Finland is a Scandinavian country with a thousand lakes, dense forests, and the northern lights. According to statistics, more women than men live in Finland nowadays. Despite this, many single men are in the country, especially in Polar Regions. These are mainly foresters, farmers, and reindeer herders. In the south of the country, on the contrary, many single women can be met. Most Finnish women are financially independent and determined, both in terms of career and relationship. Not everyone likes it, and modern Finnish guys often look for more feminine wives in other countries.

Until recently, the Finns used to marry close relatives. Today, almost all the people of Finland are at some point relatives of each other. This fact explains the physical resemblance of contemporary Finns. As a result, the Finnish gene pool became weaker because of marriages between relatives. At present, Finnish geneticists recommend their compatriots to marry foreigners for improving the national gene pool.

Why Are Finnish Women So Popular?

Sociologists claim that modern Finnish women can be divided into three broad groups. The women of the first one prefer to devote their time exclusively to their families. They have a job, but it is most often cushy and, therefore, not very paid. Such women can afford to visit a hairdresser once a month and if desired, spa treatments. Their main hobbies are household chores, gardening, and specialized master classes. In their families, there are usually several children, and the main task of mothers is their upbringing and development.

Another type of women focuses on a career. They usually have several academic degrees, hold high positions at work, or have personal business. Such women earn very well and have lovely houses in quiet elite districts. They do not seek to marry wealthy men, but they may have one or two kids. They like to attend a gym and a beauty salon, as well as outdoor activities.

The third type of Finland women does not set themselves high life goals. As a rule, they have only secondary education. It mainly includes ladies who decided to choose neither family nor career, but a free lifestyle. However, such women can get married at a rather mature age and usually put their interests above all. They love to travel and have several hobbies.


It is believed that Finnish women are mostly of medium height. They have straight blond hair and marbled skin color. Brown eyes are a rarity — these women mostly have light blue or gray eyes. These girls have a wide-open smile, an athletic figure, as well as a straight or snub nose. Gorgeous representatives of the Finnish people often became world-famous movie actresses and models. For example, a Finnish model Armi Kuusela managed to become the first Miss Universe in 1952.

Finnish beauty is, above all, naturalness. It may seem that Finish women do not look after themselves, but this is not so. Indeed, you can rarely see Finland women with makeup, but this does not mean that they do not know how to use it. Quite the contrary, they simply focus on skincare, healthy face color, and overall body shape. Therefore, many contemporary Finnish girls look very elegant and well-groomed.

Finnish women, as a rule, wear jewelry, neither on weekdays nor even on holidays. They do not like to wear high-heeled shoes. Loafers and sneakers are their favorite footwear. Their rural origin explains such habits of Finnish women. Many Finnish people still believe that a decent woman does not need to dress catchy and use makeup. For them, practicality and modesty come first.


Active Finish girls have a strong character and firm hands. Women in Finland are proud of their equal rights with men, and they are often not attracted to the traditional role of the hearth guardians. They do not bother to cook homemade dishes and usually buy semi-prepared products in stores. Nowadays, Finnish men are increasingly taking care of children and cooking.

A Finnish female does not require to be treated like a woman. In Finland, it is not customary to give a woman a coat, offer a hand, and open the door in front of her. These women travel a lot and often go on vacation without men. The results of a public opinion poll indicate that matriarchy is firmly established in the country. So, most young people consider their mothers to be the heads of their families.

Husbands acknowledge that their wives play a more significant role for them than children. Finnish wives, on the contrary, have children in the first place and only then husbands. Many Finnish women willingly go to work in the police and voluntarily serve in the army. Military service selection criteria are the age up to 30 years old, perfect health, and psychological compatibility with harsh conditions. It is determined based on specialized tests.

Dressing Style

In terms of clothes and shoes, a Finnish woman prefers comfort and practicality. Skirts, dresses, and high heels are put on only to formal events. These women often dress the same way when going for a walk or to a theater. Standard outfits include jeans, T-shirts, sweaters, and comfortable sneakers. Discreet tones usually prevail when speaking of colors and shades — blue, gray, lilac, purple, brown, as well as white or black. Very rarely, you can meet a lady dressed in colorful and vibrant clothes.

In Finland, fashion design was always appreciated. So, modern fashionistas like to wear clothes from recognized designers. Of course, northern fashion has particular features, including simplicity, convenience, and austerity, both in clothing and image. The basic notions of Finnish women about a beautiful look are harmony, naturalness, and tidiness. That is why they pay particular attention to their inner world because, as they think, external features reflect the internal essence.

What Are Finnish Brides Like?

At present, Finnish girls do not hurry up to get married. In this country, couples can live together for a long time outside official marriage until they decide to have a child. If two persons want to marry, they go either to the magistrate or the church. In the latter case, they must necessarily belong to the Lutheran church. It should be said that the percentage of divorces in Finland is much lower than in other European countries.

A particular tradition existed in Finland long ago. In the leap years, a Finnish girl had the right to ask a hand of a man she liked. If he refused, he had to present her a roll of fabric for sewing a dress. There is still a tradition of collecting gifts before the wedding. A bride with two married relatives used to visit the neighbors and collected donations. If she is too proud to ask, the villagers could consider her to be arrogant.

According to another Finnish tradition, Finnish brides had to move to the groom’s house after the matchmaking. There, they had to live for some time and show themselves as personalities and housekeepers. The parents of the bride used to receive a ransom for their daughter. It has to be equal to the amount of money that they had spent on her upbringing and feeding.

At the engagement ceremony, the groom and the bride exchanged gifts, usually handmade. Two months should pass from the engagement day to the wedding in the church. During this time, the bride and groom should know each other better and go down the aisle with a clear conscience. Many people are typically invited to the wedding. On the eve of the wedding day, the groom’s father enters the bride’s house and presents her special shoes as a sign of her acceptance into the family.

After this, the wedding procession was directed to the church. During the wedding ceremony, an eight-kilogram crown was put on the bride’s head. She had to wear it for several days as a symbol of fidelity and integrity. With the crown on her head, the young wife had to sing, dance, and even sleep. Very often, the girls fainted because of such a load on their heads. The festive dinner was plentiful and lasted a long time. All the guests had fun and danced. The Finish bride was supposed to dance with everyone invited, starting with the most respected guests.

How to Date a Finnish Girl?

Most often, young people in Finland meet in bars, clubs, or at home parties. People also get to know and chat a lot on the Internet. Modern Finnish guys are somewhat shy and may be reluctant to talk to a girl without some alcohol or anonymity provided by the Internet. At the same time, Finnish girls are very proactive. Some of them can approach the man first to get to know each other, and they can also be the first to set up a personal meeting when communicating online.

It may sometimes seem that men and women switched their places in this Scandinavian country. Finnish girls can even resemble boys outwardly — with their hairstyles, clothes, gaits, and manners. Women in Finland can drink alcoholic beverages on a par with men and behave like men.

So, if you liked a Finnish girl, you can offer her a drink and start a lovely and light conversation. It is to note that honesty is a general national trait of Finns that manifests itself everywhere and every day. Therefore, if a girl is interested in seeing a man, she will say so. In this way, a man does not need to pretend if he does not want to talk to her anymore. He may just say “Thank you, but no,” and she will understand everything without any insult.

In most cases, men do not bring flowers on a first date. A holiday or a significant date can be an exception. In this case, a man can even present a flower in a pot, and she will be happy. Then, there is a certain excitement when dating a girl for the first time. It doubles when it comes to paying the bill. However, it should be remembered that an offer to pay the bill by a man can be offensive for a Finnish woman.

How to Seduce a Finnish Woman?

A typical acquaintance in Finland is going on as follows. People met at a bar or a nightclub. Then, they decide to continue the night at his or her place. The next morning, if both people are willing, they can meet in a cafe or a cinema. In Finland, they perceive sex on a first date much more relaxed than in other countries.

For them, it is not a problem to either agree or refuse. It all depends on the goal when two people meet, and it is usually discussed beforehand. A Finnish woman may be the first to declare about her sexual intentions with a particular man. In this case, nothing is shameful here, and no one will think badly of her.

Finnish women like to talk about their pets, forest walks, and, of course, about business. They do not require any special treatment from men. On the contrary, they are even ready to court a representative of a stronger gender. These women are able to have everything they want. Therefore, a Finnish girl perceives as a norm if a man does not take any initiative.

How to Find a Reliable Finnish Dating Website?

Finnish women often use specialized websites and applications for dating. It is to note that pages on social networks can be taken too personally by Finnish women. In the process of online correspondence on dating sites, a Finnish woman will most likely not give you her contacts on Facebook or Twitter until your personal meeting. Perhaps, they consider their presence on social media as a private space.

For online dating, it is essential to choose a proven and safe dating site with a good reputation among a massive number of similar resources. It is more convenient to use paid resources with mandatory verification of profiles. It can save a lot of time and effort for men to find their perfect Finnish mail order brides. Paid websites also differ in gender ratio. The percentage of male users is usually higher on them.

So, the first steps can be done on such Finish dating resources as,,,, as well as on such international sites as,,, and Select one or two of them, and the case that remains is to register, fill out a questionnaire, and answer questions to find your compatibility. Then, your goal is to find your perfect match, and this is the most complicated task. But whoever seeks, will finally find!

Summing Up: Finnish VS American Women

If we talk about the most common American and Finnish women’s parameters, then they are very different. Finnish women are generally strong, both physically and psychologically. They are quiet, restrained, practical, and economical. They are not very religious, but they adhere to Christian values. Many Americans, in their turn, believe that people must be religious persons for having moral values. American women are more spiritual, and they are often surrounded by faithful people who influence them.

Finnish women have high self-esteem and a need for personal independence. They do not require the words of love you from their beloved ones ten times a day. Americans also have high self-confidence, but they can be very dependent on their beliefs and loved ones. Of course, they are more loud and talkative. The words “practical” and “economical” cannot often be attributed to American girls. They can play intellectual games, and it is often difficult to understand what they mean.

Finnish women have lower self-confidence, but they feature higher self-esteem. American women, on the contrary, have higher confidence in themselves, but lower self-esteem. Finnish women tend to be strong inside, but they often look like weak, kind, and fragile persons. American girls are used to pretending and playing some roles. All in all, Finnish girls are much more straightforward and sincere in any life situation.