The Netherlands. What thoughts flow in your mind once you hear the name of this tiny kingdom? We bet it’s the Red Lights District, tulips of Keukenhof, and riding bikes by the Amsterdam canals. How about local women? These charming ladies are impossible to forget once you meet them. If you’d like to know how to conquer their hearts and make them want you, feel free to apply the tips that we gathered for you. 

Why Dutch Women Are so Popular?

Outer attractiveness

Not a single person would not want to have a beautiful partner. Although everyone has their perception of attractiveness, we can say that Dutch women will be a perfect fit in terms of beauty for any man. This is because the Netherlands is a very diverse country where you can find blondes and brunettes, petit ladies and tall women, blue-eyed and dark-eyed girls. Dutch brides have subtle facial features and kind smiles. Their bodies are fit and strong as they ride bikes daily, while some of them also attend gyms. Sounds tempting, right? Let’s see a few more reasons why men choose Dutch women. 


The Dutch system of education and local traditions of upbringing allow Dutch girls to be very intelligent. From a young age, they read a lot and engage in extracurricular activities that help them to develop mentally and physically. After graduation from high school, the majority of Dutch ladies proceed to studies at universities to get a degree. 

For you as a potential husband of a Dutch mail order bride, it means that she can keep a conversation on almost any topic. If you have a job that prescribes you attending dinners with partners or meetings with your boss at unofficial occasions, you will not regret having a Dutch woman to accompany you. Her education, good manners, and kind temper will win the hearts of all your colleagues and friends. 


Dutch mail order brides are some of the most loyal partners in the world. They aim at long-term dating and want to commit to one man for life. Hence, you can hardly ever notice a Dutch woman dating a few men at a time or flirting with others if she has a boyfriend. Exceptional loyalty and spotless reputation are the reasons why Western men travel to the Netherlands to marry Dutch women. So, if you want to have such a reliable wife, hurry up to start dating a girl from this country. 

What are Dutch Brides Like?

Let’s take a closer look at the features that make Dutch brides so special: 

They are open-minded

Mail order Dutch brides have a flexible mind and are free from stereotypes. As they live in a state where some commonly forbidden things are allowed (e.g. cannabis and prostitution), they do not have prejudices towards other people. They never judge or condemn others for their words or actions. If it sounds like you, don’t hesitate to marry a Dutch lady. 

They are honest

Dutch women are straightforward and simple in their behavior. They do not aim to flirt with you and leave you alone in the bar, nor they promise to come on a date and then fool you. They always do what they say and say what they think, so you should not be afraid to trust them. Dutch brides are some of the most reliable and sincere in the world.

They are self-supportive

As we emphasized earlier, Dutch girls are smart. Consequently, they do not expect their boyfriends to support them. Instead, they believe that they have to make use of their knowledge and develop themselves as experts in their fields. Also, Dutch women want to be an example for their kids, and that is why they try to do their best to be professionals in their job. 

They can turn your house into a home

Dutch women have a natural sense of style. This unique feature enables them to dress well and choose the appropriate makeup for any occasion. Also, they can decorate their houses like a pro. They choose every plate and spoon with care, as well as pictures and bookshelves. Hence, you will never regret having such an attentive wife and a housekeeper.

They make good wives

With all the above-stated information, we can say that Dutch women make very good wives. They support their husbands in difficult times, they speak the truth and make you feel at home when you are together. They do not cheat and always care about the comfort of their family. What else can you wish for?

They love kids

Love for kids seems to be inherited from the previous generations among Dutch people. Here, women spend a lot of time with their babies and older children, teach them things they do in their houses and gardens, ride bikes together, and travel a lot. In the Netherlands, trips with small kids are very popular, and probably it’s one of the things that makes local families happy.

How to date a Dutch Woman?

To make your relationship stable, help it last longer, and turn into the happy family life, follow the tips listed below:

  1. Be honest. Just like your girlfriend is. If she asks you whether this dress suits her or not, tell her the truth. Don’t get us wrong, you should not tell her she is fat for this outfit. Remember to be polite while saying what you think. 
  2. Know your goals. Dutch women admire men who know what they want in life and aim to achieve it. Also, they love men who work hard towards their dreams. If you have recognized yourself in this description, go ahead and start dating a Dutch lady. 
  3. Be reliable. If you promise something, do it. Be ready to offer your help if your Dutch woman has any trouble or obstacle on her way to the goal. Don’t forget about supporting her psychologically, not only physically. Such an approach will definitely pay off and she will give you all her love.
  4. Care about those who are weaker than you. As Dutch girls love kids and pets, show your respect to these society members. Don’t say insulting things about her cat even if it pees in your shoes. We understand that it’s not easy, but still, try to accept it. If you have a baby already, take an active part in their upbringing: change diapers, get up in the night so your woman can sleep, and go for a walk with your kid often. 
  5. Be the person you want to see by your side. Don’t forget about this simple statement and try to follow it even in the hardest situations. When you fight or have a slight misunderstanding, think twice whether you want to be right or happy. 

How to Seduce Dutch Women?

To win the heart of the Dutch beauty, keep in mind a few things that you can do after you have just met:

  1. Be smart. Dutch women are sapiosexual as many other European women. That means they love men with a certain worldview, ability to think critically and free from stereotypes. You don’t have to hold two degrees to develop those skills. 
  2. Be straightforward. Be like Dutch – say what you think about everything. If you are interested in long-term relationships and marriage, let her know. If a one-night stand is what you came for, be sure to make it clear too. Playing games with a Dutch woman will take you nowhere: she is too clever to believe them and you will not get what you want anyway. 
  3. Don’t try to impress her. Dutch women don’t like fancy restaurants and expensive dates. You don’t need to spoil her with your gifts, lots of flowers, and riding the latest cars. It is all about your personality. If she doesn’t like you as a person and sees no future with you, nothing will work out. 
  4. Don’t show off. Be it your money or your social status, a Dutch woman would not like it if you start bragging. She lives in a successful country with a good salary, so she is not interested in how much you make monthly and what is the amount of your savings. So don’t spend your time acting like that.
  5. Don’t cross the line. Every person has their boundaries and you cannot be sure about hers if you just met. Therefore, consider the personal issues like family, wages, and exes as taboo for the discussion on your first dates. You never know who was her last boyfriend and why they broke up, so don’t raise this topic at all. 

How to find a Reliable Dutch Dating Website?

Nowadays, online dating has become very popular due to a few reasons. First, it is cheap. You don’t need to find the money to travel the world to the country where your potential bride lives to meet her. Second, it’s more accessible than offline dating. Again, you don’t need to spend your time traveling and reschedule your life accordingly. Third, it is safe. You only pay for the time you’d like to communicate with the lady and don’t need to order a table in restaurants, buy flowers, etc. Although you can make gifts for your date if you want.

To make your online dating experience easier and safer, you should know how to pick up the right place to do that. Choosing a proper dating platform is half of success in finding your love. If you want to make sure that the website you have chosen is trustworthy, please check the following issues in advance:

  1. The customers’ testimonials. Check them to know all the drawbacks and benefits as other users see them. Pay special attention to what they say about the refund policy and quality of Dutch women’s profiles. If you find out that they are mostly fake, then this site is not worth your money.
  2. The work of customer support. It should be available any day at any time. Also, you should be able to not only write them emails but also call and text in live chat for the quick reaction. If this is not the case and a dating company does not have prompt customer support, keep searching for your ideal website. 
  3. Services provided. Basically, all dating platforms offer communication by email and in live chat. However, the best ones also provide voice and video calls, virtual and real gifts delivery, video presentations, and private chats. 
  4. The price list. It should be transparent and reasonable. If you see a company that hides the prices for its services from unregistered customers or sets too high prices, it is probably not what you’re looking for. 
  5. Terms of use and guarantees. Read it through before you sign up. The paragraphs about the money return, the company’s responsibilities, and its attitude towards fake profiles should be read with special care. If you miss this step, you might be scammed easily.
  6. User-friendliness. Overall, you should like what you see and how it works. If the website design is outdated or its interface is hardly understandable, look for an alternative. Remember, online dating should be fun but not complicated.