How it works

People from several European countries are restricted from using this service. Moreover, you cannot find the list of forbidden states on the website. The design is unclear, and you will not find the about page to get to know the service beforehand.

On the other hand, you can browse DateInAsia users without creating a profile. To initiate a chat on this platform, you need an account. The sign-up process includes these steps:

  1. Visit and fill in the registration form. Create a different email address since you will be receiving spam. It is better to register a separate address for security reasons as well. You will also need to agree to the terms of use while creating an account.
  1. While including your city, the service will ask you to indicate the location via GPS. It is optional, and you can fill in your place of residence manually. Press the sign-up button to complete the registration.
  1. The sign-up is complete, and you can begin using the service. All in all, the sign-up process takes a couple of minutes.

To view the profiles before registration, click on the corresponding button below the sign-up form. Afterward, you can browse the users and make search adjustments.

Using the Site

The website dashboard is simplified yet clear and understandable. You can view the statistics on the upper side of the control panel. The setting section is placed on the right side, which is typical for dating sites. Also, the service will suggest you fill in your profile description and adjust the recommendations right away.

These fields are obligatory. You will not be able to browse Asian singles without completing these sections. At this stage, you will have to provide a photo. For this, upload a file from your PC or mobile device.

The service applies a strict policy on users’ profile pictures. Your photo has to:

  • Be unedited—no photoshopped photos.
  • Show you and your face only, without any sexual connotation.

You have to follow the requirements to remain on the platform. If you violate some of these rules, your account will get suspended. You should also confirm your email address. Without approval, you will be limited to only five messages and likes per day. To verify your email, proceed to your mailbox and follow the DateInAsia instructions. Once you finish with the profile descriptions and photos, the service will become fully available.

On this platform, you can only exchange text messages with other users. No private video or audio chat is available. To get any closer to your date, you need to switch to other applications that allow video streaming.

Searching for Girls

Once you have a picture of yourself, you can proceed to search and contact ladies. For this, go to the search section of the website. In case you edited your matching preferences previously, these adjustments will be displayed in the search section.

You can include more parameters to your recommendation filter if you expand the search menu. Basic filters include:

  • Location
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Availability (last active, new members)
  • Age preference

Advanced settings link to information girls include in their profiles. You can sort users by:

  • Marital status
  • Children
  • Habits (drinking, smoking)
  • Education
  • Religion
  • Profile description length
  • Hashtags
  • Relocation preferences
  • Appearance and physical features

These filters work partially, since lots of users avoid including these parameters.

Date in Asia Shouts

You can enter public chats and communicate with thousands of people at a time. Video, text and audio chats are available. It is another way of meeting people who share some things in common. To visit the chat rooms, go to the Shouts section of your control panel. There is a multilingual chat for non-English speakers. In theory, it can work well and unite people. In practice, lots of users send junk mails, making chat rooms chaotic.

DateInAsia Mobile App

You will not find an official mobile application by DateInAsia. The service asserts that it does not issue a mobile app. Any applications you can see on Google Play or App Store are fake. At the same time, you can install the website into your browser. You will be able to launch it from your PC desktop.

Date in Asia com is compatible with mobile browsers. The mobile version of the site works smoothly. Yet, a standalone, well-designed mobile application would be a better option anyway.

Reviews and Account Cancellation

DateInAsia would not be that bad unless it banned users all the time. Many DateInAsia reviews complain about unreasonable bans. More than 80% of negative testimonials mention account cancellation. You might be chatting with a girl and suddenly notice that your account is deleted without notice. People complain about scammers as well.

The overall rating on multiple review platforms does not go higher than 1.5/5.


Most of the users reside in China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and other Asian countries. The site touches both men and women.

The audience is responsive. Girls will view your profile and send you likes all the time. But you cannot be sure they are real people. The service does not verify users. There is no verification procedure available either. That is why you will never be sure whether you chat with a real person or scammer trying to deceive you. Also, the quality of profiles is average. Lots of users do not care about their photos. A lot of them pay no attention to profile descriptions, which may become irritating over time.

Pricing Policies

DateInAsia is free of charge. The service does not charge a monthly subscription or offer premium features. It may be the answer to poor quality and limited communication options.


Since the service is free, no banking options are available.


DateInAsia does not apply reliable security measures. It does not feature certificates from digital security agencies. The service collects data you exchange with users, including media files and textual information. This information can be stolen by third parties since the website does not feature any virus protection software.

Also, DateInAsia does not warrant a 100% safety of your information, which is stated in its privacy policy. It does not apply any protection against fraudsters either.


What is DateInAsia?

DateInAsia is an international dating platform suitable for singles from the Asian region.

How much does DateInAsia Cost?

The service is free of charge. You will not have to pay for any feature of DateInAsia.

Is DateInAsia Legit?

The service is not legit. It does not meet digital security standards. More so, registration on DateInAsia involves risks of the user data leak.

Can I expect any Fake Profiles with DateInAsia?

No verification procedure applies to customers. The platform contains lots of fake users and scammers as a result.

Does DateInAsia have a Mobile App?

No application is available. However, you can access the service on your device via a mobile browser.

How do I Delete my DateInAsia account?

To delete your account, take these steps:

  1. Sign in.
  2. Proceed to your account settings.
  3. Scroll down until you get to the Other section and press the account deletion button.
  1. Fill in the password to cancel your account.