, it’s time to grasp a few useful lessons on how to seduce your potential partner. Your confidence and our recommendations will help a lot on your way to a lovely date with a woman from country.:

Go slow with a Greek girl

Don’t hurry up with your intentions. Although Greek women are friendly and easy-going, they never appreciate pressure, especially from men. Give your girlfriend some time before moving to the next level. 

Be gentle 

Flattering clothing and good perfume are a must if you are going to get in touch with a Greek woman. These are two main things your girlfriend will pay attention to at first. 

Don’t show off and be gentle with women of this nationality. Offer your soul mate a drink and focus your talk on her. Pay attention to the Greek lady’s outfit and make a few compliments about her hair or makeup. 

Use body language

If you like the Greek girl, show her your interest with the help of confident body language. Take her hand when it is time to or place your hand on her back. Don’t be afraid to flirt if you see that the girl likes you.

How to find a Reliable Greek Dating Website?

No doubts, the best place to get in touch with a Greek girl is in her native land. But, if it turns out that a trip to Greece is not a part of your plans, do not give up. Nowadays, social networks and online dating websites are in high demand among women from Greece. Thus, it is a significant change to meet one of the local  beauties on the net.

Yet, seeking a reliable Greek dating platform could be challenging these days unless you know our useful tips. So, if you are a newbie to online dating and want to make your experience exciting and safe, here is the guideline to follow:

Make your list of requirements on the quality Greek dating service 

With a wide variety of online dating sites in Greece, it could be easy to get lost. So before seeking a reliable service, you have to understand what your key criteria for the selection of the dating platform are. While someone pays attention to the user-friendly interface, others would need the site to have an automatic translation feature to communicate with women from Greece. 

Once you make your list of requirements on the desired Greek dating service, it will be easier to find the one in the short term.

Google the Greek top dating sites

Whatever your location is, Greece girls may prefer different social networks and dating sites than you do. Therefore, do a little research on what the most popular Greek dating platforms are. This way, you will have more chances to meet beautiful girls of this nationality. 

As soon as you’ve got the list of Greece top dating sites, opt for those that meet the requirements you set.

Seek professional reviews and users’ feedback

Third parties’ reviews often disclaim the reliability of Greek top-rated dating platforms by conducting in-depth research. There might also be important information about the free and non-free options, audience, and security of the service. 

It would also be a good idea to overview users’ feedback to avoid scams and malicious services. No matter whether others got pleasant or negative experiences using some of the dating platforms, their reviews may help you a lot in your journey. 

Look for a Greek service with free registration

Most Greek dating platforms offer clients a few free services, including signing up and basic messaging. Pay attention to such websites, as it is a great chance to check the site’s interface and usability. 

As soon as you ensure the platform completely meets your expectations, you can subscribe to the advanced membership and continue using it daily to find a life partner.

Carefully review the privacy policy of the Greek dating service

Whatever the reason for your decision to get registered on a national dating platform is, your security should always stay on top. Therefore, before signing up on a website, carefully read the terms and conditions of the company as well as the privacy policy. 

Ensure your personal information will never be shared with the third parties and that the payment process is 100% safe. Most top-rated dating services have an option to declare abuse or fraudulent activity. It is another useful feature that will keep you secure.