Romanian girls are the unexplored nation of Eastern European beauties you’ve been missing this whole time. Most guys in Europe know these ladies as hot and cold at the same time. Romanian women know how to be extremely passionate and very cold if you dared to offend them. In this guide on Romanian women, we’ll explore myths and truths about these women in detail. The qualities of these ladies are not limited to beauty. They are outgoing, smart, and solid when it comes to defending their ideas and vision of personal life, especially when it comes to dating. 


Think they’re easy birds to catch? Or maybe you’re convinced that they cannot be approached even if you’re actively showing you signs of interest? If either of those questions worries you, then follow our detailed review about Romanian girls you’ve been looking around the web. 

Why Romanian Women Are so Popular?

That’s the question about a Romanian woman you may have heard from your friends or in other dating reviews. Many dating enthusiasts who came back from Romania admit the same things about Romanian females. They have an elegant taste in clothes, almost all of them are well-educated and come from prosperous families, and they are women in the broad sense of this world – not many girls remember this role today. The main reasons for the popularity of Romanian girls are listed below, so let’s review them.

They Change Their Mind Passionately

If you ever visited an amusement park with adrenaline-infused roller coasters, then you know what to expect from Romanian chicks with this metaphor. Romanian brides have grown up in a very emotional family setting. Southern regions are hot, and it’s true for Romania that is very close to Italy. Those Italian family fights resemble Romanian family life. By how rude their fathers were Romanian women will change their mind over you if you dare to insult them. When planning to sort things out between two of you, get ready to be overwhelmed by her changing character that can be very protective. Surprisingly, this is what most men are looking for. Women who can’t stand their ground and are laid back in conflict become boring too fast. 

Good Listeners

Romanian girls aren’t pretenders, they listen to what you’re saying and draw conclusions that will matter for you. It’s because their culture counts thousands of years of history and is very complex. That’s why they listen to everyone to understand the world, from school lessons on history to stories about good old days from their grandmas. When you talk about things that worry you and ask for advice from such girls, you should expect it to be only trustworthy. Many guys confess that their Romanian girlfriends have influenced their lives in a good way by displaying the ability to listen and tell what to do. Next time you ask a Romanian girl about a hint on something after a mile-long monologue that you’ve come up with, those words will change your perspective on the issue only because she listened to you carefully.


What are Hot Romanian Brides Like

Romanian mail order brides are known for the lively nature which makes men around sparkle with interest. This is your lucky chance to get around with a woman who has a shining personality that makes men drown in it. We collected the core features that explain what Romanian brides are like. Some of these features can be met among other nationalities, but most of them are only attributable to Romanian women – they’re too special not to have some aces up their sleeves: 

Their Diet Makes Them Look Gorgeous

Romanian cuisine is close to mediterranean one like in Italy or Montenegro. How does that relate to the looks of the local population, and particularly women? Sea based traditional diet full of saturated fats makes their hair flutter in the windstreams softly because it’s strong and shiny. If you see a girl on the street with excellent hair, maybe she is from Romania, who knows? Speaking of their shape, it also benefits from a healthy diet. Their bodies are curved and slim. Most women up to their 40s fit the standards of the model industry. It’s rather common to meet skinny girls rather than overweight ones on the streets of Romanian cities. 

They Value Family Traditions

Romanians are family people – that’s the main thing to keep in mind about them. This idea relates to Romanian girls respectively. From the very childhood, these girls lived around the family traditions that have been passed from generation to generation. If she has a family gathering when you offer to go out somewhere for a few days, you shouldn’t be surprised that she’ll choose to stay with family. In this case, you shouldn’t be mad at her because if she doesn’t come without a serious reason, the family will be literally insulted with such a gesture. No girl in Romania would disrespect family traditions at any cost, so you must reach agreement on this fact.

They Have Cheerful Personalities

Last but not least, let’s talk about the personalities of the Romanian women. These ladies are very cheerful if the occasion is right. We’ve already mentioned that by no circumstance should you make these women anxious or angry. If you get along with them, they will reward not only you but all of your friends and family with deep conversations on any given topic, mesmerize everyone with Romanian local humor, and stay positive under any social tests from your surroundings. We once again highlight that Romanian girls have some of the greatest personalities in Eastern Europe, overtaking Ukrainian and Hungarian girls easily. If you want to have a dating partner who will light you up with positive emotions, then Romanian girls are your best shot. 

How to date Romanian Women?

To date a Romanian girl, we advise you to follow the basic steps that won’t make it a mess. Of course, every Romanian girl is unique and deserves a personalized approach from every man. The tips below will show the path to dating her successfully and building stable and fulfilling relationships altogether: 

Learn Basic Vocabulary and Expressions

Romanian girls are giving their trust to foreigners who know a word or two in their language. Of course, you’ll still be safe to use English since most Romanians have studied it in schools and colleges. However, if you’re aiming at impressing your date, bringing up a two-pound Romanian vocabulary isn’t necessary. We recommend learning basic expressions and words used in conversations most of the time. At least you’ll be able to understand what she’s talking on the phone with her friend or mom about. Jokes aside, she’ll be surprised that you’ve spent your time learning a piece of her language and give you a sheer smile. 

Avoid Talking on Controversial Topics

There are red lines when it comes to talking to a Romanian girl, especially if you are dating her for not so long. Romanians are usually open and friendly people who willingly share sincere thoughts with others. You can talk about their country, favorite food, customs, and life beliefs. At the same time, you cannot point at delicate topics like dating a previous partner and what led to the breakup. Believe us, that will infuriate a Romanian girl in a second. Also, don’t bring up stereotypes about Romanian girls to the table. That’s a red sign because girls from this country believe that they’re special and don’t want to be generalized.

Respect Her and Stay Polite

Romanian women adore feeling respected and being talked to politely. This level of self-respect again comes from their family traditions where female members of the family always stood for themselves. If you want to earn her trust, do not behave like old-school Romanian women who command women what to do on a daily basis. You’re a man from the 21st century, so a grain of respect to her will be a score for you. 

Tell Her About Your Culture

We’ve already mentioned that Romanian girls are amazing listeners. Of course, their culture is rich and can be discussed for hours, but do not be shy to recall the old stories your grandpa told you about the traditions they had in your family. Romanian girls are very curious about the topics of such a genre. If you share your childhood memories with her and open your heart, she will melt down in warm feelings towards you. They are very curious when it comes to other cultures apart from theirs. This curiosity is in their blood, so tell her as much as you can about your homeland – that’s like a cupid arrow that will penetrate her heart. 


How to Seduce Romanian Ladies?

To seduce Romanian girls, there is a galaxy of approaches that work. Each of these women is special and requires a customized approach from you. However, having learned the pillars of their mentality, we share 3 steps to seduce her and have a hot night in your bed: 

Get Your Best Tuxedo

Romanian women lose their mind when a man is well dressed and girls around glance enviously at them. Remember, when going out with her, you can be only hers – Romanian women are very possessive when it comes to men’s attention. You have to shine around her as a cool guy everyone wants to hang out with. One of the components to reach such status is to wear classic clothes that should be a part of men’s wardrobe. We’re talking about a single-color shirt, a pair of Oxfords, and slim trousers that wil accent your manly posture. 

Be Generous, Make Gifts

Romanian girls want intimacy when having small presents from their men. It means that it doesn’t have to be an expensive smartphone or necklace with diamonds, but the gift must come from your heart. The things you present to her should mirror her personality and interests and be given when she doesn’t wait for it. 

Spend Dates in Unexpected Places

Yes, Romanian women are fans of surprises, and you can use it to lure them to you. If you want to increase your chances of seducing her, think about the least possible places a man could invite a woman to spend time in. It doesn’t have to be cringy and completely masculine though, she mustn’t be bored to death at this place. 

How to find a Reliable Romanian Dating Website?

To find a reliable dating website with Romanian girls, there are some pitfalls we want you to get rid of. Not every dating website provides honest options for the new users. The main issues that might spoil your Romanian dating experience are fake profiles, catfishing, and absence of your private data safety.


Below are the criteria that should be checked before visiting a dating website in search of Romanian women:

  • At least 70% of users have to be Romanian with several pics in the profile page
  • Modern services must have proper design and mobile version for your smartphone and tablet
  • There should be reviews of user experience on the web
  • Detailed billing policy serving as a warranty from hidden costs
  • Transparent privacy policy that protects the data you provide to the service
  • Free version of the service that provides basic features for you to decide if you’re ready to spend money on any extras