The Republic of Armenia is a country situated in the southern part of Transcaucasia, which borders Azerbaijan in the east and south-west, Georgia in the north, Turkey in the west, and Iran in the south. The capital of this state is Yerevan. On April 7, Armenia celebrates Motherhood and Beauty Day. This pleasant holiday began to be observed in the republic from the very beginning of its independence in 1990. At the same time, the Women’s Day on March 8 was canceled.

However, Armenian women continued to receive congratulations from men precisely on March 8, and not on April 7. Nowadays, men are congratulating representatives of the female gender in Armenia not only on March 8 and April 7 but also throughout the entire month between these two dates. And it is not surprising, because Armenian women are really worthy of all praise and kind words.

Why Are Armenian Women So Popular?

In recent years, it has become customary to divide people by nationalities, identify particular character traits, and distinguish standard features. For that, such fashionable terms as “mentality” and “temperament” are widely used. In general, Armenian girls and women are all different. If you ever talked with Armenian girls, you most likely noticed a big difference between them, in particular in their manners, behavior, and temperament. However, all Armenian beauties can be conditionally divided into two broad categories.

The modest, quiet, sweet, and well-mannered Armenian girls belong to the first group. Many of them live in the Armenian countryside, where people strictly adhere to old traditions. Beautiful Armenian women who live in other republics of the North Caucasus also follow the strict moral principles. If you sometimes spend time in a company with young Armenian girls, you may never hear a single word from them. Many Armenian men appreciate this behavior of their women very much.

Also, another extreme can be mentioned. Such open-minded and cheerful Armenian girls have a somewhat European way of thinking. They love to have fun at discos and nightclubs. Such hot Armenian girls are never at a loss for words. You can meet such girls in many countries, as well as in large Armenian cities, where these sexy Armenian girls usually wear short dresses and dye their hair in bright colors. Typically, Armenian women are well-educated, intelligent, and smart. No wonder that many of them have managed to achieve significant heights in culture, fashion, and various sciences.


Gorgeous Appearance of Armenian Women

What can we say about Armenian girls, except that they are incredibly pretty? Recently, one of the reputable American websites recognized Armenian girls as the most sexual and charming females in the world. Indeed, nature endowed most young Armenian women with seductive body shapes and attractive facial features. Besides this, they carefully look after themselves and always tidy up their naturally thick hair and tender skin.

Mostly, Armenian girls have brown eyes and dark hair. However, you can meet blue-eyed, green-eyed, and gray-eyed girls in Armenia. In this country, girls with golden, red, and even blond hair can be seen along with hot raven-haired and brown-haired beauties. Of course, some Armenian women are not cosmically pretty, but they always try to stay positive. According to the statistics, such females usually achieve greater success in their lives.

Main Character Traits

It is rather difficult to present an unambiguous assessment of these women’s nature. These girls are brought up in diverse families and different countries. Large Armenian communities exist in almost all major cities of the world, and specific surroundings play an essential role in the formation of their personalities. For example, Armenian women who live in Syria and Iran are very similar to the local females, not only by their appearance but also morally. Many girls who grow up in Slavic countries become a bit like Slavs, and those who live from childhood in the West European countries look and behave absolutely like Europeans or Americans.

Naturally, the character of such girls corresponds to a particular country with its culture, morals, and traditions. No matter how they were brought up in a traditional Armenian family, all the same traits of their nature directly depend on the surrounding in which the girls grew up. At the same time, many young Armenian girls are uptight and shy, which is also associated with the conservative views of the elderly family members. One point remains unchanged — hot Armenians are highly committed to Christianity, and they change their faith very rarely.

Armenian girls greatly respect all men and the entire older generation, but they can stand up for themselves. These girls are good and kind for the time being until somebody makes them angry. In this case, they can become quick-tempered, cold, and even rude. At the same time, Armenian females have no particular habits, unless maybe their extreme compulsion for cleanliness.

They Are Perfect Wives

These women are vibrant and laborious. If you go to visit their homes, you will see that everything is tidy and clean, the children are fine, and their husbands are satisfied and well-fed. Children occupy a particular place in their lives. These women are ready for anything for the sake of their loved ones. Of course, many women of other nationalities always strive for making a holiday table the richest and most diverse, but Armenian mistresses take home food with particular trepidation. Almost all Armenian women like to cook traditional dishes, salads, and sweets with their own hands.

Maybe, you heard about and tried such delicious dishes as mante, dolma, gata, and baklava. They use many seasonings and national recipes for cooking all kinds of dishes. Contemporary Armenian men believe that their wives can have a job if they want it. However, it is still a custom for a man to completely support his family with money. An interesting tradition among Armenian people is that a wife should wash her husband’s feet before going to bed.

How Hot Armenian Brides Look Like?

Initially, it was customary for Armenian brides to get married at the age younger than 18 years old, but now the situation has changed a bit. The norm has shifted toward European standards. In large cities, young people typically marry for love, but in small communities, parents still play an essential role in the matchmaking of young people.

Before the wedding, female relatives gather in a girl’s room and dress up the bride, singing ritual songs. The Armenian bride has to dress up in everything new bought by the groom. During the dressing process, one of her shoes should disappear. It is supposed that one of the bride’s relatives steals it. The white veil is put on, being twisted three times around the bride’s head. Then, the groom is invited into the room, and he lifts the veil and kisses his bride. After that, the groom leads her out to the guests.

In Armenia, a wedding should first take place in the church. During the religious rite, the best man of the groom has to hold crossed swords over the heads of marrying people. In this way, the couple is protected from misfortunes and evil spirits. The groom’s mother offers the newlyweds some honey and puts pieces of Armenian bread on their shoulders. After that, an official part of the celebration begins.

Armenian wedding is an extraordinary event with national dances, songs, and eloquent toasts. During all over the wedding, the Armenian bride must be silent, chastely downcasting her eyes to the floor. Some lyric compositions are usually performed. They are associated with the bride’s duty to leave her parental home. At the end of the festivity, the newlyweds perform their first dance in the presence of all the guests. It is a custom to give newlyweds some money or valuable objects for memory. Also, guests throw flowers and raisins at them for an abundant life.

Where to Meet Armenian Women?

While marriages between Armenian men and foreign brides are a common occurrence, a wedding of an Armenian girl with a foreigner is an innovation. Currently, sexy Armenian women are eager to meet foreign men. There are several reasons for this, and the primary one is a complicated economic situation in this country.

If you meet a beautiful Armenian girl on the street or in a cafe, do not hurry up to talk to her. Getting acquainted with an Armenian lady is not always an easy task. These obstinate and modest prudes do not come forward to accidental acquaintances. You need to find the right approach so as not to frighten away this beautiful stranger. Of course, she can answer you with a smile. Moreover, if she gives you her phone number, then bingo — you are in luck.

If a contemporary single man purposefully wants to meet an Armenian girl, he does not need to go to Yerevan. It is much more suitable to find a sexy Armenian bride online. A lot of dating sites can be found on the Internet, and a girl’s nationality is indicated in the questionnaire. Of course, dating sites are not a panacea for all problems in relationships, but they offer an excellent opportunity for finding a life partner.

How to Seduce Armenian Girls?

Sexy Armenian women are proud-spirited. Many of them grew up in conservative families. The main point is to choose the right key to their hearts. Some following tips can help you with Armenian women dating for the first time.

  1. Be daring. Girls of all nationalities typically welcome such men’s behavior. A confident look and bold courtship are a real winning way with these ladies if they like your type. However, you should be vigilant. If you have in mind a serious relationship, try not to confuse courage with arrogance.
  2. Show your romantic nature. Although we live in the 21st century and many people go into an emotionless virtual world, the romance is not canceled. It is considered a wrong manner if a man dates a girl and comes without a bunch of flowers. Candies or a lovely souvenir can also adorn your romantic meeting.
  3. Avoid being flashy. A luxury car, an expensive smartphone, and branded clothes are not a reason to show off for your Armenian woman. Of course, she will appreciate your taste and wealth, provided you managed to earn all that yourself. However, it is better not to brag. It is risky, and you can lose her forever.
  4. Ask her about the family. If you are a representative of a different nationality and you decided to meet a girl from an Armenian family, be sure to enquire about her father and brothers. A lot may depend on them. For dating an Armenian man, a girl very often asks permission to go out with him. So, you might need to talk first with a man from her family. Then, if your chosen one is very young, perhaps she will have to return home untill the strict time in the evening.
  5. Be attentive and say kind words to her. It is a secret that always works with girls of all nationalities. Tell her pleasant, but not banal compliments — all girls love with ears.

How to Find a Reliable Armenian Dating Website?

We all live in the world with a fast-paced lifestyle, and dating websites are becoming more and more popular. Armenia also did not stand aside from this process. Many Armenian women are actively looking for online dating. Currently, specialized dating services and online resources help bachelors from all over the world find their Armenian brides for a committed relationship and family creation. Dating on the Internet often develops into love and marriage. Such stories are more and more common, and families formed online live happily ever after.

Everyone who wants to get married can use dating websites, but you should not forget about your safety. Read reviews before using a site. Good dating sites pay serious attention to their audience and filter out unwanted customers even at the registration stage. On the Internet, people always create the best versions of themselves, and dating sites are no exception. Also, you can encounter scammers, so never agree to disclose personal information on the network, including financial data, such as your ID, bank card number, and so on.

The Ultimate Guide to Dating Armenian Women

Mostly, Armenian women feature modesty. It is unlikely that your girl will tell a lot about herself at the first meeting. So, no need to bombard the girl with questions. The time will come when she will explain everything about her life. If such a girl opens her heart to a man, then you can be sure — she is the only one who will always love you, never cheat or betray, and enter into marriage truly consciously.

If a man is a representative of a different nationality, he can well arouse the interest of an Armenian woman. Such girls tend to select those life companions who can provide for a family in material terms. Also, avoid giving them any reason to be jealous. According to Armenian culture on dating, these women will never smile at strangers and flirt with somebody in your presence.