Chief Editor’s Bio

Hi everyone! I am Paul Nelson, the chief editor of Hot Mail Order Brides. Let me share my story that led me to this project. I was always passionate about the opportunities that the Internet gave us. Today’s youth can hardly remember life without social networks, online video games, and dating platforms. But you and I do remember how convenient and easily accessible communication became with the appearance of digital technologies.

I seized the opportunity and tried myself in the porn and webcam industry. I registered on the porn studio website at the end of 2010. It also developed webcam projects and participated in both webcam shows and adult movie production. It was exciting in the beginning, but then I started thinking about creating a family.

I had no idea how to combine my porn career with family life, so I left this industry and began searching for a permanent partner. I was very selective since my former career taught me to value personality rather than the body. Since I was quite familiar with online communication, I set up an account on a dating site. I could not imagine that it would make me pack my bags and fly to Korea to meet my future wife. So I decided to establish an online project that would help people find love without boundaries.