You probably fell in love with a character in a Bangladeshi movie, or you know a few gorgeous beauties from this country. Now, you are seriously considering dating Bangladesh women, without any understanding of their culture or personalities. Well, let’s start with a little geography lesson and work our way to these women.

First and foremost, Bangladesh is NOT part of India or Pakistan! This mistake is costly and often regarded as offensive to Bangladeshis.

Bangladesh is a country in South Asia. It is one of the most populous nations in the world, with over 161 million inhabitants. 

Bangladesh has very lush vegetation with beautiful landscapes. The nation’s tropical climate is also perfect, but you are unlikely to find Bangladesh on any top tourist destination lists for reasons we will address later.

Why Are Bangladesh Women So Popular? 

Bangladesh Women

Now that you know a little about the country, let’s discuss what makes Bangladeshi women unique. 

Apart from their exotic looks and amazing attires, Bangladeshi women have a lot more to offer as partners. They have excellent traits that separate them from other women from neighboring countries. Let’s go through some of them.

Bangladesh women are candid

Bangladeshi women will never waste your time. If they like you, they will tell you straight away. And since they live in a conservative culture, they don’t frequently go into casual relationships. Also, if your Bangladesh bride wants a fling, she will let you know. But this is most unlikely to happen since most girls from Bangladesh are looking for lifetime partners.

They are humble and respectful

Bangladesh women are modest due to the massive influence of Islam on their culture. Over 90% of the country’s population are Muslims, which means that women learn to respect and comport themselves in public.

They make good wives

In Bangladesh, girls are trained to be good home-makers. They learn from early childhood to take care of their husbands and make the home conducive for the family members. Your Bangladesh bride will never abandon her responsibilities for her career.

Bangladesh women have strong family values

The family unit occupies a position of priority in Bangladeshi culture. They stay close to every family member no matter what. Bangladesh women know how to take care of their parents instead of sending them to assisted living facilities.

They have moral principles

Forget about public display of affections – your Bangladesh bride is most likely going to turn away whenever you lean in for a kiss in public. Even if she obliges, you both will get a lot of darting stares from bystanders. Also, don’t expect to get laid on the first date. Most Bangladeshi brides wait until marriage to seal the deal.

Bangladesh women are simply gorgeous

Yeah, you will read this a few more times in this article because that’s just the truth — Bangladeshi women are exotic. And when they put on their dazzling, UNESCO-certified saris, foreign hearts melt. Most importantly, these women know that they are beautiful and dedicate their time to keeping their bodies in perfect shape.

They love wholeheartedly

You will have to put in a lot of effort to seduce a Bangladesh girl. They have acute BS-detectors to determine when a foreigner is lying to get their way. But when a Bangladeshi bride decides that you are their soulmate, she will love you with every fiber of her being.

Bangladesh women are great cooks

You might have tasted the irreplaceable Bangladesh cuisine in one of the restaurants in your country. If not, you need to taste the food prepared by Bangladesh women during one of the Mezban feasts. White rice and fish are everyday dishes in Bangladeshi culture. 

It is also important to note that there are restrictions on meat consumption in the country based on religious beliefs.

What are Bangladesh Brides Like? 

Since you barely know a thing about Bangladeshi ladies, how can you differentiate them from their neighbors? Honestly, it takes some familiarity to distinguish women from Bangladesh strictly by physical appearance. But certain traits make them stand out.

Bangladesh brides are reserved

Shyness is a common trait in Bangladesh women. The influence of the culture and the restrictions of society affect how women express themselves in Bangladesh. You can barely find a noisy Bangladeshi bride. Even when they have something to say, they express themselves respectfully.

Bangladesh brides are goddesses

Now, this is where you have to pay close attention: most Bangladesh women look similar because about 98% of the country’s population comes from the same ethnic group — Bengalis. This amazing stat puts them up there as one of the most homogeneous countries in the world.

Since they share borders with India, some of them might look like Indian women. In general, Bangladesh women have caramel skin tones with long flowing hair. They also have beautiful eyes and amazing curves that drive men from the West insane. 

Bangladesh women are ambitious

Despite the low participation in the workplace (around 26%), Bengali women still strive to acquire higher education. For most of them, their only escape from poverty is to improve their language and vocational skills. And they will not let the patriarchal society hinder their progress.

They are always supportive

Bangladesh women are good motivators since they invest in their men’s success. In your relationship, your bride will always try to cheer you up when you are sad. Also, Bangladeshi women let their men take the lead in relationships while providing as much support as possible.

They are good at household chores

You would be wrong to assume that Bangladeshi women’s willingness to combine their vacations with domestic responsibilities is a lack of ambition. On the contrary, Bangladeshi girls combine their domestic and professional responsibilities perfectly. 


How to date Bangladesh women 

Bangladesh girls

So far, Bangladesh sounds like a fun place to visit, but the reality is different. Despite the presence of several luxurious resorts on the country’s coastal regions, foreigners are scared to travel to Bangladesh for tourism.

Even if you can withstand the issues involved in traveling, you still have to get through the problem of high crime rates. Moreover, being a foreigner in a homogenous country makes you stand out as a prime target for robbery and other troubles. This problem is common in developing countries like Bangladesh.

Now that we have established that traveling to Bangladesh to search for brides is not the perfect option, let’s look at the alternative — dating sites.

Here is the catch: Bangladesh dating sites mostly cater to foreigners and local ladies looking for online flings. But you can make use of Bangladesh mail order brides sites to find women looking for marriage specifically. This option is the most viable since all the women on these platforms have one thing in mind: Marry a foreigner, and move in with him.

How to Seduce Bangladesh Brides

Dating a Bangladesh mail order can be intimidating since you are heading into uncharted territory. These women see the world differently from American and European women. We have gathered some of these pointers to help guide you in making your decision:

  1. Show some interest in her culture. The greatest compliment to a Bangladesh mail order bride is showing some interest in her tradition. These women understand that foreigners don’t know much about their country. So, she will gladly chat all day about her homeland if you give her a chance. Moreover, the country has a rich cultural heritage from which you can learn.
  2. Respect her choices. Most Bangladesh mail order brides prefer to go around in their saris even when it is hot. If she is Muslim, she might choose to wear her hijab in public. You need to always bear these factors in mind before trying to convince your Bangladesh bride to dress like women from the West. Remember that their traditional attire is not just a choice but a way of life. So be respectful — never make childish jokes about the Bindi.
  3. Don’t call her Indian or Pakistani. Resist the urge to assume that anyone with the Bindi tattoo is Indian. Your ignorance, in this situation, can be deemed offensive and possibly racist. Moreover, these countries have a history of conflict with Bangladesh. Besides, you don’t want to be called a New Yorker if you are from Boston, and these cities are even in the same country.
  4. Be gentle and attentive. Pay attention to every detail of her behavior, lifestyle, and beliefs. Don’t try to push her into making a decision. Girls become Bangladesh mail order brides because they want to get away from insensitive men. So, showing your machismo will only lead to outright rejection from these women.
  5. Exercise some patience. Bangladesh girls take some time to evaluate their potential partners. Divorce is not a very common practice in the country because of religion. So, any man they choose has to be their life partner. If she feels you are trying to put her under pressure, she will rebuff your advances and look for less pushy suitors. Moreover, she might be trying to get her parents to accept you as a potential son-in-law.
  6. Buy her gifts. Chivalry is still commonplace in Bangladeshi culture. Your bride will blush when you buy her bouquets out of the blue. She will also appreciate other random gestures from time to time.

Now that you have these important titbits in your dating arsenal, you are a few steps closer to successfully dating a Bangladesh mail order bride.

How to find a Reliable Bangladesh Brides Dating Website? 

Finding a reputable Bangladesh mail order bride dating site is a hard nut to crack. You cannot tell which service to trust since there are few recommendations online. However, reviews can give you a clearer picture of how to spot the top-notch Bangladesh dating sites.

Use secure sites

First of all, every secure site must have an encrypted protocol (https). You can easily find this protocol by looking for a ‘locked padlock’ sign on the left side of the site’s address. Also, reliable dating sites always allow a two-step verification process for data security.

Use sites with additional features

Any reliable site should have multiple features available for a small fee. Translation services will come in handy when communicating with Bangladeshi women since most of them speak Bengali. Also, you should be able to buy her gifts and contact your bride via video chats.

Moreover, the presence of a standard mobile app will help you keep your browser history clean. If the app is not present, try to find an optimized mobile version of the dating site.

Check for advanced search filters

Search filters will save you a lot of time when using a Bangladesh mail order brides site. You can easily adjust the search parameters to help you find your perfect match. Advanced filters simplify the job of finding your perfect Bangladeshi bride by narrowing down the search results to specific metrics.

Spend money on gifts

Before making any transactions on a Bangladesh dating site, check for the available payment options. PayPal is often the most suitable alternative since it protects your identity and decreases the headaches associated with refunds. The presence of payment options using money orders and cryptocurrency will be a bonus.

Customer service

A trustworthy site will provide round-the-clock customer services to help resolve conflicts or inquire more about the dating site’s functions. If the site’s customer support is incompetent, you will have a difficult time using the service.