Why do I love the album “Walking on a Dream”?

My story of being The Empire of The Sun band has started quite a long ago, but I can say that I’ve never adored the band as much as I’ve been since the album ‘Walking on a Dream’  release. This CD is one of the most impressive for me, and I still enjoy listening to it when I am on road trips or hiking in the mountains.

When was the album released? 

The album was released in 2008 and it includes many songs that were already presented by The Empire of The Sun since 1997. Although it does not contain a lot of new tracks, its tracklist is designed wisely to please both new and old band fans. 

What do I love about the ‘Walking on a Dream’ songs?

The album feature that I like the most is the diversity. The songs that were included in the ‘Walking on a Dream’ are not similar to each other; each of them has a different vibe and that’s why I can say that this album can be a relevant soundtrack to any life situation. I love the initial style of the band though, which is death metal. Yet this album starts with a quite powerful ‘Walking on a Dream’ song that had a great instrumental solo. Guitar and piano are impressively touching in this track. They inspire and intrigue you as they are not usually presented so visibly in The Empire of The Sun art. 

Other songs that I love from this album are ‘We Are The Champions’ and ‘Who Is It’.  The former one gives me the inspiration to work on my dreams and goals so that they could come true. This song is not electronic music though; if you expect to hear some exceptional musical techniques in it, there will be none. Still, this song is one of the most favorite for me in the album. 

The latter track is on top of the ‘Walking on a Dream’ tracklist for me. This is a cover of Michael Jackson, yet The Empire of The Sun version seems to be better than the original to me. If I could, I would listen to this song everywhere anytime. In my opinion, The Empire of The Sun deserves all the Music Awards for this track: this song combines so much in terms of lyrics and musical accompaniment.

Being a The Empire of The Sun fan for over a decade, I cannot be impersonal when it comes to evaluating their art. I cannot resist making compliments about the band’s talent and hard work the musicians do to make us pleased. Therefore, I suppose the band will be granted the Album of the Year award for the ‘Walking on a Dream’ CD, and am looking forward to them getting it finally.