Switzerland was called in Latin Confoederatio Helvetica, which explains the abbreviation CH. This federal republic is both progressive and conservative. Despite its modernity, Switzerland is considered one of the most amazing and mysterious countries in Europe. Legally, it does not have a single capital, and people communicate there in four languages ​​— German, French, Italian, and Romansh at the official level. Although 150 years ago, Switzerland was the poorest country in Europe, it features today the highest economic stability in the world.

Switzerland has a population of more than 7.5 million people, and this country is located at the junction of the northern, western, and southern parts of Europe. In this country, more than 60% of women speak English. Foreigners make up about 25% of the Swiss population, which is one of the world’s highest rates. So, the peculiar properties of the country affected the women living there. Swiss girls can be rightfully ranked as one of the most beautiful and understanding girls in the world.

Why Are Swiss Women So Popular?

If you want to meet a woman from another country, but at the same time you want her always to understand you, the Swiss bride can offer everything in the same body. While Swiss girls probably live far away from you, they are also fairly close to your system of beliefs.

Swiss girls are well educated, speak several European languages, and usually brought up in a multinational environment. Switzerland is famous for its talented and charming actresses, models, and singers who are also popular in Germany, France, Italy, and other countries.

Appearance of Swiss Women

Surprisingly enough, most Swiss women are not happy with their appearances and do not allow themselves to be praised. Such low self-esteem is primarily explained by the Western European mentality that does not let them flaunt their physical qualities. Among women, one that demonstrates beauty is considered an unpleasant and self-confident person.

Also, Swiss women are well aware of the beauty standards imposed by renowned fashion designers. Comparing themselves with high parameters, these women understand that such concepts of beauty do not correspond to their inner sensation. Therefore, psychologists advise Swiss women not to pay attention to some of their flaws, but to focus on their virtues, which they actually have in abundance.

Indeed, 43% of Swiss women consider their eyes the most beautiful part of their body and 22% of the surveyed females like most of all their hair and lips. Alas, they like a lot less what they have below their neck. About 30% of women hate their belly, 10% do not dislike their legs, and 6% call their hips a critical zone.

Réné Kuhn, a Swiss politician, once dared to express his complaints about the appearance of Swiss women. He claimed that they do not want and do not know how to care for their hair, use makeup, and wear high heels. However, he never said that women in this country are not beautiful. It is true that no prophet in his own country — today, many Italians, Americans, Turks, and representatives of Arab countries are willing to marry Swiss women.

As a rule, true Swiss women are not very tall. They have pale skin and blonde hair, as well as blue or green eyes. They emphasize their natural beauty with a minimum of makeup. Swiss women prefer modern haircuts and elegant styling. Most often, they have hair reaching to their shoulders and dyed in expensive beauty salons. These girls usually prefer a conservative and classic style of clothing. Swiss girls are very fond of sports and hiking in nature. They try to keep fit and typically have an athletic physique.

Mentality of Swiss Beauties

The mentality is usually understood as a complex set of cultural meanings that fill the everyday life of people of a particular culture. These meanings were formed and accumulated over the centuries. Freedom, independence, and tolerance form the mental core around which the whole experience of Swiss women is built. They are also characterized by endurance, emotional restraint, and perseverance in achieving their goals.

In Switzerland, standards of social behavior are replaced by clear rules for social living. Everything is written in the laws to avoid any ambiguities and interpretations. Specific and exotic rules explain how to deal with neighbors, grill meat on the balcony, and paint the roof tiles. That is, personal freedom is accompanied by strict regulations of human behavior concerning other people. In Swiss families, everybody has the right to own freedom. Even in the family circle, Swiss women need the possibility to stay alone, have their hobbies, as well as meet their friends. 

Swiss women appreciate their freedom and independence. They are responsible for their actions and respect the right of others to the same degree of freedom. This fundamental principle of modern democracy is most embodied precisely in Swiss society. Here, women are very homely, calm, and well-balanced. Despite their outward softness, the strength of these people is in their unbreakable tranquility. With all that, they are very natural and supportive personalities.

Most Switzerland women adhere to traditional views about marriage and family. Until recently, family life in Switzerland was traditionally conservative according to the model that the man is breadwinner, and the woman is a housewife. In this country, the level of female emancipation is not so significant as to compare, for example, with Scandinavian countries. However, Swiss women actually decide to have fewer children and do that at an even later age. Many of them postpone family planning since education and career come first. 

What Are Swiss Brides Like?

Contemporary Swiss women are careful about official registration of family relations. Swiss brides get married relatively late — the average age is 29 years old for that. They can register relationships with their men even after ten years of living together, already having common children. However, it is all individual in each case. In general, Swiss women do not hurry up to lose their freedom and became wives.

Swiss brides typically select wedding dresses of pastel and pink shades combined with gold. Grooms are not very demanding — they can even wear jeans on their wedding day. Nowadays, bold inscriptions and tattoos have begun to enter the trend. For example, a bride may get a tattoo “Yes, I want to!” Wedding rings should be made of the finest gold and preferably have precious stones. Often these symbols of love and fidelity are made according to the individual design.

The banquet at a Swiss wedding is quite moderate and even modest. It is considered a norm to treat guests only with snacks and drinks. Flowers are not given to newlyweds. Usually, guests buy the necessary items for their home from a pre-prepared list. Traditionally, all people have fun at a Swiss wedding — rallies are held, and the bride can be kidnapped for getting a ransom. Often, the wedding hall is decorated with sunflowers, which are the symbols of sun and joy. On this day, newlyweds have to plant some trees, especially pine trees.

How to Date a Swiss Girl?

As in other Western countries, several traditional ways to meet people are acceptable in Switzerland. For example, people visit bars and clubs, as well as use social circles. It is a good way to interact with other people and establish personal contacts. However, when it comes to dating etiquette, Swiss women are somewhat more conservative than their European neighbors.

A Swiss woman usually tends to expect a man to take the first move toward her. However, many of these women complain that men do not approach them. Some sources claim that it is explained not by men’s laziness or arrogance, but rather by the fact that Swiss beauties often reject men.

Indeed, some men believe that Swiss women may seem impregnable and restrained. So, if no one makes the first move, it may well turn into a thrilling eye contest before anyone works up the courage to start a conversation or openly acknowledge mutual attraction. But as soon as one of them dares, most often, it is worth it for both.

Also, statistics show that Swiss girls are open to meeting foreigners. Maybe they rely mostly on an exotic factor. In this way, the Swiss Federal Statistical Office published data that 36% of all marriages were between Swiss women and foreign men last year. So, there are plenty of reasons for optimism.

How to Seduce a Swiss Woman?

Swiss women do not like any violation of the existing order. They do not like improvisations and unplanned events. In this country, they do not visit anybody without an invitation and do not call at any time. All of this can be taken as a privacy invasion. These women are friendly and polite in communication. However, it is not so easy to get close to them. They have to know somebody quite well for a long time before accepting intimate relations. 

However, any woman will surely appreciate a gallant attitude towards her. It can be manifested in attention to her personality and her desires. Sometimes romantic manifestations on the part of a man may seem awkward, but they always have to be touchy and sincere. People in Switzerland prefer dating by random in the afternoon. You need not be afraid to approach women and get to know them. The reasons for such a meeting can be very different.

Although having relations with several people at the same time is common in many countries, this is not a custom in Switzerland. Since people in this country are quite frank, a Swiss woman will usually tell a new partner whether she is meeting with other men. In Switzerland, the issues of sex and sexual culture are taken quite seriously.

How to Find a Reliable Swiss Dating Website?

Online dating is becoming increasingly popular in Switzerland. It is especially true for those who live in large cities. Online dating in Switzerland may not be as widely discussed as in some other countries, and this way of building relationships is not often considered the best option. To some extent, it is because Swiss women are generally more restrained than representatives of other cultures. Therefore, they are less likely to meet and chat with strangers on the Internet.

However, you can easily find many Swiss dating apps and websites available in English. Some of them are Meetic.ch, LoveScout24, Parship.ch, and Tinder.com. There are also international sites that offer a large selection of Swiss mail order brides. There, you can find just such a Swiss girl that you have long been searching. After registering on one of the dating sites, you can start chatting with amazing Swiss women, learn more about the life and customs of this country, and perhaps meet your special and long-awaited bride who can radically change your life.

Summing Up: Swiss VS American Women

On the one hand, Switzerland women are kind by nature. They are calm homebodies and lovers of home coziness and comfort. On the other hand, these are persistent and purposeful persons who know their value. The whole life of a typical Swiss woman is a complete set of rules. Like Americans, such a woman knows that she must achieve everything herself. At the same time, a Swiss girl will always be sympathetic to her man.

American culture is also based on tolerance and respect for any opinion. Since childhood, Americans have been taught to relate to the dissimilarity of other people calmly. However, Americans are generous in compliments and smiles, and all that often does not matter much. The habit of speaking pleasant phrases to an interlocutor is an inevitable feature of Americans. It is better not to expect too much from their beautiful words.

Swiss women are more truthful and sincere. The purpose of their life is for the sake of living comfortably. They do not live in the name of sacrifice with anything. The American dream is perceived as a living standard when all people’s life is subordinated to earning money and gaining prosperity at all costs. In Switzerland, it is not popular. In a conversation with a Swiss woman about life issues, she can ask you whether your choice will bring you satisfaction from life. Here, she does not necessarily mean a financial background.