Did you always want to move to the former empire and seduce a few locals? Click to read our guide on dating women from UK to know all the secrets.

The United Kingdom unites a few countries under Queen Elizabeth’s authority: Great Britain which consists of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. But today, when we say the UK, most often we mean only Great Britain. It is a motherland of William Shakespeare and Jane Austen, a land of magnificent nature and endless rain. But who are UK women? What are they like and is there a way for a foreigner to win their heart? We created this guide for you to find the answers to these questions, and help you start dating British girls with ease. Enjoy your reading!

Why British Women Are so Popular?

There are a few reasons why men all over the world dream of having a British girlfriend. Let’s take a closer look at them:

British women’s outer beauty

The first thing that makes foreign men want English women is their beauty. Obviously, each man wishes to have an attractive wife, so in Great Britain, you will definitely find what you are looking for. Local ladies are gorgeous in their body shape, facial features, and hair color. This is due to the diversity of the UK population. Here, you will not see women with just blonde and blue eyes or brown hair and dark eyes. English brides come in various looks and physical features: they can be tall, short, brown-haired, black-haired, with green, hazel, or blue eyes. On the streets of London and elsewhere in Britain, you can meet both curvy and fit ladies. UK dating sites can offer even more diversity in appearances of Britain women. Therefore, when choosing a British girl, you can be sure that she will look the way your dream woman looks.


Outstanding beauty is not the only reason that attracts men to the UK mail order brides. It is also their ability to support themselves that makes British women so tempting to foreigners from North America.

Women in the UK are taught from a young age that they need to study hard to achieve a good position and become top professionals in their fields. Hence, young girls of Great Britain strive for receiving the best education available to them and use all possibilities to get a promotion. A high level of salaries accompanies their way to the top, so money is rarely a problem for the British brides.

Family values

You might have an impression that the orientation on professional growth prescribes Britain women to deny the importance of love and family. However, it is not like that. British mail order brides are interested in a long-term relationship that will lead them to start a family with the man they love. They want to have a couple of children by the time they are 40. However, if a British girl meets the man of her dreams in her 20-s, she is likely to have her first baby by early 30-s. In the UK, women never let men with serious intentions go unnoticed.

Are you intrigued by the vibe of British women already? Let’s proceed to get to know them closer.

What are Hot British Brides Like

They are smart

It may seem obvious from the fact of their self-sufficiency, but British women are really smart. It does not depend much on her degree or a field of expertise though. English mail order brides are smart due to a few factors:

  1. The way they were raised. In Great Britain, girls often read the books of the family library from a young age, so they have a wide outlook and flexible worldview. UK women are free from stereotypes and open to other people;
  2. The early career start. British girls start working as early as the time of graduation from high school. Of course, it may not be the workplace of her dreams, but still, it gives her good experience of the corporate relations and understanding that making money is not always an easy task to do.

They are persistent

Mail order brides from the UK know how to get what they want and are not afraid to work much for it. These women will work extra hours and weekends if they know it will pay off. However, British wives will not sacrifice their family life for their career and will strive for the balance between their job and personal life.

They are nice to be around with

British girls are not only nice to look at but also the best company to keep. They are friendly even to strangers, so you should not be afraid of starting a conversation with her either on the street or online. A British woman will never act reserved if you ask her for help or just try to get her attention. She is polite, well-mannered, and easy-going.

They have a great sense of humor

We bet you heard that English humor is one of the wittiest in the world. British women are the same. They know how to tell a good joke, and love to laugh at one. You will never hear her tell something insulting or mean even if it’s funny. Her education will not let her express like that. Instead, you can always hope for a smart joke from her in any company, be it your parents or friends.

They are good mothers and wives

British brides make the best wives and mothers. This is because they have a good example of their mothers and grandmothers from their childhood. Another reason is their conscious approach to marriage and children. Britain women rarely decide to get married suddenly. They prefer dating for a few years before moving to the next level and having kids together.

They are good friends

British women are supportive, loyal, and honest. All these features make them good friends who will help you in a tough situation. Women from UK don’t know what jealousy and envy are, so you will never hear your wife rumoring about her friends or colleagues. An ideal type of woman, isn’t she?

How to date British?

To succeed in dating British women, please remember about doing the following things:

  1. Be on time. British people are rarely late so she will expect the same of you. It would be even better if you come on dates earlier than the time you decided to meet.
  2. Be a gentleman. When you are for a long time in a relationship, the romantic part can start to fade away. It’s highly important to keep this little fire burning between you so feel free to bring her flowers from time to time, make small presents with no occasion, etc. She will appreciate it a lot.
  3. Get to know her parents and keep in contact. If you have serious intentions towards your British date, remember to take your time to get to know her family. Also, it will be good if you take her to your home to get acquainted with your parents too. Thus, she will see that you want your relationship to become even closer.
  4. Speak out. No couple has a cloudless relationship without occasional fights. However, it does matter how you fight. If you are screaming at each other and refuse to talk about your inner feelings, you will break up soon. Instead, if you do not put  blame on each other but talk a lot and try to find a common solution to your issues, you are on the right path.
  5. Never lie. We mentioned Britain women are honest, remember? You should be too. There would be no explanation of why that is. You simply have to speak the truth to be happy with these women.

How to Seduce British?

If you want to conquer a mail order bride UK, dating culture prescribes you to take the following actions:

  1. Be stylish. British ladies have a good sense of fashion and style. They know how to dress for any occasion and company, so you should pay attention to your look too if you want to seduce her. If you are not into fashion trends and shopping, don’t worry. All you need to do is to get ideas on men’s style on Pinterest and try to copy them.
  2. Be witty. If you want to win the heart of a girl who knows how to laugh well, you should be witty. Luckily, you can develop the skill of telling jokes today. Read more, attend acting classes, watch stand-up comic shows, and you will master your sense of humor over time.
  3. Show your dignity. English brides have the best manners in the world, be it the meeting with their colleagues or a date with a man. Etiquette is not just an empty word for them so if you want to create a good first impression, no pick-up lines, and vulgar gestures, please.
  4. Never criticize her. You would not like her to do that to you, right? So don’t do it. First, it’s not polite. Second, she will not come on the second date if you will teach her things on the first one.
  5. Give her the possibility to express herself. A few first dates are about getting to know each other so make sure you leave her a place to speak up. Ask her questions, tell stories from your life and ask her opinion, encourage her to talk about her interests, activities besides her work, etc. She has to see your keen interest in her personality.
  6. Respect her private space. Some topics are not the subject for the discussion on the first dates or if you just met online. Consequently, we advise you to keep a light conversation about world events, art, movies and whatever is interesting for both of you, but not about your ex-es, former bosses, etc.

How to find a Reliable British Dating Website?

Nowadays, online dating has become the widely used means of searching for the love of your life and even starting a family. It is especially convenient for people who admire partners of another nationality but do not have time or desire to travel the world to find them. In this situation, online dating is an ideal solution as it is cheap, easy, and safe. However, you need to check a few points before you start using any dating website:

  1. Customer Support availability. Mail order bride UK websites should have 24/7 Customer Support every day so that you can resolve any issue that you might have. Also, we advise making sure whether the phone of support is available, as well as live chat. If you can reach out to them only via email, that is a bad sign: the website can be a scam.
  2. The clear price list. You should be able to see it immediately when visiting the dating site for the first time. If the prices are hidden and are open only for the registered customers, better find another dating platform.
  3. The number of services provided. The more there are services and features, the better. If you can communicate via chat, email, over the phone, and through voice and video calls, it’s a good dating website.
  4. Testimonials. They often say more about dating platforms than you can imagine. Don’t read them on the website of the dating company as you will hardly find any reviews but praises. Instead, check them on trusted websites, e.g. SiteJabber, TrustPilot, etc.
  5. The simplicity of the interface. You should be comfortable with using the website. All buttons should work well and take you to the right pages. If the website fails to load or shows errors, don’t give it a second chance. That’s not worth your time.
  6. The quality of British ladies’ profiles. You rarely can evaluate it without the registration but this information is oftentimes reflected in customers’ reviews. Please pay attention to this issue before you pay for a membership on any UK dating site.