The popularity of Asian brides grows every day, and we can tell the reason for that. Asian brides are gorgeous, charming, knowledgeable, family-oriented, and make perfect wives and mothers to the kids. If you are here, you are interested in them, and you want to know more about these exotic ladies from Asia.

The Asian continent has 48 countries, but you cannot meet Asian brides in any of them. So, which countries are famous for Asian mail order brides? If you want to meet Asian women, consider the Philippines, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, and many others. You can fly directly to these countries. But if you don’t have time, then you can meet Asian mail order brides online. These are reputable sites that connect foreign men to the beautiful Asian brides of their choices.

You are in the right place if you want to know who Asian brides actually are. In this guide, we will unveil the Asian bride. Keep reading to find out who they are, their wedding traditions, characteristics, where to meet them, and so much more!

Asian Brides: Who Are They?

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Asian brides are single women of marriage age living in the Asian continent. The continent also has mail order brides. These are women who register on online dating sites, aiming to meet their soulmates from the west. Some see that as an opportunity to better their life and taste western life, while others could not just find their partners among the local men. We mean the reasons for becoming a mail order bride vary from one individual to the next.

Meeting Asian brides has become easier than ever before with the advancement of the mobile internet. You do not have to travel to those countries in Asia. With your internet-enabled device, you can connect emotionally to the most beautiful Asian women. We will talk more about that later.

Asian Wedding Traditions

Asia is a vast continent and home to millions of people. Countless ethnic groups are residing there, making it difficult to pinpoint particular wedding traditions. How marriage is organized and carried out in parts of the continent significantly differs. However, we will state the most popular wedding traditions in Asia.

If you plan to meet Asian women and marry one of them, then be prepared for any of the following wedding traditions:

The Tea Ceremony in China

This is a famous Chinese wedding tradition where the bride and groom pay homage to heaven and earth, ancestors, and the Kitchen God for continuously protecting them. It involved the couple, who serve tea to the groom’s parents and show respect by bowing before each other.

Things might have changed a little bit today, but the tea ceremony is still valued in China. The only difference is that it can be conducted before, during, or after the main wedding ceremony.

Using Stars to Set a Wedding Date in India

India is a multicultural country where people celebrate the union as much as in other parts of the world. What caught our attention in the Hindu Traditional Wedding is how they set a wedding date. In the US, couples choose the date randomly in their calendar that is convenient to both parties. That is not the case in India.

Setting a date is a holy exercise presided over by a priest who uses stars to choose an appropriate date for the wedding. The wedding also lasts three days, and the pre-wedding rituals such as mehndi are conducted. It involved both families coming together for the first time ever and engaging in dancing, singing, and eating for two consecutive days. The actual wedding ceremony is held on day three.

The Shinto Ceremony in Japan

This kind of ceremony was first held in 1900 at the wedding of a princess and prince of two well-respected kingdoms. It is a ritual-rich ceremony with a specific dressing code for the couple. The bride wears an all-white gown while the groom puts on a jacket with a family crest printed on it through embroidery.

During the Shinto ceremony, the couple drinks three cups of ceremonial sake believed to strengthen their bonds and family ties.

The Engagement Party and Betrothal Ceremony in Vietnam

These ceremonies are held months before the wedding day or the same day as the wedding ceremony. The couple dressed in traditional garb with dominant red or pink color. Both families meet at the bride’s house to present and exchange gifts, consisting of wine, sticky rice, and a whole suckling pig. They also use the opportunity to bless the union between the bride and groom. The entire group then proceeded to the groom’s house to conduct another ceremony at the ancestral altar.

Fireworks in Taiwan

Taiwanese weddings are characterized by fireworks. It is conducted by the groom on his way to take the brides. Symbolically, the fireworks ward off evil spirits and inform the bridal party that the groom is on the way. After the wedding, fans tied with red envelopes are thrown after the bride as it leaves the family home. It means the bride is getting into a new life where she acquires her husband’s surname and leaves behind any bad character that might affect their marriage.

Asian Brides Characteristics

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For the lack of better words to describe the characters of Asian women, let us say they are gorgeous and charming. They possess some traits that make them attractive to men from the west. Before you meet Asian mail order brides, let us mention how they present themselves physically and behaviorally.

  • Good listeners: Not everyone has excellent listening skills, but Asian women have them in abundance. They take their time to hear what their partners have to say and respect their opinions and decisions. Their communication skills are also on another level. These brides value the judgments and thoughts of everyone.
  • Inspiring and supportive: Asian women know how to encourage their partners and assist them where possible. They will make you feel like a real gentleman in how they talk to you and put their points across. However, their inspirations are all positive. Asian women will never incite against other people or tell you anything manipulative.
  • Faithful: Faithfulness is a valuable trait that is rare to find in most women these days. If that is your main concern, then meet Asian wives. They are devoted to their partners and remain committed to them. Do not expect them to flirt with other men when they are in serious relationships or marriages.
  • Respectful: Don’t expect to order an Asian woman around as you would do to your subject. However, these charming ladies respect the people who mean the world to them. They know what their family roles are and live every moment of their lives handling them. You will get the respect you deserve as the head, but don’t forget to replicate it.
  • Optimistic: If you want to leave a happy life free from depression, anxiety, and frustrations, meet Asian women. They are not only full of optimism but also cheerful and fun-loving. You will both have a happy life together with your Asian wife.
  • Ever young and beautiful: Asian mail order brides remain young even in their late 40s. Their hot bodies and gorgeous facial appearance never age.
  • Do not value riches: You do not have to be stinky rich to meet Asian women. These beautiful ladies go for the character and who you are instead of your wealth. They tend to love gentlemen with ambitions and goals. But most importantly, men who respect them.

What Makes an Asian Woman the Best Wife?

Being a wife material isn’t easy in the modern world. You hear about the increasing divorce cases because women in the west are fighting for equal rights between men and men. They do not value feminism and fail to be loyal to their husbands. On the contrary, Asian women make excellent wives to their partners, and the following are the reasons:

Asian Women are Loving Mothers

Men are looking for women who will be the best moms to their kids. Apart from beauty and body curves, a woman for marriage should prove her ability to love, care, and raise her children. That is the bright side of Asian wives. Do not hesitate to meet Asian brides if you want unconditional motherly love for your future children.

Asian Wives are Loving and Affectionate

Every man becomes happy with a warm and comforting woman. Men want to feel like gentlemen through love and affection from their partners. Marry an Asian mail order bride to enjoy a happy life full of romance, love, and comfort.

Asian Ladies are Family-Oriented

Marriages and family values are highly appreciated in Asia. Most girls are raised and taught these values from a young age, and they grow to become excellent wives. They value family relationships. Your friends and relatives will feel at home when they come to your house. Asian brides are also ready to settle when they find the right partner.

Asian Brides are Orderly and Organized

Most women from Asia know just how to keep everything in order. When it comes to performing the house chores and organizing the furniture and other assets, they are the best. These women are naturally talented in keeping the living spaces in order and welcoming.

Where to Meet Asian Brides in the US?

You will not find varieties of Asian brides in the US because the number jetting into the country every year is not much. But if you are determined to meet Asian women, then colleges are your best bet. Asian women of marriage age usually come to the US to further their studies. That is where you can meet single Asian women for marriage.

To increase your chances of meeting Asian women in the US, visit California, New York, Texas, New Jersey, and Washington. These states have the largest Asian population.  

Where to Meet Asian Women Online?


Online sites give you the best platform to meet Asian women for marriage. You will get a catalog of gorgeous Asian brides looking for partners from the west. There are many websites and Asian mail order bride services you can use to meet Asian women. Some of them offer perfect matching services, which can make your search easier.

Not all dating sites will offer you the quality of service you expect. Others may have scammers. Before registering on any of them, ensure its credibility. It should have an ID verification method, service fees are not so lucrative, easy to use and navigate, secure, and offer customer support services. The site should also have a catalog of beautiful Asian brides to choose from.

The following are some of the reputable sites to consider:

  • CuteAsianWoman 
  • DateNiceAsian 
  • DateAsianWoman
  • AsiaMe 

Why Do Foreign Men Want To Date Or Marry Brides From Asia?

Asian mail order brides are quiet, humble, timid, and have a great sense of humor. They know how to behave appropriately in different circumstances. Apart from the outstanding characteristics and personalities of Asian brides already mentioned, foreign men are attracted to them for the following reasons:

  • Feminine
  • Naturally gorgeous
  • Modest
  • Open-minded to all people
  • Mysterious in their nature
  • Incredibly sensual
  • Hot and passionate in bed

Such a marvelous combination of features, characters, personalities, and beliefs make Asian brides the go-to women for foreign men. They have almost everything men desire in their girlfriends and wives. Asian women can touch the soul of every man, and we cannot judge when foreigners are scrambling to meet Asian mail order brides.


Asian women have behavior, character, and statuesque bodies that touch the soul of foreign men. They also have good family values that make them the best wives and mothers to their kids. If you are looking for a lifetime partner to make you live a happy and peaceful life, go for Asian brides.

Meeting Asian brides has also become easy. You can find your Asian wife in the US without preparing the travel papers or risk the help of mail order services.