Latvian Women

Latvia is one of the Baltic countries with Russian population. Therefore, local ladies that will grab your attention can be both Slavic and North European. Still, we are going to describe the reasons why foreigners choose Latvian girls, their temper, looks, and will uncover tips on how to seduce them, of course. Don’t hesitate to start reading to get to know the most up-to-date information about local women. 

Why Latvian Women Are so Popular?

Attractive appearance

The first and foremost reason why men from other countries prefer Latvian women is their outer attractiveness. These girls are tall and fit. Their type of beauty can be described as a Nordic one: they have mostly blonde hair, blue, gray or green eyes, and subtle facial features. They apply the right amount of makeup, just to emphasize their strong sides. So if you would like your wife to look gorgeous with only a slight shade of cosmetics, choose Latvian mail order bride. 

The readiness to start a serious relationship

In Latvia, women are oriented on a stable long-term dating that would end up in marriage. Usually, they do not look for on-night stands or a few hookups just for fun. The family values, loyalty, and trustful relationship are what they aim at. They would like to have kids with the men they love and keep a house that all of you will call their home. Sounds like a dream? It will be a reality if you marry a Latvian bride. 

The desire to marry a foreigner

Latvian mail order brides are eager to get married to people of different nationalities and backgrounds as they are curious and open-minded. They have no prejudices towards other cultures, religions, and customs. Hence, almost any man will be happy by the side of Latvian girls. 


Also, Latvian ladies are tired of the windiness of local men who can easily cheat on them and break their hearts. If you are not like them and want to spoil only one woman with your love and generosity, go for a Latvian bride. 

Knowledge of English 

When Latvia joined the European Union, the importance of learning foreign languages rose dramatically. It began to be taught widely in schools, colleges, and universities. Today, Riga higher institutions even offer English-language study programs where not only foreigners but also locals can apply. 


Also, Latvian brides understand Russian and some of them can even speak it. However, this is true mostly for the families mixed with Russian immigrants. The local population does not usually tolerate the Russian language as they had historical tensions with Russia. 

The lack of men

In Latvia, mail order brides lack the men to date and marry as the proportion of men is 8% less than the one of women. That makes the latter look for the chance to be happy with foreigners and start families with them. You may be surprised, but international marriages with Latvian women are more successful than those between Latvian women and local men. 


What are Hot Latvian Brides Like

They are stylish

The sense of fashion and love for fashion trends make Latvian women look attractive always. They know how to pick up the right pair of shoes for their outfit, what jewelry to wear, and what hat to choose to finish their look. They never wear outdated clothes or accessories that do not fit the occasion. Consequently, you should not worry about her looks if you invite her to your corporate dinner, decide to introduce her to your parents, or take her to the barbecue with your old friends. Latvian girls know how to impress others with their appearance. 

They are intelligent

Education is one of the most important values of Latvian society. Hence, local girls and boys get the best education from a young age. They are encouraged to read a lot by their parents, they visit extracurricular activities and take part in various competitions. By the time they graduate from high school, they can also sing, dance, or play a musical instrument. Who wouldn’t like to have such a talented wife? 

They are friendly

Latvian girls are open to strangers and always offer help if they see a person in trouble or are confused. They easily make friends and know how to make others like them. Friendship is not an empty sound for Latvian brides, that is why they have a lot of them and keep them for life. Cheating and rumoring is not encouraged in Latvia. Therefore, local brides are some of the most loyal and honest friends in Europe. 

They have good manners

Be it your boss or your mother, they will like your Latvian wife. These women are polite, clever, and witty, so you would be impressed by how easily she conquers other people just with the way she is acting in a new company. She will never make fun of others or make anyone feel uncomfortable. Irony and sarcasm are never directed to the people who are not very close in Latvia. 

They are free from stereotypes

Latvian women are more European than Russians are. This is most noticeable in their attitude towards minorities, liberal values, and democracy. In Latvia women do not stereotype or judge other people for their choices, looks, beliefs, etc. If such an approach is similar to yours and important to you, we advise you to start dating Latvian beauties. 

How to date a Latvian?

To date Latvian bride for a long time and make her trust you, follow our tips below:

  1. Honesty is key. Latvian women expect their partners to be as honest as they are. This is because they don’t like to pretend to be someone they’re not and want to live a happy life without lies and cheating. Consequently, even a little lie is not worth it. Your lady will be insulted and would not excuse you anyway.
  2. Be reliable. That means doing what you promised, caring about her all the time, and being ready to solve her problems. At the same time, she would never tell that to you and would not let you guess that she needs your part in making her business clear. Still, you should be always eager to stand her back.
  3. Don’t judge. As Latvian women never judge anyone for their actions, they would like others to treat them this way. Don’t say anything insulting about her actions if, of course, she did not do anything dangerous, harmful, or frivolous.
  4. Be ready to offer your help anytime. This feature should be one that she notices all the time even if she supports herself on her own. If she knows that her husband is a friendly and caring person, she will give all her love to you. 

How to Seduce a Hot Latvian Woman?

If you want to your Latvian date to like you immediately, do the following actions:

  1. Let her speak out. The first and foremost thing that will impress a Latvian bride is giving her the possibility to express herself and talk on the topics she is interested in. Ask her about her education and career, talk about her hobbies, and try to emphasize the points that you both are similar at. Once she is comfortable by your side, you are on the right path. 
  2. Listen to her. In fact, you should talk less than listen. This is to show your interest in her personality and make her believe she is important to you. 
  3. Remember what she said. After the date or chatting online, take her to the restaurant she said was her favorite, buy the flowers she liked, or invite her to dance when her favorite song is playing. Thus, she will see that you are an attentive person who cares. 
  4. Don’t brag. Even if you have a good income and house in California. Your goal is to make her want you, right? To do that, just tell about your job, projects you participated in, the countries you visited and ask her where she has been to, etc. Your responsibility is to keep a light conversation and help her get the impression that you are two old friends who talk about interesting things for both of you.
  5. Don’t date a few women at a time. Latvia is a small country and Riga is not a megapolis, although it is a capital city. Dating a few Latvian girls at a time will not help you in any way, but the risk to meet with your previous date in an unexpected place is high. 
  6. Act like a gentleman. Do all gestures that women adore: help her to sit down on a chair, get out of the car, let her go first, etc. These small actions cost you nothing but make her feel like a queen.

How to find a Reliable Latvian Dating Website?

Today, online dating allows people from all over the world to meet their potential partners from all corners of the world easily. If you have a stable Internet connection and speak at least one international language, the world of online dating is ready to offer you all its features, secrets, and special services. The only issue you have to solve before you proceed to date beautiful Latvian women is to find a reliable website for meeting them. For your convenience, we outlined major issues that will help you understand which website is better than the others. Let’s see the criteria:

  1. General website usability. You should be comfortable browsing the website, switching between tabs, and finding the information that interests you. If you have any trouble at this point, pay close attention to a few following criteria, and if they are also presented poorly, leave the website. 
  2. Free tools. If there is a free registration with a lot of features you can try out for free at least for a limited time, use this possibility. You will see the inner website tools and services and check how they work. 
  3. Work of Customer support. Things you should pay attention to are the working hours (they should be 24h), days (7 days per week), and the ways of getting in touch ( ideal Customer support answers your emails, picks up the phone, and texts you in a live chat). If you notice that it is available only business hours and by email, abstain from using such a dating platform. In case of any problem, you might have to wait for long. 
  4. Services. It’s your main reason to choose any website. Therefore, you should be able to contact your potential girlfriends through chat, video, and voice calls, write them emails and private messages, send real and virtual gifts and flowers. If you see that the dating website lacks any of the important services to you, search for another one. There are a lot of websites out there, so you will find what you’re looking for. 
  5. The price list. It should be seen if you are not registered on the website, and it should have a clear description of the differences between membership plans. This is to help you understand what you are about to pay for. 
  6. Customers’ reviews. Visit any trusted testimonials’ website, type the name of the dating site in the search field, and enjoy. Real reviews will tell you everything about the website and its drawbacks. 
  7. Terms of Use and guarantees. The last, but not the least criterion to check is what the company is responsible for and how they return your money. If the policies are vague or unclear, better search for another place to start your online dating.