Guidelines on Dating Lithuanian Brides — Irresistible European Beauties

Lithuanian women are the best brides from the Baltic states. If you are lucky to marry one of these amazing brides, your life will never be the same

Lithuania is an amazing European country that doesn’t come up often in casual discussions. Westerners don’t know a lot about this country. All they know is that Lithuania is somewhere close to Russia and has a lot of beautiful brides. 

The truth is that Lithuania is similar to Russia (since it was part of the USSR), but a lot has changed since the fall of the Soviet Union. Lithuanians are more inclined to their western neighbors than to their counterparts from the east. So, Lithuanian brides are a perfect blend of Eastern and Western ideologies.

If you are looking for a foreign bride to break the monotony of western girls, Lithuanian womens are the perfect candidates for you. These brides are beautiful, well-educated, and excellent homemakers. 

Women from Lithuania are gorgeous, and they dress to kill. In the West, Lithuania has a reputation for having great basketball and volleyball teams. So, men from the west assume that these women are tall and athletic. Also, Baltic women are known for their gorgeous bodies and preserved family values. 

Lithuanian brides are good cooks

You have to taste local Lithuanian cuisine to understand what you are missing. Lithuania women learn how to make their national meals as part of their upbringing. Also, these brides who come from the coastal regions prepare seafood with mastery.

Lithuanian women are family-oriented

Women from former soviet republics have deep-rooted family values. Lithuanian girls learn to take care of their siblings from childhood. They do not abdicate their responsibilities to their family in pursuit of a career. Starting their own families means the world to them, and women from Lithuania are ready to move in with any man that shares those values.

Lithuania brides are level-headed

Even though they might party hard sometimes, Lithuania women are quite calm and reserved. It is rare to see a Lithuanian girl screaming at her partner. Also, they do not spend their days attacking the imaginary patriarchy.

Lithuanian women value their parents

Since they have solid family values, these women do not abandon their parents. Sending your ageing parents to a nursing home is not a common practice in Lithuania. Also, brides stay with their parents until they get married. Lithuania women will keep in touch with their parents throughout their life and will never prevent them from seeing their grandkids.

Women from Lithuania are educated

Education is the foundation of any prosperous nation. Unlike many other countries, these women have the same access to education as their counterparts from the West. These girls aspire to become consummate professionals in their fields. Since women from Lithuania hope to move to the West, they put their time into learning skills that will help them forge a career path beyond their borders.

Lithuanian ladies are fashionistas

A Lithuanian woman always augments her beauty with makeup and always puts on a lovely dress to adorn her shape. They know all the top brands and do not hesitate to wear them. Most Lithuanian girls know that they are in high demand, so they aspire to become models.

What are Hot Lithuanian Brides Like? 


Take a little bit of Russia, add a little bit of Western Europe, and you will have your Lithuania bride. Seriously, women from Lithuania look like Russians but think like Europeans. They are the typical representations of the good side of both cultures.

In general, Lithuanian mail order brides are beautiful and athletic. They are always in tip-top shape irrespective of the season.

Lithuanian women are confident

Women of this nationality never shy away from expressing themselves. They know what they want and will tell you everything without any filter. When it comes to their careers, brides from Lithuania are not afraid to compete with their male colleagues. This tenacity and self-belief help them to adapt to the fast-paced nature of the West.

Lithuanian brides are hard to get

Don’t ever assume that they will jump up to follow you on a date on the first ask. Lithuanian womens are hard to approach because of their serious demeanor. And if you eventually approach them, they are not easy to get. You will have to put in some tremendous effort to convince a Lithuanian girl to go out on a date with you.

Lithuania brides are conservative

Despite breaking away from the Soviets, Lithuanians still maintain some of the same values. Progressivism is a relatively new movement in the country. Most women from Lithuania still follow traditional rules of behavior. 

Lithuania beauties are introverts

When you meet a bride from Lithuania for the first time, you will assume that local women are boring. The reason for this ‘coldness’ is that girls in Lithuania take their time before opening up to strangers. So, you have to be patient and attentive to the cues the she drops while you converse with her.

They are always positive

Although Lithuanian girls are introverted, they have an optimistic view on life. They believe that the future holds a more promising path for them. If you are not feeling inspired, your Lithuanian girl will always hang around to help you get out of the slump.

Women in Lithuania are communicative

Unlike women who prefer to bottle up their true feelings, women from Lithuania share their thoughts with their partners. If you offend her, your Lithuania bride will explain your transgression in detail.

Lithuanian brides are patriotic

Lithuania women love their country. Even though they want to marry a westerner, it doesn’t mean that they want to abandon their homeland. Women from Lithuania will observe every national holiday even when they are outside the country.

Your best place to find Lithuanian mail order brides? 

Check your traveling bucket list: the probability of finding Lithuania there is quite low. There are very few tourist attractions in the country. Unless you love sailing the Baltic Sea in the summer or skiing in the winter, this country doesn’t present a lot of prospects to tourists… apart from the gorgeous Lithuania women of course. 

But with the internet, you no longer have to travel to Lithuania to find the woman of your dreams. Lithuanian mail order brides sites have eliminated the stress of traveling to the country and enduring the cold Eastern European winters to find your bride. By registering online, you can get in touch with thousands of Lithuanian girls who are interested in men from the West. And these girls are not looking for flings; they want to get married and settle down.

So, if traveling is not your passion, start searching for Lithuanian mail order brides online today.

How to Seduce Lithuanian Brides? 

Seducing a Lithuanian lady is a completely different experience from dating an American bride. Not only do women from both countries look different, but they also have contrasting philosophies. So, whatever techniques that worked when you dated girls in America will have little or no success with Lithuania women. Here are some of the tips that will help you succeed in seducing a bride:

  1.     Respect their culture. If you have a question about some of their traditions, ask politely instead of making fun of it. Lithuanian women are patriotic to their core and will not tolerate any attempts at denigrating their customs. 
  2. Try out the local cuisine. Don’t be reluctant to try the local food. Lithuanian brides love cooking because it helps them get closer to their partners. Even if you don’t like their national cuisine, tell her politely that your system is not compatible with that kind of food.  
  3.   Pay attention to her. These women are not forward, especially in the early days. They take their time to analyze the man with whom they plan to spend the rest of their lives. So, you have to be attentive to your bride from Lithuania so that you can detect any cues she gives you. Also, you need to chat her up constantly to show her that you enjoy her company.
  4.   Be honest with these women. Start by telling your girlfriend that you want to marry her. If she is interested, she will hang around. If she doesn’t fancy you, she will tell you straight away. 
  5.   Be a gentleman with these women. Don’t forget your manners when you are out on a date with your girlfriend. Simple acts like holding the door for her and getting the check are appreciated by Lithuanian women. Please, resist any temptation to split the bill; Lithuania brides don’t view this gesture as equality.
  6. Exercise some patience. Lithuanian brides will take their time to decide. You should understand that they are making a life-changing decision to marry you. So, be patient with her while she makes up her mind. Also, your woman might be trying to convince her parents that you are the right man for her.
  7.   Surprise her with gifts. If you are attentive to your bride, you will know what she likes. If you can, send her gifts spontaneously. Lithuanian ladies love unexpected bouquets and gift baskets. 

If you pay attention to these guidelines, you will marry the perfect Lithuanian mail order bride in no time. Always remember to give her time to make up her mind.

How to find a Reliable Lithuanian Dating Website? 


Nowadays, you can go down a rabbit hole while searching for a Lithuania brides’ dating website. Without recommendations, you will fall into the hands of scammers who operate as legitimate websites and offer you to meet women from Lithuania. So, you have to follow only the top-rated websites. But if you don’t like going mainstream, here are some of the features you need to look for when searching for a reliable Lithuanian dating site:

Presence of secure badges

The best Lithuanian sites have security badges. This badge shows that the webpage runs on an SSL-encryption protocol. If a website doesn’t have this feature, then you should avoid them at all costs because the probability of finding real Lithuanian women on such sites is close to zero.

Believable profiles 

When the pictures of the mail order brides look like they are from fashion magazines, then the profiles are most likely fake. Make sure the ladies are active and that the pictures are believable. 

Availability of extra features

Reliable websites provide users with additional features. These extra widgets help in getting closer to these kind of women at your convenience. Translation services will help you a lot if your bride doesn’t speak English. Video calls will help you find out if your bride looks the same as in her profile photos.

Extensive search parameters

Instead of scrolling through pages of beautiful women from Lithuania, a reliable dating site will help you to streamline your search. With their advanced filters, you can easily find the women that match your preferences without much hassle. Also, you can get featured on the top lists if you want to attract more women.

Possibility to spend money on gifts

You can send a gift to your bride from Lithuania with the click of a button. The Lithuanian dating site will take on the responsibility of buying the present and delivering it to the mail order bride. 

Reliable payment methods

Most people value their privacy when they are conducting internet transactions. A reliable Lithuanian mail order brides site will let you pay for membership using different kinds of payment methods that preserve your anonymity.