Cuban women are the pearl of the Carribeans for a reason. These women have long been charming newcomers to the island of freedom with their exotic looks and passionate behaviors that were leaving men adrift in surprise, so different they’ve been compared to modest continental housewives. In 2020, things haven’t changed at all. Cuban girls still hold the first place for their genuine beauty and eyes burning with desire. If you’re lucky to cross a Cuban lady at least once in life, then beware of the romantic consequences if she’s interested in having you by her side.

Why Cuban Women Are so Popular?

Cuban women

Looking at the rest of Latina girls in the crowd, it is no wonder that a Cuban girl breaks the bank in contrast. Most Latinas are definitely hot and passionate, but most of the time they will evaluate you by the materialistic standards as a man to build relationships. Why Cuban girls are special in this regard? Don’t they want the same? A Cuban woman will look at you not with her eyes but through her heart to decide if her path ahead lies exactly with you. This is why you’re a triple winner when choosing Cuban ladies for dating. They not only have a hot appearance and tempestuous character, they also spread their love all over the place. Of course, that will happen only if you’re a man who deserves that from her perspective. 


Women of Cuba are very beautiful. This is one of the cornerstones of their popularity among foreign guys, especially those from western countries. That’s because of the historical background of Cuba. The island was a long-time harbor for sea trade, so people of various ethnicities settled down here. Imagine how unique Cuban girls look like carrying genes of African, European, and local populations. This is why they’re like milk with blood. Definitely, if you see a girl from Cuba once, you won’t confuse her with any other Hispanic women. Many Cuban girls resemble the European ones, while others have obvious African roots. Some of them combine the both, while others have entirely different looks, making it hard to guess where her ancestors even came from. Beautiful Cuban women definitely have their profile, so that’s what makes them so desired among men. 

What are Hot Cuban Brides Like

Cuban beauty isn’t the bottom line of what a foreigner could expect from these girls. Women on this island possess various qualities that highlight their benefits compared to millions of others. Women in Cuba are smiling, open to new experiences, like to socialize, and are extremely hot from the visual sight. Most men are even afraid to approach their heavenly beauty and get acquainted to fire some sweet words to mesmerize a girl. Nevertheless, there are core qualities that describe what are Cuban brides like at their best.

They like guys from other parts of the world

The foreigners who come to Cuba are like lost tourists trapped in the African savannah full of predators. When Cuban girls notice that you’re not a typical local guy, their inner interest flames like crazy. Most guys who visit local bars feel like superstars, that’s for sure with the extreme attention from girls around. And we’re not talking about typical subtle attention of staring at you from another corner. 


The moves towards you from her may be way more explicit that you could’ve ever expected from any woman in your life. She could even buy you a cocktail or invite for a dance if you’re her type. Initiating conversation with you on the streets of Cuban cities will be the thing those girls are accustomed to when it comes to foreigners and making first contact with them. This isn’t a secret that most young Cuban girls dream about leaving the Island, searching for the new opportunities in many spheres of life. She will be heads and toes into you if you invite her to visit your country. That’s not because she wants your house, car, or buying stuff for her. She’ll only agree if she’s in deep love with you to build a common future together.

They’re not that easy to approach at first

Do not fall into the misleading assumption that Cuba girls are easy to get. They will play with you like a cat with a mouse, but thinking that this game ends up in bed the first evening both of you met is a rude mistake. Thousands of tourists who visit Cuba are driven by the ease of Cuban girls, which is an absolute myth popular in the West. Of course, some girls will be easy birds to catch after a cocktail or two, but would you’ve ever considered those girls safe for the relationships? Regular Cuban girls are extremely careful when it comes to men. The playful nature of their character isn’t the invitation to her bedroom, sorry guys.

Your best place to find Cuban mail order brides?

Cuban girls

Cuban singles usually inhabit many places on this Island. Of course, Cuba is the land of tourist miracles as many men wish to spend their next vacation exactly here. However, pretty Cuban girls in local bars or on the streets are thousands of miles away from the place where you live. Spotting sweet-looking Cuban ladies on the cold streets of London or in windy San Francisco is the task requiring skills of a true detective. Not all guys are willing to invest in pricey tickets to go for a dating quest in another part of the world. At the same time, this doesn’t diminish interest towards girls from Cuba – it’s vice versa. They’re like an exotic fruit, the taste of which all the money of the world is worth. 


Dreaming about dating a Cuban woman and don’t know where to start? Most likely, the safest place to find real Cuban girls without leaving your home is online. Finding a Cuban dating site is easy in 2020. In fact, you have several types of dating websites to choose from. On some, you may find Cuban girls in the categories of Latinas. These websites are usually multinational, so they won’t provide you any guarantees that a Cuban woman dating is the real thing in their service. Some girls may fake out their profiles to attract the attention of the male users. Another stop for dating Cuban ladies is one-nation-only websites. Here, only women who can prove their Cuban roots can sign up and display their profiles. They often ask for Facebook verification and manual profile review by a moderator. These websites are the real thing, but they’re not as popular as multinational dating services. 


How to Seduce Cuban Women?

To seduce a Cuban lady, you have two possible directions. The easiest way to get one-night love would be throwing pesos left and right in the local bar. Sooner or later, someone will approach you to negotiate on the terms of mutually beneficial agreement. For those serious ones who want to get her heart not in the quickest way possible, there are several tips to keep in mind:

Open Your Mind to New Perspectives

Cuban girls are very unconventional at what they’re doing and thinking. The same must go for you as a man if you want to get a chance to seduce her. If you’re a boring man with a set view of things in life, then think twice before encountering a Cuban girl. They’ll test all of the dogmas you’re believing in – they like to challenge men to get proof that they’re dating a worthy man. This is where you’ll have to use the strategy of Cuban brides against them. Open your mind for new perspectives and challenge these girls in every way. If they seem sure about something, doubt it from different angles. That would definitely light their fire towards you. 

She’s not a Cooking Machine

If you want to kill the romantic dynamics between both of you, feel free to command her to cook something for you all the time. Latinas are brought up to cook, yet there are some exceptions to this rule. If a Latina wants to cook some delicious native foods, she’s not going to be forced by any means. As a man, you must understand that forcing her to stand in the kitchen isn’t what she’s been waiting for by letting you into her life. If you want to play a Cuban mail order brides game, then impress her by cooking her national food. And even if that’s going to be a catastrophe, she will appreciate your efforts anyway. 

Avoid Talking About Cuban Stereotypes

Yes, Cuban girls hate when you think of them like about a bunch of stereotypes. Every Cuban wife thinks that she’s special and deserves a man who would carry the same status. This is why generalizing her qualities to the rest of the nation is a brutal mistake that would cut off your way to her life. Instead, if you want to settle in her comfort zone, try focusing on the qualities that make this girl special. All Cuban girls are still girls, so make her feel flattered with nice words.

How to find a Reliable Cuban Dating Website?

That’s the task many men have been pursuing to get Cuban women for marriage for ages. The main problem is in not finding just any dating website, but a reliable one that hosts real people who are not going to scam you. Jumping straight into Google isn’t that great for the start. Tons of fake websites asking you to pay from the very start are dominating the search today because Cuban dating is indeed popular.


Here are some criteria to take into account when choosing a solid Cuban dating service:

  • The bulk of website users should be Cuban members with at least several photos
  • Check if the website has good design and mobile version
  • Find reviews about the service on the web
  • Check the billing policy to see if the website hides any costs
  • Read about privacy policy to be sure that they won’t give your information to third parties
  • Create a profile and use advanced search to check at least few profiles
  • Review all of the steps above and make your choice on the service


It doesn’t matter if you want to marry a Cuban girl or look for casual fun, we recommend following the basic online dating security protocol. Catfishing and scam are real threats for you as a user.