Bulgaria is a country that joined the European Union not so long ago. It is very rich in culture and history, and its people are beautiful and welcoming towards foreigners. The warm climate and incredible nature will contribute to your fantastic dating experience if you decide to visit this place during your vacation. So let’s take a closer look at Bulgarian women, what they can offer you, and how to attract them easily.

Why Bulgarian Women Are so Popular?

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One of the most popular reasons why men from all over the planet choose Bulgarian brides over ladies of other nations is that they are extraordinarily welcoming to other people. From a young age, they are taught housekeeping skills that contribute to their nationally inherited love for having guests and inviting friends for dinner. Once you visit Bulgaria, you will be surprised how these girls enjoy getting to know new people, and you will definitely not regret having such a wife.


Bulgarian girls are very attractive, and they look fantastic irrespective of what they wear. They have beautiful matte skin, kissed by the warm sun of southern Europe, and dark wavy hair (although you can find blonde ladies in Bulgaria too). Their eyes are hazel, green, and blue and their facial features are mild. Their bodies are fit and maintain good shape for long enough since Bulgarian women spend a lot of time in the move. 

Family appreciation

In Bulgaria, ladies consider family to be their top priority and they are not much eager to make a career. That is the reason why conservative men prefer marrying Bulgarians so that they will be keeping the house and raising kids while their husbands are working. If such an approach towards roles in family is one you admire, getting married to Bulgarian mail order bride will be the best option for you. 


Since Bulgaria is not one of the richest countries in the EU, its people look for ways to improve their standards of living. Women do that by getting married to foreigners. Those of them who were lucky enough to create a family with an American or German feel grateful for the opportunity to live better and hence respect their husbands even more. 

Inner strength

Throughout the decades, Bulgarian women for marriage had to be able to sustain themselves as their men often left for working in other cities and countries to collect the money for future family life. Moreover, a lot of husbands and fathers continue to work this way nowadays, while Bulgarian women stay at home raising kids, cleaning the house, and cooking for them. Such hard circumstances led to their character growing stronger, so if you are looking for a wife who would support you and stay with you despite possible hardships, a Bulgarian girl would fit you perfectly.. 

What are Hot Bulgarian Brides Like Brazilian girls

They are fun

In Bulgaria, people are fun to be around with, they are optimistic and enthusiastic about life, their work, hobby, and family. They see life in a positive light and never lose hope for a better future. Therefore, they can brighten the day of a moody person easily. Don’t get us wrong, they take seriously the events that affect their lives and comfort of others, but still, most of the time they are smiley and happy. 

They are nice to talk with

Bulgarian ladies always can find a common language with others since they are outgoing and friendly. They are not afraid of strangers and consider them to be their potential friends rather than the source of danger. So if you want to spend your life with a girl who knows how to keep a nice conversation, you should start dating Bulgarian women for sure. 

They are clever

Although Bulgarian girls may not be as much into a career like other European women, they still have a broad outlook. They enjoy reading from a young age and getting to know new things, so if they happen to find a husband who is an experienced professional in their field of expertise, they will demonstrate a keen interest in their job. 


Also, these ladies know how to detect lies and rarely you would be able to fool them, since they do not trust everyone. They are wise even when they seem to be too young for it and consequently, you will never get bored with a woman by your side. 

They love kids

Bulgarian ladies enjoy communicating with kids and dream of having their own ones. Usually, they were raised in a family with two or three kids, so they are used to playing, feeding, and taking care after their younger sisters and brothers. Also, they mostly think that the family without kids is not complete, so getting married to Bulgarian almost always means you want to have kids with her. 

They are loyal

Bulgarian women commit to men they have chosen. You should not worry whether she will be waiting for you if you have to come back to your home country for a while. Their attitude towards monogamy is the reason why they do not engage in short-term relationships or one-night stands. These women are family-oriented, so every relationship they create is considered to continue with the marriage and having kids in the future. Keep this in mind before you start dating a Bulgarian girl. 

They cook well

Bulgaria is famous for its tasty cuisine and local ladies are some of the best cooks in Europe. They enjoy cooking daily or for special occasions and inventing dishes for small and big companies. With such a wife, you will never be hungry after a long working day, so please consider this talent of Bulgarian women when choosing a wife. 


How to date a Bulgarian Lady?

Generosity is key

In Bulgaria, girls are used to men’s attention that is expressed by gifts, flowers, chocolates, etc., therefore being generous is a must if you want to see your lady happy. Of course, that does not mean you should spend all your money on presents for her, but still, such gestures are very nice to get occasionally. 

Confidence matters

Your Bulgarian lady should see that you know what you are doing and are certain about your intentions. You should not doubt your actions or at least show that to her. Instead, try to be calm and consistent at every step you take so that she would not regret the man she has chosen.

No chance for jealousy

Bulgarian ladies are passionate enough and they won’t let you communicate with other ladies and flirt with them. If you do so and they notice it, get ready for a loud fight. So if you decided to invite her somewhere, keep in mind that she takes the matter of jealousy very seriously. As we pointed out earlier, a short relationship is not the interest of a Bulgarian girl. 


On the contrary, if you demonstrate your complete loyalty to her, your girl will give it back to you more. 

Finances should not be an issue

If you want to get married to Bulgarian girl, be sure you have enough money to support the whole family: yourself, your wife, and your future kids. If it is not the case, collect the money for a certain time and once you have savings, take a step and marry her. 


Don’t think that such an approach is applied only to foreigners and that Bulgarian girls want to get all your money in the case of marriage. That is the custom of the country: in Bulgaria, men invest more money in the family budget than women. If you feel like your partner should be equal in financing the family, you should not date a Bulgarian. 

How to Seduce a Bulgarian Woman?

Take her to new places

A curious mind of Bulgarian women does not let them sit in one place for a long time, so your girlfriend will be very glad if you take her to different places that she has never been to before. It may be road trips on weekends, or a flight to a neighboring country for a few days or even traveling to some wild beach that she has not heard of. All it takes is your imagination and desire to amuse her. 

Have respect for her family

The family is very important for a Bulgarian girl, so the sooner you express the will to meet her parents, the better. Be sure to invite them to a restaurant and bring flowers to her mother. Speak calmly and respectfully. Remember to mention how much does their daughter matter to you and they will like you a lot.

Be a gentleman

You should be full of dignity and care about your girlfriend. Open the door for her, help her to get out of the car and go downstairs, take off and on her jacket or coat. Remember to ask her whether she’d like some coffee, etc. Even if such gestures are not comfortable for you, try to make them your habit. She has to feel you do it all sincerely.

Let her speak out

Especially during your first dates. Ask about her job or studies, express your interest in her hobbies and sports if she does any. Keep in mind that it should sound natural, not like you interview her for a position at your company. Have a walk, visit a cafe, and let the time you spend together be the most pleasant thing for both of you. 

Make sure you grow together

Your young Bulgarian girlfriend may be fascinated by her studies or work and constantly improve her skills. Make sure that you also don’t stand still. Both of you have to develop yourselves to become better individuals, and it would be great if you decided to learn new things together. It may be riding a bike, learning a new language, whatever makes both of you excited about doing it along. Consequently, common activities will make you closer. 

How to find a Reliable Bulgarian Dating Website? 

When searching for a proper dating website to date Bulgarian brides, consider the following issues:


  1. Guarantees. An online dating company must guarantee your satisfaction as a customer and should return your money in a case when you had a poor experience of using it. 
  2. Variety of services. They should offer not only instant messaging but also voice calls, video calls or presentations, emails, and gift posts. If you see that some company offers limited services, better refrain from signing up to it. 
  3. Customer Support. Keep in mind that in case of trouble, you should be able to turn to someone anytime. If no Customer Support Agent is working 24/7, you should not trust such a company.
  4. Prices. They should be average in comparison to other websites and reasonable to the overall quality of services provided.
  5. Testimonials. Decent dating companies have a lot of customers’ reviews on the web. Take your time to search for them and read them. They often tell a lot about the business that a certain agency does.