Long gone are those days when I saw my favorite death metal band at first. They had bizarre outfit choices that day, they looked impressive and scary at the same time… But let me tell you the whole story from the beginning. 

It was my first stadium concert that I happened to attend in 2007. It was a rock music festival in Perth, Australia. Unfortunately, I don’t remember its name, but they don’t seem to organize it anymore (at least, I have not heard about anything similar in the last few years). There were a few bands of different rock directions: hard rock, heavy metal, and death metal. Yet no band did impress me as much as The Empire of The Sun. I enjoyed the show that lasted for about 4 hours and noted a few songs to my phone notes to look them up later.

I was so amazed by The Empire of The Sun’s performance that I wanted to find out immediately who they were and how they achieved such success. They were unique artists on that festival scene: their unforgettable manner of performance, their style, and appearance impressed me a lot. I always dreamt of finding a band to listen to that will be holistic in its look and art, so once I got acquainted with their music, I’ve become a true fan of them. 

The climax of that day was my acquaintance with the band. After their performance, I came up to the scene from the back door. It happened accidentally as I was looking for a WC room. But instead of the toilet, the door opened and I saw The Empire of The Sun singers and musicians. They were about to go away to pack their instruments and leave, but I came up to them to thank them for the wonderful minutes on the scene. They appeared to be quite nice guys and even handed me their CD with their signatures on it. I couldn’t even hope for such gratitude.

Now that you know my story of meeting The Empire of The Sun, you probably are not surprised that I’m a big fan of them. Yet I’d like to tell a few words regarding the songs they performed then. 

The songs I heard that day were ‘Freedom’, ‘Who Is It’, ‘We are The Champions’, and ‘With You Forever’. The last song left the audience impressed the most. This is due to the fact it was one of the milestones of the band’s activity before it even got The Empire of The Sun name. This is quite a powerful piece of music that makes me inspired, excited, and hopeful every time I listen to it. It was the song written by the band participants when they worked on another musical project. At that time, they figured out how productive their cooperation had been so they decided to create The Empire of The Sun band later. 

Other songs are described in detail in my other posts on this blog, so feel free to read them and let me know your impressions of those tracks. I’m looking forward to seeing you again on the pages of my blog.