Let us be honest. You think of visiting Albania due to its stunning girls. But to understand Albanian women, you need to know that the country was under a communist dictatorship. Albania gained full political independence in 1991 after the dissolution of the USSR. 

The post-communist reality determined the way Albanians think and their views on family, marriage, and dating. Here you can find the top characteristics of Albanian women. Read further to get the tips on conquering the hearts of Albanian girls.


Why Albanian Women Are so Popular?

Magnificent Appearance

Girls in Albania appreciate appearance as much as all other Slavic women. Albanian girls are traditionally feminine and put on the outfits that emphasize their beautiful curves. You will not find a lot of women with bob hairstyles as well. Most of the women have long, thick curls.

Women enjoy their feminine looks and do lots of beauty treatment. They apply makeup even while taking the trash out. 


The secret to Albanian beauty is a careful approach to cosmetics. Albanian women prefer natural beauty products and believe chemicals bring more harm than benefit. They approach makeup a similar way trying to let their skin breathe. You will not see too many women with provocative unnatural eyelashes and a thick layer of concealer. Albanian girls prefer not to get lip-plumping surgeries, preserving their natural smiles.

Also, Albanian cuisine contains lots of vegetarian meals, which prevents people from gaining too much weight. Combined with sports, healthy products result in a low obesity rate in the country.

Modest Nature

Albanian girls are earth-bound and pragmatic. If a girl goes shopping, she makes a list of the necessary items beforehand. She goes to the department store to buy the exact things she considers essential for the household. She will not spend money on fancy stuff or prefer an expensive product only because a well-known brand produces it. An Albanian woman will prefer quality and value over fashion. She is a money-saver.

This mentality spreads over Albanian perception of dating as well. For an Albanian girl, your personality is always a priority. She will not date you only because of your heavy purse. A girl will not expect expensive gifts as well.

Albania is not Popular among Tourists

It does not sound like an Advantage. But in reality, it is. Geographically, Albania can compete with all the popular European destinations. It has a mild warm climate, which is similar to Spain and Italy. It has marvelous beaches, ancient architecture, and diverse culture. At the same time, Albania is not crowded with millions of tourists, covering streets with rubbish, making noise, and getting drunk.

Albanian beaches are quiet and clean, with locals sunbathing peacefully. More than that, this country is cheap. You can comfortably spend no more than $2,000 a month, eating in restaurants, living in hotels, and visiting local sightseeing.

Also, all the stereotypes about drug mafia and criminals are false. Albania is quite a safe destination. The safety index is 60.48, which is higher in comparison to Italy (55.74), the UK (56.29), and the US (52.80).

What are Albanian Brides Like?Albanian women

They are Caring and Hospitable

Albanians are an incredibly united nation, not only ethnically, but also mentally. They are used to overcoming difficulties together and helping each other all the time. Although their incomes are several times lower in comparison to Western Europeans, they will always welcome a person, providing them with everything needed. Albanians can give the shirt off their back to prepare a festive board for their friends and relatives.


While dating women from Albania, you will find that they are incredibly caring, which also comes from their post-communist reality. If you visit your girl’s house in the summer, sit in the room with a working air conditioner and sneeze, she will switch it off. She will think a temperature difference can make you catch a cold. She cannot let it happen.

 If you become ill, “How are you feeling?” will be a frequently asked question. Your woman will be placing a thermometer into your armpit, nursing you with warm tea, and feeding you with medication 24/7 until you recover. 

They are True-hearted

The divorce marriage ratio in Albania is incredibly low in comparison to Western Europe and the United States. Only 19% of couples get divorced over time. In many countries with a flat divorce rate, women cannot leave their abusive husbands because of the lack of rights. Albanians are different. Women prefer to stay with their partners due to devotion and love. 

Strong feelings do not let them leave even an abusive relationship. Despite domestic violence, many women do not think of breaking up, trying to wait for the person to change. Many women try to save relationships for the sake of children. They believe that children need a father even if he drinks, goes mad, and hurts their mother.

They Want to Migrate

Albania was isolated for a long time because of the iron curtain. People experienced a deficit in communication, information, and even basic-needs products in the late stages of communism-oriented rule.

A typical household could not afford to own a car. After the fall of communism, many people started immigrating, forming a large Albanian diaspora. Over half of the immigrants were women.

Even today, according to many social surveys, five in ten people wish to leave the country in search of higher salaries, more educational opportunities, and improved living conditions. There is a high chance that your Albanian girl will agree to move with you without much hesitation.

However, you should analyze the situation. If a girl is still studying at the university or has to take care of her old parents, she will prefer to stay in the country. 

They are Genetically Good Wives

Albania women have an in-built ability to handle household chores. It is typical for a Slavic woman to take care of the entire family on her own. She will have enough energy and dedication to:

  • Sweep the floor.
  • Polish the furniture.
  • Serve breakfast, dinner, and supper for the kids and her husband.
  • Do the laundry.
  • Wash the dishes.

She will do all the rest. She will wake up in the middle of the night to feed the baby as well. An Albanian woman will not even think of asking her man to do some of these chores. It is the way her mother and grandmother lived, and she cannot imagine something different.

Albanian men usually return home and relax on the sofa watching the TV since their responsibility is to earn money, not to cook or vacuum-clean the floor.

They Speak English

The official language in the state is Albanian. English is the primary foreign language and taught in schools and universities. More than that, Albanians invest in English. Their children attend paid English courses besides school classes. 

English is a part of any university program. That is why lots of Albanians speak it at an acceptable level. Not everyone can fluently express their thoughts, but most of the people will understand you and be able to maintain a conversation.

Besides that, many women who aim at migration learn English intensely.

How to Seduce Hot Albanian Girls?Albanian girls

1. Be Gorgeous 

Make yourself look presentable. When preparing for picking up a girl, dress up nicely. Open your wardrobe and pick a fancy outfit. The crucial thing is that you have to look natural. If you know that a tuxedo does not suit you, leave it. 

If you do not have anything trendy, it is high time to go shopping. Another aspect of your success is tidiness. Shave, take a shower, brush your teeth, always use antiperspirant and perfume before the date. You should look as sexy and desirable as the woman you are going to approach.

2. Be Assertive

You have to irradiate confidence. If you are afraid of starting a conversation with a stranger, you will not be the best match for Albanian singles. They appreciate assertive and decisive men who can protect them. 

3. Body Language Matters

Your posture and gestures can say a lot about you. Do you round your back and shoulders, cross your arms and feet while sitting? A closed stance speaks of hesitation, shyness, and anxiety. It does not contribute to a conversation. Crossed arms symbolize a defensive position. We all do it subconsciously and interpret these signs similarly. To have a more relaxed chat and make a good impression, take an open posture. Hold your chest exposed and legs a bit open.

4. Use Compliments

Say compliments while meeting a woman. She will be pleased with your friendliness. Emphasize her stunning appearance, compliment her perfume, etc. But make sure you are not offending a woman since praising her makeup can make her think she is not naturally beautiful. Try to be sincere and friendly.

How to Date Albanian Women?

Albanian dating culture differs from American customs a lot. The first thing you should understand is that Albania women seek a mature partner. They want to build a stable relationship. A girl wishes to find a reliable man who is ready to take responsibility for the couplehood. So, you should follow these dating rules to make an Albanian girl dream of you 24/7. 

1. Be Honest

You need to establish mutual trust right from the start. You should not hide anything or lie to your woman.  Do not make her doubt your loyalty. She will not go any further if she doesn’t trust you. Be sincere and open to her.

2. Pay for the Date

Your woman will not demand expensive gifts. But sharing the bills is not common in Albania. The etiquette requires men to pay the bills in restaurants, cafes, etc.  You should not ask your woman to pay for herself. It can offend her since she will understand it is a sign of greed. 

3. Take the Lead of your Relationship

With an Albanian woman, you need to show initiative. Text her and ask her out first. A girl will be waiting and dreaming of you, but you should be the first to start a conversation. You should come up with the place for your date as well. She will respect and rely on your choice. 

4. Public Display of Affection is not Common

Albanian lovers do not show too much love and affection to each other in public. You will not find too many couples kissing at the bus stop or in the café. Albanians prefer an intimate atmosphere. There is a high chance that your woman will not let you French kiss her in public. But she will be all yours when you close the door of your hotel room.

5. Meeting Online is a Good Option

With online dating, you can avoid many difficulties with meeting a woman from Albania. You can find Albanian singles on numerous dating sites. Besides that, the audience is more open to international communication and dating on these platforms. 

You will be able to find a sweetheart who is ready to emigrate from Albania to your country much faster. You may not find a soulmate within the first trip to the country. That is why meeting a girl online and then planning a journey to Albania will save you lots of cash.   

How to Find a Reliable Albanian Dating Website?

When starting dating online, you will have to deal with cybershopping. Membership can cost some money. Generally, you will spend around $20 per month. To avoid internet scam, follow these suggestions:

  • Consider the website’s safety measures. Check whether the connection is secure. Also, visit the terms and conditions page to evaluate the privacy policy. Ideally, the site should feature a digital security badge.
  • Check whether the platform applies user verification or not. Profiles should be verified. 
  • Browse dating accounts before registration if it is possible. If you see photos that seem to be taken from an image bank, avoid the site.
  • Search for testimonials and look at the negative ones in the first place.