Portugal is a magnificent country of Europe, with unique architecture, breathtaking nature, unique views like one from Cabo da Roca – the westernest point of the European continent – and lively people. But what do you know about local women? Maybe you have already met one that conquered your soul or just thinking of dating one. Anyway, we prepared this overview on dating Portuguese women to help you understand what they are like and how to seduce them. Don’t hesitate to take action according to our tips once you are through this guide.

Why Portuguese Women Are so Popular?

For your information, we outlined a few most popular reasons for foreigners to date and marry Portugal women. Let’s take a closer look at them. 

Impressive outer beauty

For many people, a happy relationship and marriage are impossible without a physical attraction to their partner. If it is your case, then dating a Portugal bride is a perfect solution for you. Women in this picturesque country look hypnotizing. Mostly, they are tan and tall, their skin is of olive shade, and their hair is dark and wavy. However, you can find almost all kinds of women’s appearance in this country. There are even blonde girls with green or blue eyes, although the majority are still brunettes with hazel eyes. 


Portugal women pay a lot of attention to their physical strength and health. Therefore, your potential girl is highly likely to go to the gym regularly, eat good food, and have a stunning body shape. If you are looking for a sporty and sexy girlfriend, a Portuguese woman is an ideal match. 

Modest personality

It may seem surreal due to their beauty, but Portuguese ladies are very modest. They never act in a vulgar manner, swear out loud, or fight with her friends or man in public. Also, she will never accept the attention of other men once in a relationship, so you can be sure that you are the only one choice for her. 


Portuguese mail order brides speak calmly and confidently and act humbly. You can never say that these women are full of themselves. So if you are looking for a wife who would not look down on other people, that’s a Portuguese lady. 

Family values

Portuguese girls appreciate a serious relationship that leads to marriage and having a baby. Although Portugal is one of the modern European countries, local ladies are not much into building a career. Instead, they look forward to meeting their man, committing to him, and spending life together. Oftentimes, they begin dating when they are in high school, and get married by the age of 25 years old. Also, they rarely date for a long time. Their purpose is to live a family life with their husband and children, not just dating occasionally. 


If at this point you like what you are reading about mesmerizing mail order brides from Portugal, we invite you to get to know them even better. The next section will reveal the personality of an average Portuguese girl to you. 


What are Hot Portuguese Brides Like

They are kind and friendly

Portuguese people are one of the most hospitable and friendly nations in Europe. They are kind to kids, the elderly, strangers, and foreigners. They treat others with respect and are always ready to offer help to those who need it. Hence, it will not be hard for you to start a conversation with a Portuguese woman, be it online or on the street. 

They are stylish

Portuguese girls who live in big cities are fond of fashion and trendy clothes. They wear fancy jewelry, pick up outfits for any occasion, and look fabulous everywhere they go. Those who live in rural areas are not that fashionable, but still, they have a unique style that makes them stand out and reveals their attitude towards the world. 


Despite the relation to fashion, all Portuguese brides know how to emphasize their natural beauty with their looks and makeup. Are you looking for a beautiful and sophisticated woman? You’ll find her in Portugal. 

They are great cooks

As we mentioned earlier, the Portuguese nation is very hospitable and this feature is expressed through cooking. Portuguese women know how to make a perfect dish and impress their guests. This skill is inherited from their mothers and grandmothers. Thus, family recipes never get lost and are always there if the family has a gathering of a few generations or friends. 

They have well-developed home-keeping skills

Portuguese brides not only cook well but also keep their houses cozy and clean. They have a natural sense of style and can decorate their homes to make them comfortable and nice. What’s more, they never have any issues with their housework as they consider it a source of energy and way to show love to their kids and husband. Would you like your home to become your fortress? A Portuguese woman will make it for you.

They love kids

Love for kids is also natural for Portuguese girls. They can play with them for hours, teach them things, and go for a walk with them. They love feeding and treating them with respect. An average family in Portugal has two or three kids, and it is not hard for the mother to manage them and her housekeeping duties. Sounds great, right?

They make loyal wives

Portuguese brides are often religious, that is why they take the issue of loyalty so seriously. These ladies will never cheat on their husbands or lie to them. Instead, they support their husbands in every situation and always find the right words of love to remind them about their feelings.

How to date a Portuguese woman?

To develop a stable relationship with mail order brides from Portugal, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Be generous. Women of Portugal love flowers and small presents, although they never will demand them from you. But if you want your woman to shine with happiness, be sure to bring her gifts from time to time. They should not be expensive  – your attitude to her is all that matters;
  • Be gentleman. Treat your Portuguese woman with dignity, respect, and care. Help her to get on and off the car, take a seat in a restaurant, etc. All these gestures will cost you nothing but will mean a lot to her. And, what is most important, continue to do that after all the years that you’ve been together. 
  • Be smart. Portuguese brides love men with a wide outlook and a job that makes them happy. They love to get to know new things from their men. Probably, you love people who can talk on various topics and teach you something too. Consequently, being able to keep a meaningful conversation is a must if you want to remain interesting to Portuguese women. 
  • Be reliable. The ability to offer help in hard situations is also necessary if you want your relationship with a Portuguese girl to last. Keep your promises or don’t promise if you cannot do something. Act more rather than talk. Never leave her alone if she is in despair. Always stand her back and she will do the same to you.

How to Seduce Portuguese women?

Making Portuguese girls want you if you just met would be easy with a few actions we describe below:

  • Learning the language. Of course, she does not expect you to know any word in Portuguese, but if you do, it will be pleasant to her. She will appreciate your striving to learn her native language, but don’t turn your date to a Portuguese class. She is not your tutor but your date. 
  • Talking about her. Allowing her to express herself will pay off for sure. You will get to know her better and she will see that you are interested in her. Just do your best to keep a natural conversation and don’t bomb her with your questions. It should be a nice talk, not an interview. 
  • Making compliments. Although Portuguese brides are modest and humble, they love when men compliment them for their beauty and character. Your task is to say it genuinely and not use any pick-up lines. 
  • Being polite. It is a must to not scare her and not let her believe you are a sex tourist aiming at hook-up. Talk like you would be talking to her mother – with respect and desire to make her trust you. 
  • Never pushing things. To help her get comfortable by your side, you should not be pushy. She should not feel like you are rushing to take her to your bed right after you’ve met. 

How to find a Reliable Portuguese Dating Website?

To make the experience of online dating more pleasant and avoid scammers, you have to know how to tell a scam website from the authentic ones. This can be done by checking few points before registration:

  • Usability of the website. You should be comfortable with scrolling the pages, browsing profiles, and registering. There should not be a lot of pop-up ads on a decent dating website. Also, all pages must open quickly;
  • Contacts of the company. This will give you two benefits: the phone numbers of customer support, and the address of the company. If both of these points are not there, it is better to search for another dating site;
  • Ways of reaching out to customer support. Besides phone numbers, there should be a live chat with support agents, and email address to report your issues. In case you cannot find any ways to connect with them, leave the website. It’s 99% fake;
  • The price list. Before you decide to register on any Portugal dating website, keep in mind to things: the price list should be seen without registration, and the prices should be reasonable in comparison to other similar dating platforms; 
  • Services provided. The more services and extra features on the website there are, the richer your dating experience will be. If you can call, chat, send emails, and gifts (both virtual and real) to your Portugal woman, then it is a good dating website. 
  • The customers’ testimonials. Reviews on trusted websites usually say way more than those that administrators of the dating platform post in their ‘Testimonials’ section of the website. So take your time to read them carefully and weigh all pluses and minuses prior to signing up.