International dating has gained its popularity over the last ten years, and now there is nothing hard in building a bond with the person from the other continent and culture. Still, a lot of men wonder whether they can attract a lady who is used to her local dating customs and traditions. Our answer is “Yes, you surely can do it” but you have to put an effort to get the positive results. To increase your chances of meeting a Norwegian woman and grabbing her attention fast, we have updated our guide on dating these beauties. Enjoy your reading and feel free to follow our hints and tips!

Why Norwegian Women Are so Popular?

Unique outer beauty

In Norway, girls look fantastic: pale skin, beautiful wide eyes of green and grey shades, blonde hair, and amazing body shapes. If you have ever been to this country, you could not overlook the outer attractiveness of the local women. Their athletic bodies and pretty faces will blow your mind the first time you see them so if you were first attracted by their looks, we understand you. Norwegian ladies are truly unforgettable. 

Appreciation of family

Family relations are one of the priorities of modern Norwegian girls. They love their parents and hope to have the same family in the future, therefore they try to develop their personalities to be not only the best specialists in their fields but also to find the special one to create a family with. 

Ability to support herself

You might have heard in the media that North European countries have the best job opportunities for women in the world. That is why they get high salaries and can be self-sufficient. Often, Norwegian mail order brides buy their first house before their 30s, as their income allows them to make such a purchase. So, if you would like to have a woman who is an equal partner not only spiritually but also financially, consider dating a Norwegian lady. 

Knowledge of English

Last but not the least reason why a lot of men dream of marrying a Norwegian is the absence of the language barrier. Norwegian know English and can communicate with foreigners without any problems. That makes Norwey females even more desirable for men all over the globe.


What are Hot Norwegian Brides Like 

They are intelligent

Little Norway girls love reading from a young age, this hobby makes them smart early enough. Their passion for studying helps them develop their intellect too and brings a lot of benefits in the long run. They get highly-paid jobs and network with a lot of people that make their world view broader. Don’t you want to have a curious and smart partner? Everyone does. And Norwegians are the best fit for those who are eager to conquer them. 

They are straightforward

Norwegian ladies are very clear and simple when they talk. They would not try to seduce you with sophisticated flirt techniques or fool you with ambivalent answers to your questions. These women are not aiming at charming anyone, they just wish for a fair and honest relationship with a man who shares the same values.

They advocate gender equality

Norway was one of the first countries that supported the fight for women’s rights, and that is the reason why the ideas of equality and feminism continue to be so popular among Norwegian people now. Local women consider themselves as absolutely equal to men in terms of their rights and responsibilities, so you should not be worried that any Norwegian woman would hunt for your money. 

They have a nice temper

Although they may seem a bit reserved for the first time you meet, Norwegian brides are very nice to be with. They are friendly and supportive, understanding and loyal, so you will never regret having such a girlfriend. All it takes is time and trust: once a Norwegian girl feels comfortable in your company, she will demonstrate all her best features to you and you’ll see how important you are to her.

They love their job

Norwegian have a curious mind and are eager to be the best in their professions. They enjoy learning new things all life, therefore you can often see them at the events, workshops, and conferences related to their career. They also love interacting with their colleagues and work in the team on the common project. If you happen to work along with a Norwegian woman, you know what we are talking about.

They love shopping

Just like ladies all over the world, Norwegian brides love to spend their time shopping and picking new fashionable items. But this hobby is not only related to outfits and cosmetics – Norwegian women love decorating their apartments and houses. They have a natural sense of minimalism and a great taste, so their homes are usually as perfect as they are. 

They are stylish

Although Norwegian girls do not try to follow every new trend of fashion, they are always dressed stylishly and up to the point. They rarely wear high heels and tight dresses but that does not affect their elegance and beauty. They admire comfort more than trends, so if you’d like your woman to be the example of unique taste and rich minimalism, a Norwegian lady would be the best choice for you. 

How to date a Norwegian? 

Set the boundaries

To date a Norwegian successfully, you have to know what to say and what to skip, what questions are acceptable and what are not, whether you will get her to meet with your parents soon after you start dating or not. Also, you have to make it clear to her if some issues or spheres of your life are not subject to discussion. By doing so, you will be able to set the tone of your relationship and lead it.

Be clear about your intentions

Norwegian brides are not only honest but they also expect others to behave accordingly. Therefore, you have to be straightforward with her too. It would be better if you let her know about your intentions soon enough after you decide to date her seriously. Thus, she will know you are a decisive and decent man who needs her for sure. It will also be good if you spend some evening talking about your life goals, values, and expectations of the relationship. As you come from different cultures and countries, it is especially important that you talk a lot and share your views on the crucial issues of life.

Split the bill

We emphasized the Norwegian self-sufficiency a few times already, and you probably have guessed that you should not act as a sponsor for her. At the first date at least try to not persist on paying for the dinner for both of you. Instead, propose to split the bill and do so until you know each other very well. After dating a Norwegian woman for a certain time, ask her if she is not against if you will start paying for your dates. If you live together, we think she would not resist if you do so from time to time. 

Respect her private space

There is an opinion that Norwegian people and the ladies of Norway, in particular, are reserved and cold to others, and that is the reason why a foreigner can have trouble getting to know them closer. However, it is a myth. Norwegians simply do not like to breach the private space of others and don’t like to share personal issues with people who are not their close friends. Therefore, you will have no problem meeting a Norwegian woman for marriage as they are a very nice company to keep and they love communicating with people. Our only recommendation for your conduct is to omit any personal issues while you talk. Don’t ask anything about her family, salary, living conditions, etc. Any question that is embarrassing to hear from a new acquaintance would be bizarre for a Norwegian woman. Instead, talk about her hobbies, interests, career, places she visited, the kind of fun she likes to have, and so on. Remember, the general tone of your first conversations should be light and easy, so no hard topics until you trust each other.

How to Seduce a Norwegian Bride? 

  • Don’t boast of your income. As we pointed out before, Norwegian ladies get paid well for their work so you will not impress anyone by demonstrating how rich you are. Instead of looking like a decent man, you will look like a fool if you decide to talk about your money and real estate. 
  • Don’t act reserved. There is no need to show how humble and modest you are. You should not act too saucily either. The best thing you can do is be natural and talk in the manner you do it with a friend.  
  • Meeting over a drink or two is alright. The drinking culture in Norway may surprise a foreigner a lot. Here people drink a lot of alcohol and that’s completely OK to meet over a couple of cocktails with a new acquaintance, so make sure a nearby bar is at your list of dating places. Your first date is meant to be memorable, so watch the amount of alcohol you drink. 
  • Talk sports, do sports. Have you noticed how sporty the Norwegian women are? We bet you have. Fitness is one of the parts of the life of a Norwegian bride, so make sure you have something to say on this point. It’s great if you enjoy attending the gym too or play some sports so you can do it together. Even if you’re not, feel free to accompany her to her local gym and let her be your coach. You both will like it. 
  • Be attentive. Remember the date of her birthday, remember the things that make her happy and ones that frustrate her. Don’t forget about being a gentleman even if you don’t pay for her coffee. A Norwegian woman is a lady first, so she would be happy to see that you care about her.

How to find a Reliable Norwegian Dating Website? 

If you are new to online dating, below are a few tips to help you detect what website is the best for Norwegian dating:


  1. Read the reviews. Today, a lot of people write extensive reviews of the dating platforms, so be sure to find as much of them as possible before you sign up to any website.
  2. Check the Terms of Use. Especially the payment and guarantees’ sections. You  have to make sure that the website offers safe payment methods and guarantees money return if the service you got is unacceptable. 
  3. Find information about the Support Team. Reviews often have a lot of information about the work of the Support Team, so read it carefully and then check its availability on the dating website. An ideal Support Agent is the one who works Sunday through Saturday the whole day and night. 
  4. Compare the prices. You have to know the price level in comparison to other dating websites to know whether it is expensive, fair or cheap.